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                                                   Flysrb Visits His Money

                    05.09.2017  Stand up, shout it out- Sell your Soul

                            05.10.2017 I sense there's something in the wind, that Tragedy's at hand

                                      05.11.2017 The best, best things in life. They're free

                                           05.12.2017  The sun was a yellow eye in a blue face.

                        05.13.2017 With the blink on an eye, you finally see the light

                            05.14.2017 But what can I do? 'cause I'm stayin' in.

                      05.15.2017 And at the fall of the night, this city's made of light 

                                              05.16.2017 Time is money, money love

                                                    05.17.2017 Hope we live long and lucky