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                                            02.19.2016 We're heading for Venus, and still we stand tall

 Hey Now! It's the Final Countdown. Our flight leaves at 10:59 tonight. We went ahead and got the room for tonight. No reason to live out of Cheri-ola this evening. I'm up at 4:45. Grab 300. out of the safe, kiss, Ippy, and am off to some Los Lobos. Wallyville. Insert coin.

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I blow thru the first 2 hundy pretty fast. Jim from Raleigh is drinking down at the bar a few machines away. Today's local is Jeff from Seattle. He's lived here for 17 years. He only came for a few days, but liked it and decided to stay. Says he hangs out at Orleans on his off time. I insert my last hundy and hope for the best. It's still way too early to be going back up and risking waking up Sweet Ti. But I plunge ahead. I drop below $50. which is usually when I switch to .25 play. But I didn't. It all worked out for the best. I held 3 to a Royal and.......

                        IMG_1748.JPG (1338549 bytes)                    IMG_1750.JPG (1449321 bytes)

 Guess I won't have to go upstairs just yet after all y'all! I told Jesse the barkeep to call the slot attendant, as this shorty makes absolutely no sounds, but he said they are all interconnected and to look behind me. There they were already. I was in the system already, and I asked for a check. They gave me some line just like the last time I had a hand pay at this machine. I said whatever. Jim and Jesse congratulated me as I was filling out the paperwork. Jesse paid me and I tipped everyone out. This is the 3rd hand pay Royal I've gotten on this machine in the last 3 years. Now y'all know why I'm usually at the Wally shorty. Even with the sticky buttons.

                                                           Roll the tape Jim!


                                                   IMG_1758.JPG (1200391 bytes)

 IMG_1759.JPG (1548340 bytes)    IMG_1760.JPG (1528205 bytes)    IMG_1761.JPG (1719449 bytes)    IMG_1762.JPG (1382218 bytes)

                        Yepper, I even kicked it up to .50 on that last session. It's just that kinda morning.

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          With that last 250. win, I've turned 300. into 2500. Time to make this trips last stop by Cocaine Vegas for a fix. 

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Reneee & Co. have their hands full with an overflowing coffee maker. I call her over and give her a hug goodbye and a nice tip. Till next time Darlin'! Above all the Thunder, I make it rain once again all over my still sleeping Sweet Ti. Nice way to awaken her, especially on our last day. We enjoy our breakfast Elizabeth, finishing up most of the fruit, yogurt and milk. Showers, and then it's time to take WheelieŽ back to Ziggy. 

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Man, the traffic sucks this morning on Flamingo. It takes us about 45 minutes to get from Orleans to Silver Sevens. A van has run into a Deuce bus right at the I-15 interchange and everything is hosed up. We are trying to get to Ziggy's parking spot as he arrives for work so we can do the drop off then. Just as I'm pulling Cheri-ola in Zig pulls up. Perfect. We make the deal, give out hugs and well wishes. Gone!

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We cleaned out Cheri-ola and are on our way upstairs to start packing. In the breezeway we spot a Mother taking pictures of her daughter under a blooming plum tree. May I? Sure go right ahead!

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 She was just too cute. The Orleans is brimming over with Gospel singers. They are having some sort of Revival or Convention this weekend. Sweet Ti and I stop by and see Renee one last time, and the hit S.T.'s lucky machine at the Crawdad, where Hank Bonefish & Co. are.

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                                            Who knew that the Ippy Touchy's camera had a built in flash? 

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Off to see May. We sat in her office and she went over our play and room charges. She comped us everything. Then asked if we wanted lunch or dinner before we leave. Since we are flying out at 11 p.m., I asked for dinner at the Prime Rib Loft. She made us reservations and an 80. comp. Thanks May! We mostly finished packing and I took some shit down to Cheri-ola. Then back to business. But what is this? Someone is on Sweet Ti's lucky machine. So we hit the Crawdad shorties. Nancy whips up a fancy frozen juice drink for Sweet Ti. Jeff from Seattle joins us. 

