Flysrb Visits His Money

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                                 05.11.2017 The best, best things in life. They're free.*

 Hey Now! Slept in till 6:30. Sweet Ti left work for an eye appointment. We talk on her way back to work. I unpack and T.C.B.

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                                                     strip view                       strip club view

             Room 1032. I really wanted the 9th floor on account of the elevators. First on, last off. But this will do.

Today's Mission, Mr. Phelps, is to turn $400 free slot play into as many points as possible. This tape will self destruct in 30 seconds Jim....


I kiosk in my card for the day. No exciting promos going on. The Mardi Gras Bar sounds about right to execute my plan. Diana is keeping bar there. "What'll it be sir?" A fine Irish beverage please uhh...how do you pronounce D..I..A..N..A? "Dinah, like Dinah Shore" Cool. But I've left my lucky Green Koozie- circa 2003 back at the room, so I ask for a Pilsner glass. 

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                                        fine Irish beverage                   with a caffeineated  chaser

                                                                  First hundy

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  Man this machine has been drinking. A couple of the hold buttons are gimpy. Even the touch screen is gimpy. I play on.... By the time that first hundy ran out, I had 2199 points. I probably would have had more, except that I got greedy and tried some Boner Deuces. The results weren't pretty. I switch back to BP and download the next hundy.

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                                                           get yer free duckies here!!!

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 Mark joined me. He had a marathon single deck session at the ElCo. He likes the way they have a cooler full of beer right in the pit. Well, that hundy got me up to 3992 points anyway. Back to the well.

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                                                                     mo' money

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                                                       Time for that Super 8 tape Jimmy-



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 Whenever I get up to answer the call of nature- Pee!!! Now!!!!!! When I return this Super Star IGT Poker bartop resets the game and denomination. It gets old. Behind the bar there's a shift change. I meet Miro. Some dude walks up to him with drink tickets and orders 3 Coronas. Miro hooks him up. Dude hands Miro the tickets. "These are from the Gold Coast- they aren't good here. But since you are betting at the Sportsbook, I'll accept them anyway." Dude grabs his beers and doesn't even tip Miro. Rude. And the other barkeep is today's local, Bobby. Bobby remembers me as a friend of Hank Bonefish. He and Boney worked together years ago at the Gold Coast. He has some great stories from Gold Coast from back in the day when he and Hank were much younger and crazier. Boney is currently up at the Valley of Fire State park. Naked and dancing for 3 days at Mayfire. Back to the free play action, I finally ran out at 10184 points.

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                                                             without using yo' money!

 Final hundy didn't go quite as well as the previous one. I crapped out of that one in short order. But I've earned 11910 pts. And I have yet to insert a single hundy. That will change momentarily. Mark takes off for the Strip. I step out to call my Sweet Ti. It's chilly in VA. Here, it's 88° and sunny. As I'm sitting on a bench talking, I notice a steady stream of Uber and Lyft cars picking up and dropping off. Meanwhile, the Taxi cabs over at Valet are sitting around with their thumbs up their asses. Meanwhile, I miss my Sweet Ti.

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                                                                 Insert coin



 Time for some food. I have the YAH $15. dining comp from yesterday to use. I try to place a to go order from the new and inproved Copper Whisk. Back when it was still just a cafe, they did to go orders for a small charge. Not anymore. " Order from room service." Never mind. I went to TGIF. Ordered from the bar. Got a couple of more racks of Becks NA. Tipped the barkeep a fiver. Pig out.

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                                                Higher Limit Time. Double Diamond 3x4x5x.

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 Then I tried a couple of different machines. There's a reason for this. Someone's playing at my favorite Double Diamond Deluxe. 

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                                                    Memories. Hell No!- never set foot in it.

                      I ended up pretty much where I always do. At the Wally Shortys. Daniel's serving.
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                                         Straightie's!                             Pointies!

