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                                    09.04.2015 Let me Tell Y'all a Story 'Bout a Man Named Bob

Hey Now! Blast off time. Got my requisite 4 hours of shut eye over with by 4 a.m. I bounce down for a gambol or two.

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My favorite time to be there. Plenty of smoke free choices for machines. Lots of interesting lost souls wandering about.

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   I gave the slants a try across from the buffet. DBDW, Boner Deluxe, nada. Time for a WMS gamebreak...



    Chore time. Since Zig is coming in at 9 a.m. again today, I want to make sure I get there in plenty of time to grab WheelieŽ before he goes inside. So I take off early to stock up on room supplies at Wally World. I usually hit the one on E. Tropicana. I run in and grab the usual suspects, cereal and milk, yogurt and granola, fruit and nuts, and the all important love juice- water. Gotta have the love juice. Roja and Sue whisk me over to Sliver Sevens, and I'm there by 8 a.m. Time to gambol! I insert coin into a Buffalo Deluxe. I have a pretty good run, alas- no screenshots. I cut my losses and head back to Roja to program some more waypoints into Sue. We have MyVegas tickets to Zarkana tonight. Last trip, I found a shortcut around back straight from Orleans to Aria Valet. We don't need no stinking strip!


Ziggy pulls up right on time. We make the switch and he tells me that Bo wants us to get together on Monday. That will be lovely. The girls and I trip back west and I load up WheelieŽ and trek on upstairs. Sweet Ti calls just as I'm about to walk in the room. Get off my Alpha Wave! So we stock up the pantry and Sweet Ti unpacks our clothes. We proceed to break our fast. Dave calls, tells us he will let us know when to come over. I fire up Sweet Ti's new Asususus lappytop and tune into the BConned website. Turns out it's Gift Day today at the Gold Coast. Who wants apple pie??? We do! I figure since Bob lives in the Palimino area to the north of us, the Gold Coast will be on the way. On the way out, I stop by Coastal Booze and use some points to score a fifth of Crown to take for a gift. That and an apple pie should make Bob happy. Up Arville to GC. And it's hopping! I let my Sweet Ti off at valet and park in the garage. We need 200 points each for the pie. The first thing we notice after kiosking in is the well touted Hippie Pit. We fit right in. Unfortunately, it wasn't open.

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I forgot my VP Cheat Sheet, so about the only full pay machines I know of are the multi-strikes. And they are being used. We wander around and find a couple of 8/9 BP $1 machines. Insert coin. Doesn't take long, and we print out our coupons and are soon in line for our pies. And they are some nice ones. Deep dish beauties. Yum! Still haven't heard back from Dave, so I turn Sweet Ti onto Zuma.





I got a hold of Dave. Dave? Dave's not here man! He says come on down. So I get in touch with Sue and BINGO! We are there. We pull into the estate, Dave and Bob are in one of the barns. We exchange handshakes and offered our gifts. Bob lead the house tour.

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            4200 sq. ft. 6 baths. 5 fireplaces. Built on the 50's. Bob bought it in 1982. Enlarge Marylyn for a surprise!042.JPG (1217295 bytes)  043.JPG (1291805 bytes)  044.JPG (1132730 bytes)  045.JPG (1217670 bytes)

            The story goes the abalone inset furniture was obtained to settle up a craps debt owed to Bob.

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        The original owner was the son of a wealthy Casino Magnate. This was his party house. Died of cirrhosis of the liver.

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    It just kept going and going. We were informed that there are no hallways in the house. Just entryways to more rooms. 

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These last ones are of the servants quarters. Bob doesn't have any, but here's where they would stay- if he had any that is....

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When Bob bought the place, it was 2 acres. Stables in the back. He sold an acre to help pay the downpayment. Outside y'all???062.JPG (1991858 bytes)  063.JPG (2082749 bytes)  064.JPG (1983714 bytes)  065.JPG (1746242 bytes)

                The house behind that back wall belongs to Jackie Gaughan, or rather Michael since Jackie passed away. 

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  The pool is clay tile from the High Sierra Mountains. Bob doesn't swim anymore, it hasn't been filled in a long time.

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         He has lost several large trees lately. Either due to age, or combined with the fact his irrigation system is iffy.

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                                  There are 3 entrances into the property. The block wall surrounds the entire perimeter.

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                      There are 3 deep water wells. Bob sells water to all of his neighbors. Pretty much pays his taxes.

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Back inside, Bob proceeds to tell Dave and I stories of his Air Force days during Vietnam, and on just how he came into possession of this place. His tales of the early days of Vegas are particularly awesome. We could have stayed for hours, but we had to get ready for the show. Bob likes to shoot craps at Suncoast, I'm looking forward to joining him on a future trip. We thank him for his hospitality, tell Dave and Nina we see them soon, and boogie woogie Roja back to home base. Time to gambol! They have finally fixed my shorty machine at Wally Gator, so we assume our spots and tell Hank Bonefish of our adventure. Today is Throwback Friday here, and I mosey over to the kiosk to play my round of today's promotion. I scored 9k bonus points. Noice. I try Sweet Ti's card and she scores 5k bonus points. Insert coin.

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                OK- so those were all Sweet Ti's. She is smokin'! But I soon score a few of my own to try to even the game....

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  Decision time. Sweet Ti's ankles are pretty well ballooned out. We did quite a bit of walking today. If we go to the Aria, it will be a whole shitload more walking and then a 2 hour show, and then more walking. The Zarkana tics were a gimmie- we each have over a million LP's that we will probably never use up. I vote stay here and gambol. Sweet Ti readily agrees. We have already seen 4 Cirque shows, and there is always next trip. Right now, it's Big Al's Muffler and Oyster Bar.

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                                                                    From left to right- 

      clam chowder: not enough clam.      Shrimp and scallops w/liguini in cream sauce: yum!           softshell crab poboy: all breading

We really like eating here. It's fun to watch the Chefs mauling the shellfish, and the wait staff is great. Plus I can't complain too much about anything I use comps for. Sweet Ti really needs to elevate in order to elevate her leg, so we hobble up to the room. I make sure she is comfy and grab my new bluetooth headphones and Ippy Touchy along with a couple of benjys and am on the attack. 4x points on slots.

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This one is a blast. IGT .25 single line 3 reel. 3 credit. Except it's got a 4th reel that randomly either moves the other 3 reels around, or offers a bonus of some sort. Or nothing at all. Best part is the dude's voice. He's the guy from my all time favorite machine -Top Dollar.

                                                             TVLand anyone?


                                                    Next up I try the DBDW. Uprights.

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                                                      Finally it's Crawdad Bar shorty bartop.

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                By the end of that hundy, I was pretty much dead meat myself. I strolled over to Basking Robins and scored some ice cream to go along with our apple pie and went up to butler up some desert.

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 Well it's been yet another ostensibly obtuse 24 hours in The City of Light. Total coin-in: 9.4k

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                                  09.05.2015 Stick With Me Baby- I'm the Guy You Came in With