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                                                          A Pirate Looks At 60

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                                                                  05.29.2016 All we were doin' was hangin' and little Koochie was sangin'

 Hey Now!  Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Slept in kinda late. Almost 7 a.m. Called Sweet Ti for a VA weather update. Storm's a comin'! But it seems to be falling apart after it made landfall around GA. They still should get a fair amount of rain which means S.T. won't have to water the deck plants or the back 40. Here it's yet another perfect late spring day. Just made for hangin' and earning 15x points on reels. Today we start using Sweet Ti's card along with mine on account of Mark is checking in here (#4) and using her comp for the next 3 nights. And I need to make sure she earns some new points to maintain her Sapphire, the Uppity Blue Card. Time to get busy! I kiosk both cards to activate the 15x. I run into Jeanette and Ron who are on their way back to Cali. Safe travels Y'all! Let's earn some comps...  

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As I'm playin' my phone rings. I don't recognize the number, but answer it anyway. It's Verizon about our online account. Some problems, seems to be hacked. Well, the account is in Sweet Ti's name, it's a joint account. So they have to call her to straighten it out. They will get back to me. While I wait I up my game to dollars.

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 One flaming 7 away from hittin' the progressive. Still worth $200. Damn. They call back and have me on a conference call with Sweet Ti. Hey Now Baby Duck! These people are pretty damn sharp. They have us close down our online account. We don't use it anyway. Everything turns out just lovely. I stroll over to see May and see about getting Mark a room. May went ahead and blocked a room off back when I checked in. Of course at 8:30 a.m. it's not ready yet, but she tells me to check back after 1 p.m. Will do. And make sure that Mark plays on Sweet Ti's card. Already have a bunch of points on it May. Even though it's probably not exactly the legal thing to do. But I always do what my host tells me. Even if it is May...I decide to invest a hundy in the Gator Bucks  $1. Progressive as it's back up around 8K. That didn't go well. With 9/6 DB if you don't hit a flush or better quickly it drains a hundy like now. Better cruise to the Wally Gator shorty. Jesse serves me up  while I insert coinage.

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                                                     OK, time to parley up to dollars.

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                                                    Bring up that footage please Jim-



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 Met today's local, Tony. He's a local contractor with a blackjack Jones. We talk comps or rather lack of that Boyd's gives out for table games. You really need to be playing at a quarter ($25.) or better to be rated here. I tell him it's the same way in A.C. He played the other night here at a $15. table for 4 hours and didn't receive any table game points. I guess the only way to really get anything out of that kind of play is to ask the pit boss for a meal comp. He left and some bitch showed up and fired up a stanky smoke so I cashed out. 

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                                                       That was a hard fought push.                                          

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 I loves me some Double Diamond Deluxe. Tracy finds me, grabs me, and sits me down at the infamous Wonder 4 Machine. "Play this!!"

                                                        Roll it Jimmy....



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                                                              Tracy rules.   

  I call Ziggy to see if they still want me to come by today. He's too busy. His sister is leaving for Hawaii and he has to run her to the airport and take care of her house and kitty while she's gone. I miss seeing Bo and Dusty. Next trip. Next I get Mark a 1 p.m. checkout from Gold Coast. It's about noon, so I try some $4. Buffalo but Barney Fife out. Then Buffalo Gold sucked me in. Hit it James....



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Ends up quite a profitable morn. Midnight to G.C. Anytime now Mark. I stop by to see Mary Ann. She's still got that nice smile. Total room charges: $0.00. Just the way I like it. Midnight back to Orleans. Park on the 3rs floor in the Gated parking. Just insert Shiny Green Card and the arm goes up. Finally a perk!!!! Mark stashes his shit in my room and we grab Sunday Brunch at the Buffet. We hit the Emerald, the Shiny Green Card line, but it's almost as crowded as the cattle call line. Almost. We still have to wait for a table. They are really busy. Good news is that I get $5, off per person for any buffet. Perk #2!  They have a much better selection of barely edible food today. Comp

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 We hit the slants out in front of the Buffet. I wish there were more full pay slants available here. I loves me some slants....I.C.

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 Those wins are on a variety of machines. By my notes I hit 4- 5OAKs and 4-WRFs. Mark hit that 4OAK 3's w/kicker. Earlier I had May load up my $50 freeplay that came with my room. She added $15 from an online offer to make a total of $65. I put it in a Wonder 4 machine but lost it. Along with another $200 for good measure. We stop back by to see May and she goes over and gets Mark checked in. Room 1518- right down the hall from me. But not too close. We haul his shit up and restock Wheelie® with ice. I stopped by the Gift Shop on the way up for some Heel Lube. This dry air is tough on my heels. Didn't bring anything with but flip flops. 

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Chap stick is just the ticket. I rub it on my heels often. Lubes them right up. Can't beat it. It's a buck. Comp. Mark takes a siesta and I bounce about somw Double Diamond Deluxe and lose a hundy. Onward to the Crawdad shorty. Tough! Lose another 300. Mark comes by and tells me tales of his Saturday night. Apparently he did alright at the Palms gamboling. He is going back tonight and wants me to give him a ride. The shuttle from here to the Gold Coast goes to the strip first and then to Gold Coast. So we take Midnight over to the Palms. Good Luck Dude! Back home I decide to try some Quick Hits Plutonium. Sweet Ti did pretty good on this one last trip. Fire up the flick Jim....



Well considering I put my last $40. into that machine, it saved me a trip upstairs. Now I can ease on down to the full pay uprights and chase those Quad Deuces once more. 

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Again, by my notes I hit 5- 5OAKs and 1- WRF (wild royal flush) before going broke. I hit up the Subway for a comped sammy.

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So it was another day of pretty much hangin' out. Earned a shitload of comps for Sweet Ti and myself. Major Multi Point day Manăna.

                      Totals:  Sweet Ti- 7028 pts.     RB- 5255 pts.      Profit- kinda a push.


                                            05.30.2016 Turn your pockets out into the street


                                                            A Pirate Looks at 60