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Nancy tells us a nice tale. The other night after Sweet Ti hit her Royal and tipped all the Crawdad Crew, Nancy and her hubby went out to a bar. Nancy used her tip money to play Keno. She hit for 1700. Karma is truly an awesome thing. We move over to the now empty Sweet Ti fav machines. Jim who is still from Raleigh walks up and Sweet Ti talks to him about the job situation there. While they are talking, I go on a tear hitting a bunch of full houses and flushes just about back to back. Sweet Ti and I always give each other a kiss after hitting a straight or above. By the time they finish talking, Sweet Ti owes me 10 kisses. On to another round of Endorphin Derby.

 IMG_1807.JPG (1647516 bytes)    IMG_1808.JPG (1590743 bytes)    IMG_1811.JPG (1721279 bytes)    IMG_1812.JPG (1322553 bytes)

 Our own personal ATM. Delta Quad J's at 12x. We elevate through the robed Gospel Congregation (can I get a Witness?) and finish packing and go down for our dinner.

  IMG_1818.JPG (410941 bytes)    IMG_1821.JPG (1410351 bytes)    IMG_1822.JPG (1561706 bytes)    IMG_1828.JPG (1499878 bytes)

 IMG_1826.JPG (1208616 bytes)    IMG_1827.JPG (1210916 bytes)    IMG_1829.JPG (1373592 bytes)    IMG_1830.JPG (1464658 bytes)

                 IMG_1832.JPG (1365389 bytes)     IMG_1838.JPG (1151449 bytes)   IMG_1834.JPG (1264273 bytes)    

                           IMG_1836.JPG (600585 bytes)                          IMG_1835.JPG (710011 bytes)

Sweet Ti orders a Half a Giraffe of Red, I stick with my Beck's NA. We each get a salad, S.T. goes for the Prime Rib with garlic mashed and asparagus, I get the Filet Oscar with 'shrooms. 

   IMG_1842.JPG (1115490 bytes)    IMG_1841.JPG (1089567 bytes)    IMG_1845.JPG (895043 bytes)    IMG_1847.JPG (1669750 bytes)

With the exception of Sweet Ti's PR being slightly overcooked, everything was was brilliant. We always enjoy dining here. And the prices are a steal. The bill for all that food came to $83.00. Our comp covered it. As usual, we tipped 30%. We still have a couple of hours before we leave, so we do a walkabout hitting some random slots. First stop: Willy Wonka Pure Imagination.

                                                              IMG_1814.JPG (1289632 bytes)

                        Which is what you have to use to figure out how the hell it ate an entire hundy that quick!!!!

                                                              Let's get Toxic Jim!


                                                           Credit Spewing Fire Dragon....Jimmy?


                                                        Super Wheel Blast! Hit that thing James!


                                                             Lot's O' Foxes -J.J.-  


      We tried several others but nothing screenshot worthy happened. Looks like we need to hit the ATM before we leave town....

 IMG_1856.JPG (1608483 bytes)    IMG_1857.JPG (1504248 bytes)    IMG_1858.JPG (1627101 bytes)    IMG_1859.JPG (1505913 bytes)

                                                            IMG_1860.JPG (1399960 bytes)            

And that's all folks! We jumped in Cheri-ola, made to to the Rental Center in record time, and waited 20 minutes for the shuttle bus. WARNING!: there is construction all around the Airport. Give yourselves plenty of time for the rental shuttle. We had, and after some last minute re-packing of Biggun the big Bag into Littleun the little bag at the counter, we were on our way to TSA pre-check. NOTE: I am now in the possession of a portable luggage scale. Will never again travel without one. At TSA pre-check we are moved over to TSA non-pre- check. They were closed for the night. Bummer. But we did get to keep our shoes on. Made it to the gate just in time. Sleep. Had an hour to kill at CLT and grabbed some breakfast. PHF, another shuttle, and home in half an hour. Gotta love the ol' Patrick Henry Airport. The kitties either attacked us for some loving, or ignored us, depending on which kitties. Gotta admit- it's nice to be back in VA...for now!

    Total today:  RB-16,000 points    Sweet Ti- 4900 points     Trip Total : RB-  106,629 points     Sweet Ti- 35,188 points

                   I'm now at 190,084 points, and plan on making Emerald on the next trip, which will be in May.

                                                    Coming soon: A Pirate Looks at Sixty

                                                          "Thanks for the ride Lady"

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