Flysrb Visits His Money

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                                                                 05.14.2017 But what can I do? 'cause I'm stayin' in.*

Hey Now! 5:15 a.m. Again, no sweat when you go to bed right after the sun. You get to watch it reappear. I'm tearing up Las Vega$!!!!

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 I text Sweet Ti a Happy Mother's Day wish and a riddle. " Look to the source of knowledge resting place for a gift" I've left her a card on a shelf in the bookcase. She eventually figures it out. She calls to thank me and share her day's plans. No chores, but she is going to pick up her sister Sweet Rie- as in Marie- and bring her over to hang out a bit. Me? Think I'll gambol. First to the kiosk to activate the 15x/11x/6x slot points. Then Reels O' Dublin. Lose a hundy. Double Diamond Deluxe .25 version. Lost another. Head for Mardi Gras.

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 I don't know how well it shows up, but I'm playing 9/6 DDB. Hey Now, in that last pic I got a kicker! Forgot till I saw it...

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                                                         whole fleets o' Delta Boats

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                                                          Switching to Bonus Poker-

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                                                   another armada o' Delta Boats!

 Yet another new to me Barkeep this morning. His name is Marinko. He's from Yugoslavia. Or what was formally Yugoslavia. Vegas tends to draw lots of Eastern Europeans. They all speak very good English too. Sweet Ti called and suggested I go over to the Higher Limit slots, download a hundy in slot points, and try some of my favorite slot there. D.D.D. I always do what my Sweet Ti says. Download coinage.

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                                                      that worked Sweet Ti Darlin'!

 I'm feelin' a little Jitter Vegas breakfast. A couple of Reneee's girls from her old shift are working. Ethyl!!!! Brucie!!!!! I explain that Sweet Ti is back in VA. Reason why I don't come by every single day to pick up coffee and Ethyl's Choice Winchell's Donuts. 

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                                           Tiger Paw & a Rockstar, Breakfast of Gambolers

 Mark joined me and we people watched for a bit. Interesting morning for it. Lots of Mothers about. Time to hit the slots. 

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 While we were playing, we meet today's local Hrach. He moved here about 20 years ago from Armenia. Seems to be a trend. Hrach tells me there's a whole colony of Armenians here in town. Owns a restaurant. Tells me to stop by sometime and he will introduce me to real Armenian food. Whatever that is. Nice guy. Mark wanders off somewhere at some point. Time to hit the Wally shorty.

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                                                                 one lone quad

 I went upstairs to call my Sweet Ti. Only 4 more days till I'm home Baby Duck! I am out of memory on my Ippy. Time to upload some videos to You Tube and then delete them to make some more space. Back down to the action, I try an old standby-

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                                                           but the shrimp were 86'ed.

   Feelin' peckish, I decide to take a chance. They are serving a special Mother's Day Buffet. Supposedly. I bypass the cattle call line and use Emerald, the Shiny Green Card line. I am seated at the famous Lonely Diners Table. Room comp.

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 Nothing special about that buffet. I asked the Pastry dude if they had any cookies. He checked and came back with a boxful. These are the bomb. Canadian English Bay Cookies. Needless to say, several made their way upstairs. Next I try the upright machines- DBDW

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                                                      still chasin' that kicker Ace....

  Mark joins the action yet again. We hit the Higher Limit. He tries the Money Rain and makes a nice score. We run into another Armenian dude who can't stop talking. Yakyakyakyak. Finally got away. It's time to get ready for the show. On the way upstairs, I pass by the guitar player for the band. He's dressed in sweats. Probably on his way to the sound check. Back down, we do some pre-show gaming at the Crawdad Bar. There we meet still more Three Dog Night groupies. These 2 are seriously hard core. They follow the band from casino to casino. I tell them not to throw their panties onstage. I ease over to Will Call to pick up the tickets. Dude checks under my name and says "3 tickets, right?" I say sure. "Just checking, because the show is sold out." Yepper, 3 tickets. Perfect. Now we get to have an empty seat between us! Mark makes sure to do several shots before we get in line. I appreciate him going. They aren't exactly to his taste. But back in the day they had a Captured Live at the Forum album that kicked total ass. 1969. Maybe they will do Chest Fever?

 We take our seats. The Showroom holds maybe 500. 499 were there. Glad we had that extra seat. The current lineup consists of a one original member and a couple of long timers. They aren't great, but not bad. They played mostly their hits. Between songs they would tell stories about Laurel Canyon in the mid 60's. Best song was "Out in the Country". Didn't play Chest Fever. Maybe an hour show. No encore.  After the show, Mark heads to the strip. I head to the room and call it a night. Gonna have 3 busy days ahead. Stay tuned!

                                      TOTALS: 10247 pts.         285,528 slot points (used 100k for slot play)


                    05.15.2017 And at the fall of the night, this city's made of light 


                     05.13.2017 With the blink on an eye, you finally see the light



                                                           * Stayin' In, Bobby Vee