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               05.10.2017 I sense there's something in the wind, that Tragedy's at hand *

 Hey Now! I managed to get 4.5 hours sleep. I pretty much tend to keep mostly to Eastern Daylight Time. Except for the fact that I get up at 4:45 a.m. during the week. I was up at 4:30 Vegas time. So I called my Sweet Ti who was working. It's 52° here, and in VA. Brrrr. I did my daily absolutions and took a minute to enjoy the Pool view. I will be moving into a strip view room later on today.

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                                                             splish splash

 It's Wednesday, which means Young at Heart. So the first thing I do is hit the kiosk. Bingo! 15x slots/9x vp. Noice. Plus, since it's my birthday month, I am awarded 1000 card points. Super Noice. Time to hit my favorite- the trusty Wall Gator shorty machine.

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 Andrew kept me in energy drinks- 2 is my limit, and Fine Irish Beverages- Ab'Dulls. At least that's what Hank Bonefish calls them. 

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 I am supposed to meet up with Mark at 8:30 so we can let Brianna sort out our rooms. I play some 5x/10x/QH progressives while I wait. It's right at the entrance to the hallway to the rooms. I fire up Ippy and am shooting a video. Security dude whom I don't know tells me that I can't videotape here. I said Seriously? I've been doing it for like 8 years here, never been told that. So I stop. For now. Didn't hit the progressive anyway. Mark showed up and we strolled over over to Invited Guests to see Brianna. I introduced her to Mark. Just how do you pronounce your name anyway? "Bríanna. My father's name was Brian" I shall call her Brí. Brí hooks us up. Mark gets a suite for a couple of nights. I just want a 9th floor strip view room close to the elevators. His room is ready. Mine isn't. Let's check his out.

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                                          4 TVs, wet bar with big fridge. 21st floor view.

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                                                             pretty sweet suite

I'm playing phone tag with Ziggy. I told him I would call before I go over to his house to pick up Wheelie®, my cooler that they have custody of. He finally calls thru. " Let me tell you something, last Sunday I had a Tragedy, a Tragedy I tell you!!!!" What happened Zig? "I was riding my bicycle on the trails around the wash and I had a Tragedy! I slipped in some sand and fractured my wrist!" Poor Zig. Are you okay now? "Tragedy! I went to the Hospital and they put on a soft casket till I can see an Orthopedic Doctor" Well, I'm coming over later after I pick up my rental. "Tragedy!" Zig and Bo are from Poland and immigrated here back in the 80's. They are dear friends. Zig recently retired from bartending at Terrible's Silver Sevens. I leave the Orleans and haphazardly jaywalk across Tropicana to the Budget Car Rental lot. I've reserved a Camry, prepaid. We shall see. I wait in line as usual, and of course there's no Camry available. " Kia Optima" No Ultima? "Optima." Whatever. " Plus, the AARP coupon isn't good here either, so you owe us an extra $30." Whatever. Just give me the car. "Wait out front." So I spot a black Kia out front and wait. Dude shows up and we go over the car. I sign and leave. Then I notice it's only go 1/8th of a tank of gas. Back to the lot. "Just bring it back with the same amount of gas. We don't have a pump here." Whatever. Sweet Ti sez to name her Négro.  

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                                                             Négro, the non-Camry

On to Henderson, Ziggy answers the door obviously in pain. He's 68 and in great shape. Or was till he took a spill. Plus, he has to see his G.P to get a referral to see a bone doctor. Medicare. Sweet Bo is at the gym, so we hang out and catch up on our lives. Their son Sebastian is now living with them. He works in the cage at SLS. And of course there's little Dusty. He's a rescue terrier who barks at me for all of 20 seconds and then settles down next to me on the couch. Bo returns, and we hug and she gives me the rest on the details of the Tragedy. Zig is on Tramadol and is a bit zonked.  They promise to keep me informed of any updates to the Tragedy. They are worried that Ziggy might have to have surgery for nerve damage. Soon enough, I retrieve Wheelie® and take my leave. Take care of our Zig, Bo! Next stop is Wally World for room supplies. Not my usual Rainbow Blvd. Wally, but the one on Eastern near their house. And it's mobbed. But I find what I need and boogie on back to the Big Easy. Shortcut on Russell Rd. brings me by the spot for the new NFL stadium.

