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                      02.11.2018 In the heat of the evening when the dealing got rough*

 Hey Now! 3:30 a.m. Ugh. Every trip, I wake up so early after the first night. I silently steal around and put out several strings of purple and orange lights. I also have 8 strands of fairy lights in various colors. Satisfied with the Room Bling, I kiss my sleeping Sweet Ti for luck and descend to the action. I insert coin at a W4 machine and dial up 4 Buffalo games. Max bet 8.00. Fire it up James-


                                                         IMG_3949.JPG (1558222 bytes) 

 Picture this for a minute. It's about 5 a.m. and there's maybe 20 people on the floor. Including employees. As a matter of fact, it's mostly employees. I'm sitting in the middle machine in a row of 20 empty machines. During a bonus, here she comes. It's a Streetwalker. She sits down right next to me and watches my bonus. I finish up and realize she is talking to me. I've got my Ippy bubs in, so I can't hear her. I cash out and walk away. Why does this always happen to me? I try some Cleo and White Orchid but shed hundys. I wander over to the Higher Limit and spot the lone Multi Play. The best game offered is 9/5 DDB. I pick 3 play for .25 and insert fresh hundy.

                                                        IMG_3950.JPG (1388504 bytes)  

                                                                     Quad me 

 That went South shortly thereafter. Next stop is the Insomnia Bar to see if our Bonnie Miss Carol is coming in. Today's local, Rick is tending bar. I insert coin and dial up some .25 DBDW. We met Rick last trip. He has a sister in Chesapeake and used to live in VaBeatchey, aka Va. Beach. Rick says the machines are hot. 2 Royals hit last night. I'll certainly try my best. 

                                                       IMG_3951.JPG (1598223 bytes)

                                                             Pointies for days. 

 Rick says that Carol is off the next 2 days. Bummer. I switch to .50 DBDW but start to get low on credits. Time for Boner Deluxe.

                                                      IMG_3952.JPG (1665503 bytes)


 I finally ran out of bullets so I went by valet to pick up MST3K. She was there in short order. Valet is complimentary here. I pull her around to Emerald, the Shiny Green card parking. Like 160 spaces here. Unlike the Orleans Emerald, the Shiny Green card parking which is about 40 spaces. I take a minute to really look around MST3K. Nice ride. Full moon roof, all the bells and whistles. Plus an analog clock. Really? And I swear the bitch is 6 ft. wide. Time for Coffee Elizabeth.


   Infusion has a little of everything. I get coffee- Emerald, the Shiny Green card gets a free small coffee daily- and pastries. Comp .We dine and do some unpacking. I have some free play at the Scarlet Pearl and they are offering a bead bag for x number of points. I think it's 500. Plus the D'Iberville Parade starts at 1 p.m. so I need to be back before it gets crazy there. Kisses and I'm off. It's a bit gloomy out, but 68.

     IMG_3953.JPG (961337 bytes)  IMG_3954.JPG (1322930 bytes)  IMG_3955.JPG (1363970 bytes)  IMG_3956.JPG (1524662 bytes)

                        IMG_3957.JPG (1454385 bytes)                                 IMG_3958.JPG (1316523 bytes)

 Very nice set up here, it still has that New Casino Smell. Well, that and ciggies. I pick a likely Buffalo machine and download my FSP.

                                                         IMG_3959.JPG (1510398 bytes)

                                                           give up those Buffalo chips

I show a 6. profit. But I need points. Insert hundy. I still only got 391 points out of that one. $1=1 pt. 2nd hundy gets me up to 541 pts. I hit the kiosk,  but no bag offer yet. Turns out it takes 750 points. Bummer. I insert 20. in a W4 and limp my way to 800 pts. I print out the voucher and my bag. It comes with a sweet set of enlarged beads. But no T shirt. Last year a shirt came with the bag. This year you have to wait till a Wednesday. And earn an additional 500 pts. I depart with my 200. bead bag. I promptly get detoured around the parade. MST3K and I cruise the waterfront. Kinda nice actually. Back at the IP, our Sweet Ti is playing one of our favorite games, Double Diamond Deluxe. This one is 1./2. 2 credit. She is holding her own as I show her my 200. bead bag. Ti just shakes her head. 

                                                        IMG_3960.JPG (986716 bytes)

                                                                       4x pay

 We need nourishment, and on the way to Infusion we run into a couple. The lady had on a boot like Sweet Ti's. Well almost like it. She also used a knee roller. The girls talked war stories. We get a Korean BBQ sammich to split and rise aloft. Comp. 

                                                        IMG_3961.JPG (1201931 bytes)


 6 different kinds of cheese, 4 kinds of fruit and a whole sleeve of Carr's water crackers. Mighty tasty. Sweet Ti is ready for a bath. I situate the shower chair, but it slips while she is sitting down. There's a small rubber bath mat, but it's not big enough to fit under the chair. I call housekeeping for another mat. Dude shows up with this-

                                                      IMG_3962.JPG (1412110 bytes)

                                                              should be plenty

I manage to install 2 in the tub. The chair is now secure. Time for an evening session. We hit the Cove. They are having a Lucky Duck promo. Everyone wins something. I win $5.FSP. We play Wild Cherry and DouDiaDluxe. 

                                                     IMG_3963.JPG (939684 bytes)

                                                                  2. denom

We stop by the Spa on our way back to the room. Sweet Ti makes appointments for a facial and pedi. Emerald, the Shiny Green card comes with 150. in spa services a month here at the IP. Nice perk. We return to our room and watch more of the Olympics. Then our Feather calls so I leave the girls. To their conversation. Ti graciously gifts me with a TITO. I promptly lose it at her favorite Top Dollar. The next thing I wrote down in my notes is "Oh Kevin, what have you done to us?". It was our dear friend Kevin who introduces us to Casino Life via an innocent trip to see a bunch of bands at Vegoose 2005. In Vegas. Long story. I moved on to that 3 play .25 DDB, but couldn't scare up a quad. I finally get tired of feeding it duckies and cut my losses. Time for I scream. I mean ice cream. well, that too. They serve Blue Bell at Infusion. We have a nice ice cream social and call it a night. I scream.

                                    TOTALS:  Sweet Ti- 3014 pts.       RB- 10k points.      BR-   ouch!!!!!!


                         02.12.2018 Time enough for life to unfold


                                                02.10.2018 We'll see the stars that shine so bright   


                     Mardi Gras Biloxi 2018: 20 lbs. of Beads                






                                                                     * Scarlet Begonias, Grateful Dead                                                 


 2. denom