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                                              02.15.2017  Get my spyboy to sneak a look into Mamma's book*

 Hey Now! 5 a.m. That's what happens when you are in bed by 9:15. I kiss for the usual and I'm off. Gold Class Buffalo dines first. Followed quickly by W4s. Both Jackpots and Tall Fortunes each ate a hundy. These machines are starving for hundys! Walking Dead, Buffalo Gold. Steady diet of hundys. This is getting serious. Time for some high volatility. Lock it Link film for us JimJim????



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                                                                                                  I loves me some dimes              

                          I actually cashed out a TITO on that. Fun, but dangerous machine. Time for a little Triple Double Stars for 1.

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                                                         first spin. Time to parley to 2.

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                                                       Double the denom, double the fun

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                                                               Back down to dollars

            I ended up losing there too. Let's give World o' Wonka a spin. I did ok on these here last year.

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                                                                   Oompa Loompas

 It's made it past 8 a.m. That means that Miss Carol is working at the Insomniac. I ask if she got flowers from her Beau. "Yes I did". Good for you. Today's local, Ginger was hanging around the waitress station. She got promoted to Supervisor just a couple of weeks ago. She had been a Cocktail Waitress here for years. I give her my congrats. Ginger was with a Krewe in the D'Iberville parade. She said she had spent over $150. on beads. Ginger is a super sweet lady. I tell Carol we are going to give her 10 lbs. of beads to go along with the 2 chairs we bought. "Thank yew. I'll make sure they are recycled next year". Ginger offers to put everything away for Carol. Security is death on anyone bringing anything on the floor. They don't even like backpacks. Another friendly face from last year is also working. Dee. She asked me what I was writing about. Just as I was writing about her. That's what I said, but I don't think she fully understands it. I ask her to come over to my machine and I'll show her. I use these nice little 3"x5" notepads with a sturdy cover, room for a pony pen, and a strap to hold it shut. Sweet Ti got me a couple of them from one of her co-workers. 

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                                                           being left handed doesn't help

 Another problem is turning my bastardized shorthand into something legible. I get that I was writing joke punch lines to what I was observing, but I don't remember what triggered it. That's one thing I really love about spending time in Casinos. You meet the most interesting people. Like what happened next. I was sitting in the 4th chair over from the wall. I prefer the one closest to the wall, it's got a really old and dark screen. But  a player is on the second machine. And she is smoking like a chimney. The 4th one was a bit closer than I like, but the bar is surprisingly full. Must be some cash-your-paycheck-here promo going on. Anyway, there were 2 empty spots between me and Smokey. An older couple walks up and sits down. In those 2 spots. I'm thinkin' mid to late 70's. They both insert coinage and dial up .25 DDB. I wish them luck. 5th spin, Homey picks up the 3 other cards he needed and hit a Royal. .25, .50., 1., and 2. each have their own progressives. His was just over 1200. so he got paperwork. While he was waiting I started up a conversation with him. They live in FLA but used to live close to here before they retired. They drive, and have been coming here pretty much since it opened. I'm sure they are well taken care of. One of the barkeeps told me that that makes the 3rd Royal at this bar since yesterday afternoon. I sure am due, not having one since my 1. progressive at Sam's Back in May 2016. Hell, I can't even hardly scare up a screenshot today. Much less a 4OAK. As soon as Homey got paid, they left. They don't pay over the table here like they do in Vegas. The good news is that it takes the 3rd person our of the equation so far as tipping. Bad news he still didn't give Miss Carol anyways. I sure would'a. The couple did tip for their drinks when they sat down. Once more I note the differences in rules in casinos in different states. Sweet Ti calls for Coffee Liz and I tell Miss Carol that we shall return with her gifts. I tend to Infusing Sweet Ti. After we eat we start packing. Well, it's mostly me. I also need to de-bling and disassemble the various Mardi Gras items and lights. I admit it, I like to start packing early for the return trip. We're boarding at 5:10 tomorrow evening. We separate the run of the mill beads from the prime choice beads and get Carol's 10 lbs. ready. I also need to stop by MST3K and grab the chairs. Sweet Ti is coming down directly. I leave Carol's goodies for Ginger to pickup at the Security lectern. I find my bartop conveniently empty and insert coin. Our Miss Carol is busy as she can be cleaning.