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                                                     Las Vegas Raiders Stadium - eventually

I self park in the Emerald, the Shiny Green Card gated lock up. I pile up Wheelie® and head for Invited Guests to check on my new room. Brí says it's not ready yet. In fact, it's listed as out of service. Strange. She makes a call. They are just finishing up working on the AC unit. Should be ready shortly. I get the keys and am asked to wait half an hour. So I elevate to the old room. Mark joins me and helps me get my stuff ready to move. After the obligatory half hour, we make the move. Upon arrival, the maid and her boss are in the room. "This room is still out of service sir!" Well, I was given the keys."Give us half an hour" Tell ya what, we will just leave our stuff here and come back later. "Very well." Time to gambol! . It's getting near time for the YAH drawing, so I deposit my virtual tickets in the virtual drum at the virtual kisok. Well, the kiosk actually exists. I've only earned 4k points so far today. Not very good odds for the drawing. Time to show Mark a couple of my favorite machines. There's a Triple Double RWB that I did good on last year. 3 reel, 5 line, $1 demon. Next to it is a Triple Double Diamond Deluxe. I take the former, Mark the later. We are doing alright when I hit this. Fire it up for us Jim!


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That darn glass has been cracked for as long as I've been playing this machine. But don't mess with it- it's been good to me in all of it's cracked glory! Mark busts out and we try some .25 Aftershock while they are shuffling the virtual tickets. Then Mark goes over to the Wally Gator for a drink. Our buddy Daniel is working there today. I hang around waiting. The first drawing is for 5 hundy. The called name shows up pronto. Then they start calling out the hundy winners. My name comes up in the second batch. Mark calls as I am getting my hundy from Deborah. This makes the 4th time I've won. Sweet Ti has won it 3 times. Mark shows up and takes the shot-

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                                                                     YAH IV

 Hey Now! We hit the Wally shorties with my newfound wealth. Our trusty Barkeep is today's local, Daniel. Just about the hardest working Orleans employee. Daniel is always either stocking the beer coolers or cleaning. He has my Ab'Dulls waiting for me as I take my seat. I inquire about his son. He was the guy who pushed people off of the top of the Stratosphere. But last fall he started training to be a Smoke Jumper and recently graduated. So now he jumps out of airplanes into Wildfires. Dude! Daniel is understandably very proud of him. Let's try some $1 BP, shall we?

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                                                                 Roll the Tape Jimmy!


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                            Dinner time folks. YAH picks up the tab for one buffet, the room charge for the other. 

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       We tooled around playing some penny games. Coyote Moon sucked down everything in sight. Time for an old stand by.....

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 Mardi Gras Bar. Time to earn some serious points. As long as I'm getting 9x slot points, and am still up for the day- Insert Hundy.

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                                                           Got that other one Jim??? 



 While all of this action is going on, I'm having a great conversation with Dave and Michael. Michael has this little pocket light that he sells that has a magnet built into the base. Incredibly bright- 60 lumen. He sells them HERE.


 They finally stumble away, and I need to take a leak and walk around a bit. On the way back from the head, Mark calls. "Pop, I finally popped my Cherry" Awesome Mark. Quarters? "Fitty cents!" Where? "Wally Gator." I look up and see he is at one of the hightop machines.

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                                                Way to go Dude. Only took him 10 years.

 Harold behind the bar paid Mark. Mark tipped him and the slot attendant. Harold instantly became our best friend for the rest of the trip. Then I introduced Mark to the Crack Whore Machines. Multi Strike/Super Times Pay. We each made a donation. I'm beat by now, and Mark is going Downtown for the evening. But it's been a great first full day. Last thing I do is print out my $15 YAH dining coupon. I do a quick accounting and find that I'm up a hundy for the trip so far. Excellent!

                                              TOTALS: 21404 pts.        286310 slot points


                                      05.11.2017 The best, best things in life. They're free


                               05.09.2017  Stand up, shout it out- Sell your Soul




                                                                                          * Sally's Song by Danny Elfman