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                                         09.10.2015 Cheers, to Your Friends so Near

Hey Now! Up, up, and away! Roja and I eased over to Henderson to check out at HVR. Tried to beat the Thursday a.m. traffic rush.

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Found a clone of an old AC friend, Top Dollar. Those were the days my friends. This one is the first nickel ones I've seen. Works though.

                    And then there were these Buffalo Gold Collection beauties. Insert coin! Insert coin!!!! They said to Jim....



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That netted a tidy little profit. Time to hit the room and make sure I capture all of the freebies housekeeping has left for us. Now if I can just remember all the twists and turns to actually get to the room from here. 

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I abscond all of the various soaps, shampoos, note pads, and pens I can, along with the newspaper that's hanging on the door. I tune the TV into the check out channel and rifle through the charges. 1 bottle of Fuji water: $8.36, check. 1 nights resort fee: $29.95 WHAT?  Time to take care of this. Now where was that frilling front desk????

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It's a goddamn maze I tell you. No wonder there's couches every half a click or so. A dudes legs get tired. Shana went over my bill and took off that resort fee. That will work. 3 nights for the price of 1 overpriced bottle of water. Time to boogie. I stopped by to see Brenda and ask her where the Gift Shop was. Right next door. I had $8.95 worth of comps left on my card. I scored 2 shot glassess for my collection. Total was $8.50. Perfect!

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Zip, zap, just like that! Back to the Big Easy. Time to hit up Reneeee at Amphetamine Vegas. I spot some cool sneaks.

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And some cool treats too. I had been researching donut shops in LV online during the pre-trip planning phase, and Winchell's Donuts came up often. Low and behold, they are now carrying Winchell's here! Reneee, I'll take half a dozen Darlin'!!

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                                                                    Mighty tasty!

While we were munching, Mark called. He sez it hasn't rained in VA since before we left, and he offers to water our plants. That would be just lovely. He lives about 30 miles from us. We have about 45 plants outside. Right now, it's time for a visual journey to Sliver Sevens.

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Hey Now Ziggy! but Ziggy doesn't look happy. Not that Zig ever looks very happy. They have changed his hours. "Let me tell you something" he said. He only has about a year till he retires, and this new shift screws everything up. Frilling management. I play some Keno while we talk at the Sports Bar. Or rather it played me. Zig tells me that we should show up, his casa, 5 p.m. He goes on break, so I Buffaloooooo!

                                                    Roll it James....





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                                                       soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur....

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                                           Not too sure what a Minor Hyperlink Win is but... 

Sweet Ti sent me a text that she has gone Spaaing again. Something about a mani-cure. Wasn't aware there was a cure for Manny. I ran into Deborah over by the P.C. She asked how our trip was going. Well, we need to square up with a Host sometime tomorrow. Deb gets our info and promises to have Linda Colvin call us. We shall see. Meanwhile, I hunt down Hank Bonefish who is holding court over to Wally's. 

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Sweet Ti joins me and shows me her newly purple fingernails. Indigo-ish! As we are talking, a guy stops by and asks me if we are flysrb and Sweet Ti. Turns out he has read my trip reports online. Introduced himself as dmjewel- David.

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We talked casino war stories for a bit. That's the first time we have been recognized here in Vegas. It's happened a few times in AC, but we are there every couple of months so.. Dave won the drawing at Gold Coast yesterday, so I now know 2 people who have won the YAH drawing. Savvy Dave parleyed his $100 into $800 playing LIR, which is where he is headed now. Nice to meet you sir! Sweet Ti and I make plans to hit the pool water later today, and I call the Rubens and invite them over. Bob is making his famous French Toast for them, and they promise to come on down afterwards. All this food talk makes us hungry, so we stroll over to Courtyard Cali. Gloria takes the helm. Yen collects our Keno stake. Sweet Ti orders a Breakfast BLT, I go for Tortilla Soup and a half a ham and cheese special. We scored a $10 food voucher each last night as part of the YAH thingy.  

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We square up and as we are walking back to the Wally Gator, Dave calls. They have arrived. Let's take a journey outside y'all.

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                                    Start the Pool Footage Jim-


That was fun. They put cool water into the main pool, which really helps. Lots o' speedos about. I scored those Orleans Hurricanes from Nancy, who the rest of the year works with Hank Bonefish at the Wally Gator. The Rubens went to Mandalay Bay last night to see a band Bob knows. We were invited, but a late night on the Strip simply is not happening. They got home around 4 a.m. I was just waking up around then... The Rubens take off and we return to the shortys for a short session before heading over to Henderson for dinner.

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We get ourselves together and make the by now familiar journey south. Bo greets us and as we walk into the kitchen Ziggy is furiously cooking away. He got out of work late. We tell him not to worry about dinner as we take our seats around the dinner table. 

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Spinach salad with a lovely dressing made with a reduction of bacon, mushrooms, red onion, garlic, red wine vinegar and olive oil. With garlic bread. Followed by a shrimp scampi with sliced baguette for dipping up the luscious sauce. Absopositivly delisioso. Dusty made sure there were no scraps on the floor. We kick back and talk about the Toczynskis impending relocation to Florida. Their son Thomas moved to Hollywood Fla. a couple of years ago, and they have visited and love it. They will figure out a game plan by next summer. Bo was telling us about her new diet and showed us the specifics.

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We didn't bother to tell her it was in Polish. Sweet Ti notices a big ol' jar of pickles in the kitchen. Homemade. So we have a sample. Tasty!

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     All too soon we had to leave. Zig has to work in the morning. We take our final photos and give each other hugs.

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                                               See y'all next time dear friends.

  Back at Orleans, we face Rasslemania...trying to get from the self park to the walkway over to the hotel is nearly impossible. Apparently a major event just let out at the arena. It's just a mass of mostly Eastern European humanity. We finally push our way thru. Ugly. Same thing at the elevators. Upstairs, Sweet Ti decides she has had enough of this shit and calls it a night. I have some battle left in me and stop by to talk to security guy Al on my way down. He tells me to check the arena calendar next time before we make our trip plans. Just make sure there aren't any big events like this planned. Al says the worse is the cheer events. But this one is pretty bad. DBDW???

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                                                                    Super 10x Pay?

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                                                                        Texas Tea?


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                                                           Hit it James...     




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                                                         Again Gaff Master James!





                                                                        Wonder 4 Buffalo

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While I was playing this, I noticed a street walker playing slots. She looked really out of it. Pretty soon a Rassler with a Lithuania sweat jacket on starts chatting she up. He sits beside her and starts feeding dollar bills into her machine. A cocktail waitress asks for her ID before taking their drink order. Satisfied, she takes their order. Now this lady of the night looks like she is about 35. A slot attendant passes them and walks by me. I nod in their direction and he tells me the waitress was checking to see if the "lady" had been trespassed there. Then he tells me that the Lithuania dude had better come up with a whole shitload of dollar bills if he expected to get her upstairs.

                                                              Total coin in- 9.5k  

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                                        09.11.2015 Life springs eternal on a gaudy, neon street