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                                             02.12.2018 Time enough for life to unfold*

 Hey Now! And we're back. 6 a.m. There's a great view of the fog out the window. I can see nothing. But it has gotten quite chilly overnight. 54. I actually put on more than just shorts and flip flop, which has been my playing attire to this point. A kiss before departing. Down below, it's quite on the barge. The fact that the casino is indeed a barge doesn't do much to help our Sweet Ti maneuver Truckie around. Too many weird floor angles, especially under carpets where they are hidden. Over by the cage I spot a bank of machines I hadn't noticed before. Double Sizzlin' 7s Progressives. 3 reel. 1 line. .25. Independent progressives. They range from 3k to 14k. Looks like they reset at 3k. I try the 14k one. It's not unusual for me to notice different machines for the first time. I still haven't just walked around the entire casino checking out all of the machines. One of these days.... needless to say- no progressive. Onward Jim!



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                                                      IMG_3967.JPG (1384984 bytes)

 Lock it Link is so damned volatile. Especially .05 or higher. 2.50 a spin is my usual bet. More than that seems to evaporate. Took a loss. 

                             But then I saw a bank of 1. Blazin' Double 7's Progressives. Insert coin.

              IMG_3968.JPG (1261348 bytes)    IMG_3970.JPG (1336012 bytes)     IMG_3971.JPG (1216035 bytes)

                                                              Good for a push. 

I wander around for a bit and end up at a W4 Tall Fortunes.  I choose Wild Leprechauns, Miss Kitty and 2 Buffalo Golds. I start out with a 6.90 bet. The buttons change amounts depending on game choice.

                                                            IMG_3973.JPG (2066720 bytes)

                      While I'm playing these chicks behind me are asking me to join them for some BJ.

                                                  IMG_3975.JPG (1020333 bytes)    

                                                  "Do you want to play with me?" 

                                                   Roll that bonus footage Jimmy-


                                              IMG_3978.JPG (1404754 bytes)

  One thing I find interesting is that you can tell by the music approximately how many credits you have won. I think I've got the songs Buffalo sings down pat. Well, within a hundy credits anyhow. I'm not sure how that session ended, It's not in the notes. I played Sweet Ti's Top Dollar until it malfunctioned and the reels just kept slowly turning. There looked to be 13 spots on each reel. I hit the service button and while I waited looked for a born on date on the machine. It's pretty old. It makes no sound except the clicking as the reels stop. There were several manufacturers labels but I couldn't find a date. Today's local, Cary showed up to mend things. I talked to him last trip. He opens 'er up and I ask about these old machines. "Most everything inside is retro-fitted in these". I ask about the sounds. "Hell, half these old machines don't squawk at all". He got it re-started and I thanked him. I played on and had a few unremarkable offers and line hits. I must have pushed. That's what I wrote down. I need to go wake up Sweet Ti for her Spa Day, so I get some Infusion products and emigrant to higher altitudes. She awakens, we feast. They make a killer ham and cheese croissant with the cheese on top.

                                                   IMG_4348.JPG (1300487 bytes)  

                                                      Crunchy cheese topping

 We also killed the rest of the cheese and fruit platter. The rooms here come with a nice sized fridge which comes in handy. Soon enough it's time go down for the spa treatments. I want to get a shot of Ti with one of these trees. The decorations are very interesting. 

                           IMG_3981.JPG (1219855 bytes)                   IMG_3982.JPG (869698 bytes)

 Senses Spa and Salon awaits. My betroth is whisked away and I check out the men's facilities. I am informed that Emerald, the shiny green card gets me an all access pass here daily. Well, at least a free pass. Just for me though. But with a spa service, Sweet Ti has free range today. 

                                                             IMG_3985.JPG (1185708 bytes)  

      IMG_3986.JPG (736422 bytes)     IMG_3988.JPG (764119 bytes)     IMG_3989.JPG (1439301 bytes)     IMG_3990.JPG (1257922 bytes)

                    IMG_3992.JPG (1179997 bytes)    IMG_3993.JPG (1282572 bytes)    IMG_3994.JPG (971632 bytes)

     IMG_3995.JPG (994663 bytes)      IMG_3996.JPG (1313810 bytes)     IMG_3997.JPG (1295732 bytes)

                   IMG_3998.JPG (1270341 bytes)     IMG_3999.JPG (1285823 bytes)     IMG_4001.JPG (1189629 bytes)

   IMG_4002.JPG (1736394 bytes)       IMG_4003.JPG (1323251 bytes)       IMG_4004.JPG (1044697 bytes)

  This place is the bomb. If I ever get off the shneid and back to some kind of fitness routine I will avail myself. Right now it's time for a session of Buffalo Gold. I tried recording a live play video but this is is one of those big asses machines. Need to be 10 ft. away.

