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                                                                                          Flysrb Visits His Money

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                                                                                        05.17.2017 Hope we live long and lucky.*

    Hey Now! This is the Final Frontier. 7 a.m. Sweet Ti can see the light at the end of the Bridge Tunnel. Soon my love. I went ahead and packed, even though our ride is picking us up at 8:30. Lots of gamboling to do today. Let's go to the Eye in the Sky Jim!



                Next stop is the Mardi Gras with yet another new barkeep, Alban. And yes, he's from Eastern Europe.

                                                          There sits Mr. Mumbles.

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  Mr. Mumbles was crocked. Constantly mumbling to himself.He finally wandered off for a few minutes and then came back and started accusing Alban of stealing his ciggies. Alban said he didn't. So he started in on the Cocktail Waitresses next. Then he got to me. I let Mr. Mumbles have it. "Yeah, I took your stinky assed ciggies. I got tired of smelling the damned things." Alban looked at me and winked. Mr. Mumbles went strangely quiet. But only for a minute. Then he starts telling Alban to order him another pack of Marlboros. I dropped a couple hundy on 3 play DDB and split. My last tourney session starts soon. I ambled over and helped myself to a Mountain Dew from the layout. I checked my name on the board. 87th place. They are paying the first 100 places, so if I have a decent session, I could still be in the running. I played some Coyote Moon while I waited. I never hit a bonus, but had enough line hits to break even. While I was playing, Brí came up. I told her we were leaving tonight and that I'd already reserved a ride. She told me to stop by later and she would take care of everything. Sweet. Nervous Derrick calls our group up and we draw machines and take our places. I have fun rooting on the lady next to me but can't hit anything much but some full boats. We shall see. They are posting the results at some point this afternoon. Time for some gamboling.

                                                                                                    Bring up that Live Play Jimmy.....   




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  That TITO includes those 3 TITOs from last night. Cumulative. I tried some Blazing 7's at that machine from last night, but came up empty. I stop by Négro and make sure I have completely cleaned out our stuff. Then I take her across the street and turn her in. More bullshit ensued. It's not worth going into. Suffice it to say that's the last time I use Budget. Safely back I do a W4 quick hit.

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Wally shorty with Daniel and Hank Bonefish. Nothing much going on.  I can't even scare up a screenshot. Well, if you count this...

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 Mark calls. He has checked out of his room and his copy of the card key to my room won't work. So I go up and let him in. Back down and over to Invited guests we sit down with Brí to settle our tabs. She looks at Mark's and laughs. She never even entered in his suite for those nights. And since all of my nights were covered upfront and I didn't charge more to the room than my $150 food comp, she let me use some of my discretionary comps to cover Mark. So she took care of everything. "Anything else?" she asks. Well, it would be nice to have dinner at the Prime Rib Loft. "What time?" 5:30. "Done, your comp will be waiting." Thanks Brí!  I have one more piece of business to attend to. Sweet Ti sent a note with me for abalone earrings and something with brown turquoise. So it's over to the Gift Shop. I spot another old friend. Today's local, Grace. She pretty much knows Sweet Ti's taste in jewelry. Grace is from Vegas and has been working here at least as long as we have been coming here. We find the abalone earrings but are having trouble finding the brown turquoise. She puts the earrings aside and looks in the back. BINGO! She scores a nice turquoise pendant. Grace is spot on as usual. Thanks Darlin'! I grab a new T-shirt for myself and put it all to slot points. These things sure come in handy! I head up to stash my goodies. 

 I'm feeling like a little Crack Whore action, so I make an RBline for the MS/STP machines. There's a dude playing one of them so I join him. We start talking. Well, I'm sure I instigated it. He is Bill. Bill from Illinois. Bill informs me that he was playing .25 DDB and hit Quad Aces w/kicker on my machine yesterday. Had a 40x spinner. $8k.  Way to go Bill! Time to Insert Coin.

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                                                               We had a good old time. 

