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                             02.14.2018 It's not really work. It's just the power to charm*

  Hey Now! From Mardi Gras we proceed next to Cupid. Happy Valentines Day Y'all! Up and over the bridge to Winnie for room supplemental supplies. The fog has returned. It's about 65 and it's 6 a.m. D'Iberville is quite quiet. I contemplate another visit to the Scarlet Pearl, but then the reality of the 200. Bead Bag kicks in. Their float in yesterday's parade was throwing them out to people. So I cross the Back Bay of Biloxi and off MSK3K in the car park. 

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                                                     look tempting to you? Me neither.  

 I stash our goodies and kiss for luck. Buffalo Grand promptly sucks down a hundy. Time for some Higher Limit .50 Money Rain. Hit it Jim-


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                     Well this is going along just swimmingly. Roll that footage there, Jim Jim- 



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                                                    At this point I upped my bet to 10.

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                                                             Nice line hit.  Jim????


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                                                               I switched to dollars. Still a 10. bet. Once more James-



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                                                          I cashed out 500. profit.

 There's a .25 Buffalo machine here. 10. minimum bet. I hit one bonus, but ended up losing 200. But it was fun. On the hunt for something different, I spot a 5. 5 line Wheel of Fortune. I insert TITO. I saw some dude cleaning up on this machine last night. The plan is to only play 1 line. But stupid me keeps hitting the max bet button. 25. a spin. I don't realize this right away. But then I get to go on stage. Jim?


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 Time to go Make It Rain. I fetch Infusion Consumables and do my Butler routine upstairs. I Make It Rain. We enjoy a little us time to make the romantic holiday official. Afterglow Afterwards, we alight amongst the other lovers in the casino.

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                                                     strange creatures overtake Gift Shop

 Miss Carol isn't at her usual bar. Maybe she is taking Lent seriously. Sweet Ti tries her fav Top Dollar and I tried Top Dollar Premium.

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                                                              Premium won out.

                                                        Roll the footage Jimmy....


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From there we walked around playing a variety of slots, with mixed results. Sweet Ti is hungry. We have dinner reservations at 6 p.m. The lunch choices are pretty limited. We order a Pizza from Infusion. Not great, not bad. Food Court Pizza. Only thing missing here is the food court. They are currently in the process of changing the killer Italian joint here into the cafe. They are closing down the current High Tide Cafe. We went upstairs for our repast. One spork if you please. Back down to the action, we go by to see our host, Alice. We thank her for the Wine, cheese, and fruit. "No problem y'all!" What a sweetie. Time for some W4 action. Take it away Jim!


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                                                      Profitable afternoon.

 We eased our way upstairs for some curling. Go USA! Got ourselves gussied up for our dinner at 32. Selfish stick photo op.

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                                                                    Stretch close up.

                   Well, it's certainly easy to get to the restaurant from our room. 4 floors up. Let's boogie. 

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 Today's local, June greets us and shows us to our table. June is a real pistol. She makes us feel right at home. Been working here forever. She tells us some parade stories. Wow. Also, these menus weigh 6 lbs. 

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 We will be Drew and Sabion's customers. I order a bottle of still water. Sweet Ti peruses the cocktail menu. 

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                                                                 Sweet Tini

 Drew presents us with complimentary chef's small plates. Goat cheese and salmon mousse. Sabion serves bread.

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         We order a cheese sampler and split a Salt Roasted Beet salad. Drew wheels over the cheese counter. 

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                                                         Beautiful. And tasty!

         Sweet Ti ordered Seared Georges Banks Scallops, with a side of Lobster and Summer Truffle Mac & Cheese. and a glass of wine.

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I ordered the New York Strip , Oscar style. Sides are Chef's foraged mushrooms and Steen's Cane Syrup & Cured Black Pepper Bacon, and Creole Cream Cheese and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Way too much food.  Drew rolls up with a cart and starts whipping up Oscar.

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 Ti enjoyed a cappuccino, and the guys bagged up enormous quantities of food. Drew informs us that they are giving all couples cake. He wrapped that up too. The bill came to 230. So it cost me 115k slot points. Such a deal. I left a 35% tip. Amazing food. 

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                                            They even gave Sweet Ti a long stemmed rose on the way out.

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 I somehow find room in the fridge for all of this stuff. Sweet Ti is toast for the evening of course. I've got one more session left in me. I hit the Higher Limit. That bank of 1. Blazin' 7's progressives has 2 machines with jackpots just under 1200. I play each one till they break that mark but can't scare up shit. I finish my evening off with some Wild Leprechauns munching down on a the last hundy I brought down. I earned some serious points today. And even managed to add a bit to the BR. Nothing better than to spend VDay with my lover.

                         TOTALS: RB- 33475 pts. Sweet Ti- playin' on my card.    BR- up 200 for the trip.


                         02.15.2017 Get my spyboy to sneak a look into Mamma's book


                         02.13.2018 A big time serenade, it must be a Street Parade




                                                          *Modern Love, David Bowie