 Let's see. It's just about that time. Daniel's counting the till. Next shift is setting up. I'm at my shorty. That means in just a minute or two that Wild and Crazy Couple will show up. Joey & Wifey. Joey will take his place at the high bar top. VP. A shot and a beer. Wifey will get a Boat Drink and go from machine to machine playing a few rounds of Keno and talking to everyone. They own the Barber Shop/Beauty Salon at the Spa. In their mid 80's. They used to runa shop at Caesars Palace. Best Vegas stories around. Everyone knows them and stops by to talk.  I met Marylin from Cali. We talk Bionic Body Parts. She's here for the Three Dog Night run here. Turns out there's Three Dog Night Groupies. Little did I know. Time to move around when Marylin fires up a Cancer Stick. I try some reel slots. Nearby is the new Elvira game. There's nobody playing, so every few minutes a Giant Elvira fills the tall screen and starts bullshitting about things. One time she throws back her head and yells "BUFFALLLOOOO!....oops, wrong game." I cashed out. She had me dead to rights. Insert TITO. Max Bet $2.50. Worse paying game. Ever. The screen would grow, I'd have half of it full of the same symbols, and I would win $1.53. Never even hit a bonus. But it was fun watching the Bouncing Boobies. Time to go upstairs. I have a game plan.

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                               Brí gave up tickets to a pool party tonight when we checked in. 

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 Next time Sweet Ti & I hit this we are definitely going for a Cabana. Tight band, Soul City. Not too crowded. But it was early. It goes on till 10 p.m. Just don't expect this. I didn't even try to get my free drink. Time to get back to my gambol.

                                         Higher Limit yet again. How about some Live Play Jim?


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 Hey Now! Bear with me while I vent. They rehabbed the front restrooms. They look nice. But the new countertops hold water. It must be a combination of the inertia of the water and the marble surface of the counter. But every time I leaned over to grad a paper towel with a Hawaiian shirt on, the shirt got drenched. 

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              I consult my vpfree2 cheat sheet and find that the only 8/5 BP game here is on 5 play. I search it out.

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                                                               itty bitty Quad 2's

           I'm feeling some W4 Tower. There's some over by the Crawfish Bar. Max Spin $8. 4 Buffalo games. Insert coin.

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      While I'm playing, I notice that at the Crawfish there's a dude sitting there smoking a big honking cigar and watching me play. Let's call him today's bonus local. Deján. He was rooting me on and during an enlarged prostate break ( oh I don't care if you ARE hittin' big- you will empty your bladder NOW!!!) I introduced myself. Deján is a pit boss at the Cosmo. He brings his Mother to the Orleans so she can play Keno while he smokes a Honker at the Crawfish. I ask about the rumors of MGM buying the Cosmo. " Well, let me put it this way. MGM uses white as the color of their 5k chips. Ours weren't white before, but we recently changed them to white." He thought it would happen. I also asked about the parking fees at the Cosmo and Drink Monitoring. " Customer service is dying everywhere in the casino industry. I used to work at an Indian casino outside Milwaukee. A management firm took over casino operations and slashed comps. Killed the place, and now the same thing is happening in Vegas." Well, times they are a changin', and not for the better Deján. Hit it Jim!






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 Well that was certainly fun. Plus, I doubled my duckies. Later Deján! I use the facilities beside the Keno Lounge and notice afterward that Yen is working one of the windows. Yen was the Keno Runner for years here. Quickest Keno Runner ever, We would sit down at the old Courtyard Cafe and fill out a keno slip while waiting to be served. It was fun watching the numbers pop up while we ate. Usually one of the TVs at any bar was switched to that channel too. Not anymore. Yen says she misses being out on the floor. But like me, eventually most of her old customers make their way over to see her. At least she still has a job. I wish her well. Next I hit an assortment of slots.

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                                                                give it up RWB         

 The screenshots abruptly ended. But that's ok, I'm toast anyway. I earned enough points today to but me over the top for Emerald till 05.31.2018. And it only cost my a couple of hundy thanks to all the free slot play. Mission Accomplished!

                                   TOTALS: 21073 pts.           340500 slot pts. (aggregate total)  



                           05.12.2017  The sun was a yellow eye in a blue face.


                    05.10.2017 I sense there's something in the wind, that Tragedy's at hand



                                                               * The Best Things in Life, by Sam Cooke