 Bill was on a roll. He hit Quad 3's w/kicker at 12x. Several regular quads at various x. He was in the slot tourney also. Neither of us paid much attention to when they were giving out the gigantic checks and such. Not that either of us has much of a chance at that. Bill was way down in the standings before the last session. So we decide to walk over and see what the Tourney Crew were up to. They had finished the presentation. we checked the big board. Bill was 3rd from last. I did a little better-

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                                                            Better than nuttin'.

 Back at the Wally, there's not only somebody at my shorty, they have the nerve to be smoking a nasty frillin' cigar. The nerve. But on the other side I spot Mark and sit next to him. Insert coin.

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                                                              Again, wrong game....

                                                           Hank produces his wallet.

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 Here's the trick. "Our tips aren't what they used to be. So I got a little wallet. With little money. Little credit cards. And a little picture of me in a Kilt." He holds up the wallet to show us the picture. "Only problem is that every time I wear it, my balls fall out." And he drops 2 stainless steel balls he has hidden in his hand that's holding the wallet into his other hand. Fun trick there Boney. Time for the YAH drawing. But they didn't call my name. Rude. It's about dinner time, so we hug our goodbyes to Hank and Daniel. Prime Rib Loft. They have remodeled the place. Not completely, but they changed the ceiling, carpet, and tables. I tell the cashier we have a reservation and comp. She can't find either. So she gets on the phone and sorts it all out. Meanwhile we are seated. We will be Angelica and Maggie's customers. From the looks of it, they have several new servers. Let's do a walkabout.

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                       We both order the Cajun Cut Prime Rib, salad, and baked. I get a side of 'shrooms.

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                               They surprised me with a birthday cake. It's next week. Close enough.

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                                                                                                            Comp covered it.

                                        We decide to try some Blazing 7's with a hundy each.

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We part company and I play one last session at the now empty Wally shorty. I like to end every trip with a Quad. But I couldn't scare one up. I ran our of credits and downloaded a hundy from my slot points. I cycled that thru and cashed out $72.50. Traveling & Tip money. But no quad. Mark showed and we go upstairs to get our stuff. I left my hat and had to get another room key made as I'd left the card keys in the room. We  wait for the limo driver in Invited Guests. I call it that because that's what it says over the door. There's a lady talking to the Host of duty. She won the vp tourney. Congratulations. She said she had been playing in them for years and hadn't won anything. She hit Quad Aces w/kicker on her first session. Then she hit a Delta Royal on the 2nd. That's the way to do it. Said she was gonna buy a car with the $8k. Good on her. Our driver Bob shows up and we load up. Zip, zap, just like that. We check our bags and hit TSA. There's no line. Score! Tram, and we are at the gate. All that took about 25 minutes. Which leaves us plenty of time. To do what you may axe? Why get that last Quad I never got! Plus they have the original Hangover. The best VP available is 8/5 Triple Double Bonus. I insert twenty. And again. And again. Out of twenties. Insert hundy. Finally!

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 Cashed that out and inserted a tenner into Hangover. Min Bet. Hit Phil's Progressive and cashed out a small profit. The plane was fully booked, but we lucked out and had a small 20 something girl between us. I slipped on my NC 'phones and slept all the way to JKF. We grabbed some breakfast and I slept back to RIC. Dropped Mark off and I was home 2 hours before Sweet Ti left work. I couldn't wait to see her. The cats either loved on me or ignored me. Such is life with cats. As Dorothy would say- "There's no place like Vega$ home" 

   It's been fun. No paperwork, as least for me. I'm glad Mark finally got a hand pay. I'm just as happy staying right under that limit. So the bottom line- I gave up $500. from the bankroll. Not too shabby. Especially considering my total coin in. Thanks for joining me y'all!

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                                          And these guys are STILL following me around.

                                     TOTALS: 7829 pts.     122k slot pts. (leftovers)

                                   TRIP  TOTALS: 122404 pts.      around 500k slot pts.


                                  05.16.2017 Time is money, money love



                                   COMING THIS FALL-


                          HALLOWEEN IN VEGA$

                                  PART 4

                                                                       * Old Joe, Widespread Panic