                            IMG_4007.JPG (1237388 bytes)      IMG_4008.JPG (1590297 bytes)     IMG_4010.JPG (1668221 bytes)

I had to drop down to 1.50 from 3.60 when I hit that last one. Still ended up losing another hundy. The notes don't bode well. I played DouDiaDluxe, Double Blazin' 7's Prog., and Money Rain .50 and they were hungry. Tough. How about some Critter Live Play there Jim???


                                                   All in less than 2 minutes. 

     I ran out of hundys and had to take the Walk of Shame upstairs. The fog has finally lifted enough to get some shots outside the 28th.

           IMG_4014.JPG (1302512 bytes)IMG_4013.JPG (1017100 bytes)IMG_4012.JPG (1052647 bytes)      

                                                         It's 68 out here. Nice.

  Flush with Benjys I attack the Higher Limit starting with TripDia Haywire. I hit this and it went Haywire. But only once.

                                                     IMG_4015.JPG (1142657 bytes)

                                                        Needed 3 Haywires there.

 I'm using Sweet Ti's card to get her some points. She's only 3k away from maintaining Sapphire, the Uppity Blue card. I move on to some Pinball, but got smoked out. I believe it's time for some VP. I noticed these slants in the Higher Limit. 9/5 DDB .25

              IMG_4016.JPG (1787952 bytes)    IMG_4017.JPG (1808921 bytes)   IMG_4018.JPG (1743629 bytes)

                                                That was fun and profitable. For a change.

 Sweet Ti calls that she is Sufficiently Breathless. I mean Rejuvenated. She's up for some DouDiaDluxe. Insert TITO. Oh Look!!!!

                                  IMG_4019.JPG (1179699 bytes)  IMG_4020.JPG (1215531 bytes)

                                                       IMG_4021.JPG (1003276 bytes)

                                                           Way to go Baby Duck!

                    She cashed and we try some .25/,50/1. Top Dollar. Maybe we can do the Parley.

               IMG_4022.JPG (1297276 bytes)   IMG_4024.JPG (1154667 bytes)   IMG_4025.JPG (1047605 bytes)

                                                             Or maybe not.

 It's YAH Day. We avail ourselves of the kiosk and print out 1.5 free buffet coupons. Dinner commences at 3:30. As true Over The Hill Citizens, we have our evening meal then. The Vietnamese station is a nice touch. A fair amount of seafood was representing the area. Other than that, it was fairly standard buffet fare. Cost us 4.50 in comps. 2 sporks. Sweet Ti wants to chill so we head above the action. But the cable is out. Casino wide. So it's nappy time for wifey. I grab a Coors NA for the road. I rate Coors NA just a bit below Ab'Dulls green in taste. That's not as bad as Busch NA or as good as Ab'Dulls amber. Confused? Just order Kaliber if possible.    

 IMG_4027.JPG (1891355 bytes)  IMG_4028.JPG (1911235 bytes)  IMG_4029.JPG (1902211 bytes)  IMG_4030.JPG (1787833 bytes)

                                                                       That was fun. 

      I played that for a good 2 hours. I got down to playing 1 hand and bounced back a couple of times. I finally used 'em credits all up. 

                                                                     Diversion Jimmy?


                                                                    1.50 Max Bet 

                                    IMG_4034.JPG (1174014 bytes)     IMG_4035.JPG (1368008 bytes)

                                              I kinda like this version. Needs to be multi denom.

                   I pulled a hundy from that believe it or not. Seed money for tomorrow. Mardi Gras Day!

                                Totals:  Sweet Ti- 3018 pts.      RB- 20255 pts.      BR- took yet another hit


                        02.13.2018 A big time serenade, It must be a Street Parade


                  02.11.2018 In the heat of the evening when the dealing got rough




                                                     *We Have All the Time in the World, Louis Armstrong