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                                                            let there be screenshots!

 Apparently some big wigs from Corporate are coming by the bar. Carol is pretty much a compulsive cleaner anyway, so the next thing you know she's down on the floor cleaning the drain. Sweet Ti joins the fun and hits the boards right away.

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                                                                       Parley time

About the time Miss Carol is satisfied everything is in order, she goes on break and Linda takes over. Linda looks like something is bothering her. We start to speculate. "Intrigue at the Insomnia". Carol got sucked down the drain. All they found were her glasses. Ginger suspects foul play. Linda is acting a bit strange. This looks like a job for Inspector Clouseau.

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                                                                 the scene of the crime

 I used my brand spanking new 175. free slot play. Well, I gave it back pretty quickly. We decide to break out of this joint and head out. Ocean Springs and points beyond. Bienville Blvd. and head East. Ocean Springs is pretty big. Well, it's long anyway. I am looking for the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Sweet Ti spots a sign to the beach and we turn down Washington Ave. It looks to be the center of an enclave of small shops and businesses. Quaint. The bad part is that the street is quaintly sized too, with parking on both sides. And I'm driving MST3K. The Satellite of Love. At least that's what is feels like. I bailed off. We ended up driving thru a neighborhood.


                                                            Nary a scratch.

  Downhill, and onto Front Beach Dr. and past Fort Maurepas City Park. It's beautiful down here. Have a look. 

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 We make our way back on to Bienville and continue east to Park Road, and enter the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It's mostly cypress swamp and pine forests. In the distance we can see a few houses here and there. There is a trail to the beach, but that's not happening. And there's a visitors center that's closed. So we finish the loop and return to our eastern journey. We are getting quite peckish and dial up Sue to find us some down home cookin'. Seafood. She suggests a joint a few miles further east. Country Gentleman. On Guiter Vancleve Dr. Engage MST3K. Soon we pull up to an updated wooden building.

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 We step inside. It's defiantly country. Kathy greeted us at the door. "Y'all can sit anywhere- pick a table". There's only a couple of other customers. We sit and Kathy introduces us to Amanda. We will be Amanda's customers. We order drinks and peruse the menu. There's a little bit of everything. The owners are Greek. We go with hummus and pita chips. "Wise choice" said Amanda. She also recommends the Seafood Platter for 2. For 26. you get Fried corn on the cob, stuffed crab and claws, Fried shrimp, Fried oysters, Fried fish, French Fries and hush puppies. Sounds Fried. We go for it. I get up to snap some shots.

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 I ask Amanda about the guitar. "Belongs to the owner, he plays it here darn near every night. Help yourself". So I do.

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 It's a Yamaha C series. The spittin' image of the one we bought my Mom back in 1980. And it's got years of Honkey Tonk Grundge patina built up from sitting in here. Sounded great. I played some blues till our food arrived.

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                                                         Fresh from the oven pita.

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                                                        Fried everything. even the corn


 It was pretty darn good. Amanda tells us that we just have to try dessert. They make it here. Cheesecake will do nicely. It was a huge slice. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the damage came to a grand total of 46. It's been a pleasant getaway. We even grabbed I-10 back west and were home in a flash. Let's get back to the gamboling shall we. 

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                                                  This thing was so big it had bench seating. 

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 We go aloft and Sweet Ti does a bit more packing and phone duties. They are having a drawing in the Cove, and maybe this time... Or not. I play some penny slots and make some donations. I end up at the only bank of 9/6 JoB in the joint.

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                                                                    Like 30. a point

      And so went our last full day in Biloxi. But we have a late checkout, so there's still a few hours to strike it rich.

                                         TOTALS:  RB- 24354      BR- took a pretty good hit


                                02.16.2017 Hey - hear what I say, they gotta pay


                         02.14.2018 It's not really work. It's just the power to charm


                                                                          *Rad Gumbo, Little Feat