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                                                               09.02.2019 Like that y'all, we on a festive date*

 Hey Now! Well y'all, it's been a brutal first 2 days. We really need to turn this ship around- and fast! There's still 5 full days of gamboling yet to come! I've got a good feeling about things today. But then, I already know the outcome. Y'all will too soon enough. We both awoke really early, thanks to going to bed ridiculously early. We decide to have a little us time before venturing out. Detail aren't necessary. Since it's Labor Day, Boyd's has seen fit to grace everyone with 11x points. How thoughtful of them. The only other 11x promo I can find for this month is at the Suncoast. They have tightened the screws for September. We plan to take full advantage of what we can get. We finally make it down and as I am kiosking in to activate the mega points, a familiar face walks up grinning. It's today's local, Art. Art is a security dude here. He's been working here for several years now. He is yet another Battle Born soul. Great guy. He is of Hawaiian heritage. Plus he has lost some weight too. Art has just the perfect disposition for this job. Nothing ever seems to bother him. Dude.

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                                                       how nice is it to start the day with this???

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                                                            Money Roll was barely rolling

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 We had walked by this machine yesterday and Sweet Ti said something about playing it. Today we did. Hit Stupid Money Duo there Jim!!!!



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                                         Well, that was fun but certainly not profitable. 

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                                                         That 11x adds up really fast!

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                                                  Someone else buys shirts at Wally World

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 That OG in the last shot was playing that same machine for hours yesterday. Not long after I took this pic he hit for 800. on that .25 Double Gold machine and finally got up and left. We gushed over him as he was leaving. He appreciated it. Lunch time today is Big Al's

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 It's just a great place to eat. Sweet Ti said that salad was MUCH better that the one from TGIF. Sourdough bread too. Room comp. 

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 We invested a hundy in this new W4 Spinning Fortunes. It went rather bad rather quick. I predict these won't be around here long. 

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                It's time for the Wally shortys. I start with a DDB parley while Sweet Ti goes with some .50 BP.

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 I parleyed that up to .50 but soon had to drop back to .25. Sweet Ti needs to go get a shower for dinner and I'm going to walk her up. But when I cash out my TITO gets stuck in my machine. So I switch over to playing hers and she goes on upstairs. I ask the barkeep to call for a slot puppy as there's no service buttons on these old bartop machines. He makes the call. I switch her game over to DDB.

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That was right on time. I wasn't quite to that magic 150. to parley up to dollars yet. At this point it's been 15 minutes and nobody has showed up about my machine yet. I'm playing away and holding my own, and I get dealt the Ace and King of Diamonds. As per my usual quirkiness I always look away when I hit the button. If Sweet Ti were here I would look at her instead. I hit the button and hear the machine pinging up credits. Too long for a 3OAK. Too long for a Full Boat. Maybe I hit that elusive Royal???????????????

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Well talk about unexpected. By now it's been at least 45 minutes. Finally the slot puppy shows up. I ask what took her so long. She's been on break. Are you the only one on the floor? " No, there's another girl on the floor but she's..........." She never even finished her statement. But in short order she handed me my TITO. I thanked her and cashed out. Profitable session. +300. 

 Upstairs we get ready for our guests and Sweet Ti records a video for our granddaughter Pip. I think I have finally convinced Ziggy to park in the selfish parking garage in the shade. He always parks out front and I've been talking up this option for years now. Seeing as it's about 104 today, he gives in. We meet them at the entrance and it's all hugs and kisses. They haven't seen Sweet Ti in almost 2 years. I've made 2 trips here alone in the meanwhile. We ease our way up to the Prime Rib Loft and enjoy a leisurely repast. At least until Bo tries to eat her Cowboy steak. It's no edible. Ziggy scolds our poor waiter who whisks her plate away in short order. He offers Bo another steak but she demurs. They do take it off of the bill. That's really the first time there's been a problem here in quite a few visits. But we otherwise enjoyed our meal. And especially the company. We make plans to see then again on Wednesday at their house. Ziggy is serving up something really special. We can't wait! We walk them out to their car and bid them farewell for the evening.

                                                            Queue the Mariachi Band James!!!


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                                                                      Ay, Caramba! 

 Next we play some Powerball. Yet another lottery game, albeit one with a nice bench seat so we can get all cozy. Fire it up Jim Jim-


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                                                      that's right- they are CREDITS you idiot!!!!

 We tried those Buffal Jackpot machines but couldn't scare up any buffalo chips. But then- Buffalo Deluxe. Next one please Jim-



                                                          IMG_6775.JPG (1434930 bytes)

                                                              not bad for a 2.50 bet.

 After that nice hit we spotted our dear friend Rennneee. But what's this? Rennneee was in an automobile accident! She has a soft cast on her left wrist. The good news is nobody was too seriously hurt and she is on the mend. She was out of work for a month or so and just came back this week. Poor thing! We gave her lots of hugs till she was called away to make someone rich. That's our girl! 

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                                                                 11x doing it's thing....

 Ocean Magic is listed next, although all it says next to it is -100. Then we played at the Wally shorties for an hour or so. Sweet Ti is plum tuckered out so I head up with her. Looks like more Masterpiece on PBS is on tap. The PBS station here is really quite good. Back to the action I am feeling me some B7's progressives. I find a likely suspect and get settled in. I insert coin and before too long......

            IMG_6777.JPG (923004 bytes)          IMG_6778.JPG (1420421 bytes)          IMG_6779.JPG (1054186 bytes)   

                            The handpay streak is alive and well. 5 trips in a row this year and counting!



                                                  Time to Make it Rain all over my Sweet Ti 

 Crack Whore is calling out to me when I make my return to the action. As I insert coin I start talking to the dude sitting next to me. He's Mike from San Francisco. He's playing Big Split Poker. This is one that may call for further study. I dial up some .25 DDB.

                                                       IMG_6781.JPG (1620897 bytes)

                                                     1x and no spinner, but POINTIES!

 I finish up my evening with a bit of Higher Limit action. There are several new machines here, and I coose one called Cash Flurry.

                                                        IMG_6782.JPG (1230480 bytes)

                                                           I up my bet from 5. to 9.

                                                        EE8UHghXoAUOQlN.jpg (512554 bytes)

                                                                 oh Hells yeah!!!

                                                         BMSH9622.jpg (2178561 bytes)

          Time to call it a night and Make it Rain yet again. This evening took the trip from way in the red to way past the black. 

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                                            Totals: 12,199 bconned points        1201 tears

                                                            sitting at 12,172 tears


                               09.03.2019 Got your girl in the cut and she choosey


                            09.01.2019  I'll sing you a song with no words and no tune



                                                             *Labor Day (It's a Holiday), The Black Eyed Peas