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                             09.10.2015  You and me gotta spend some time- wonderin' which to choose

   Slept in on that comfy bed this fine Wednesday morning till 7 a.m. Then I eased down to get Sweet Ti her coffee fix. I stopped by the kiosk to swipe for the My Generation multiplier. All the while Roger Daltry's voice was stuttering in my head. Mmmmmmmmmy Gggggeneration. It didn't work. So I popped over to see Brenda. She said to reach in the box and pull out one of the tickets to see what my multiplier was. They went from 4x-10x. I grabbed an 8x. She said hell, just flip it on it's side and look around till I find a 10x. I found one. Thanks Brenda. She also told me to walk over to Starbucks- free coffee today for Seasoned Citizens. Plus overpriced coffee cake. Me? it's pizza and Kaliber. Then we are outta here! Well, after we leave the tip that is in this handy envelope inspired by Maria Shriver.

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Back to reality, we join the athletically inclined masses, and attempt to return to our room at Orleans. This proves trying. We deposit our bag and it's time to gambol.

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                                                          That happens about 3 times. Finally!      

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Sweet Ti goes to Meth Vegas to see Reneee while I do the last session of my tourney. I actually scored 102k this time. Might not be dead last after all. I hear a buffalo calling, so I find him and insert coin. There's a lady next to me, and we of course start up a confab. Turns out her daughter lives in Northern Virginia. Asks me if I know her. Well, that's about 175 miles away from where we live and... anyhow, neither of us are hitting shit, she is down to .06 and cashes out and tells me to put it in my machine. Next spin-



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Time to hit the cash out button. Today is Younger at Heart day here at Orleans. We are earning 4x points, so it's mega play day. I find my Sweet Ti at the Wally shortys. I join her and Hank Bonefish hooks me up with a "fine Irish beverage" as he calls it. Frilling Ab'Dulls swill. Sweet Ti hit a 4OAK 3's for .50 and I need to catch up with her. Lucky for me it doesn't take long.

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I'm starting to get the sensation. And I don't mean a fever for the flavor either. I mean that I'm feelin' it. Spin Poker Dream Card.


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                                    Let's see that in action Jimmy-




I need to reiterate here that at 22.50 a spin, it's a great game for making points, but 3 or 4 losing hands in a row aren't that uncommon. Scary. Back to the shortys, there is this strange looking dude talking to a security chick. We insert coin and listen in to the ongoing tale. Seems she just finished trespassing a Street Walker. This lurid tale involves obfuscation and intrigue. Turns out these working girls are taking advantage of the World Rassleing Championship. Lots of horny Rasslers to choose from. It's kinda like wherever they hold the Olympics, same problem. Turns out they have trespassed 12 of them in the last 24 hours. Back to the strange looking dude, name's Rocky. He has some tales to tell. Something about a locker full of weapons and drugs at a train station, and his 700 acres in Wyoming.    

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Hank Bonefish later told us he is surprised Rocky hasn't been trespassed here. Turns out he lives on a park bench up the street. Lunchtime finds us once again at the Courtyard Calf. Today's meal consists of Chicken Quesa Club for S.T. and a BBQ Burger for me. Sweet Ti asked for some extra chips, but Chef didn't want to mess up his presentation. You know how Chef's are at these high class calfs. Moooooo....

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Yen took our Keno order, this time we are playing 10 games at $2 per game. When I checked it later-we had actually won! $30.

 Sweet Ti went up to take a nappy, and I attacked an oversized Buffalo Stampede. That lady from my earlier buffalo session was enjoying a bonus at one of the other buffalos in the row. She was kicked back watching the gold coins Makin' it Rain. I insert coin. Roll it Jim!


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                                                     Action Jimmy!!!!


During that bonus, Ziggy called, so I stepped outside the valet entrance. He wants us to come over for a light dinner on tomorrow. He wants to show us the proper way to make bread, salad, and Shrimp Scampi. Anytime Ziggy offers to cook, we are there. After that incredible Christmas Meal, it's not to be missed. 

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Sweet Ti is up and meets me back at the Wally Gator. These 2 skateboard dudes show up and each one of them puts a dollar in a separate machine. Never hit a button. Coty walks up to them and asks them what the want to imbibe. 2 Fat Tires. He serves them, and asks for $7. They are on sale. The dudes point to their machines. "We are playing!". Jay explains to them that they need to play at least $10. at max bet each. Coty gives in and sez "Next time you need to be playing". They cash out and leave. No tip. Coty sez it happens all the time. 

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                                                      Hit the VCR James....


Sweet Ti tilted the cashout machine cashing in that TITO. Her and the attendant have a chat waiting for backup. Part of the YAH promo today is a drawing at some point this afternoon. Not sure when, but I know you have to go to the kiosk to activate your entries. So I activate both of ours and we decide to walk over to play the really gigantic Buffalo Stampede machine. But it's being used. I keep hearing something over the loudspeakers, can't really make it out. We mosey over by the sportsbook and realize they are having the YAH drawing. They have already called the first 10 names. Looks like they are all present. So they get ready to call the next 10 names. There's a good sized crowd, so we can't still can't hear very well. I try to find a better spot to see the screen. Then I hear them call Martina Mays. I look on the screen and sure enough, Sweet Ti's name is there. We have like 3 minutes to claim the prize. "Gangway- winner coming thru!" I start yelling. It's hard to make our way thru the Blue Hairs, but we persist. Deborah greets us and takes Sweet Ti's card for verification. She tells her to get in the winner's line. Woohoo!! Sweet Ti is presented with a fresh, crisp, $100 bill. That's my Baby Ducky!

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The funniest thing about her winning was that she hadn't been playing all that much on her card today. She had very few entries built up. Next up we go over to the slot tourney results to find my name. Well, at least I wasn't last. Only 9th from last.   

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One of these days maybe I'll actually do good in one of these. Meanwhile, we try the Gigantic Buffalo Stampede, and it's available!

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Dinnertime, and we hit the TGIF again. Figuring it's Happy Hour. It's certainly crowded. We sit in the bar section. Wrassleing coaches abound. We split a rack of ribs and fries. Dean and his apprentice Will served us while dodging said Wrassleing coaches. 

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                                     Urp. Next up we take a ride on the Gold Line. All aboard Jim!!!!!




                                                       Then more random Buffalo

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                                                                     Super Goose!!!!!

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 7 p.m. and it's time for the evening YAH Mystery Multiplier. Sweet Ti draws 5x points, while I draw 7x points. Wandering about, we are drawn to the soulful sounds coming from the Bourbon Street Cabaret. We tried to find a seat, but the place was packed with yet more Blue Hairs. Sweet Ti finds a Village People machine and I hit up a Brazillian Beauty. Figuratively speaking of course. We jam out.

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Sweet Ti is escorted by her thoughtful hubby upstairs to chill, who then thoughtfully returns to the casino. Time to thoughtfully insert coin.

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And then I never hit anything worth screenshotting. For another couple of hours. Tisk. Total coin in- Boyds: 13,263 points 

82,522 slot points.

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                                                09.10.2015 Cheers to your friends so near