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                                                                     10.06.2016 Well I know the odds ain't in my favor

Hey Now! I beat the sun up. Pretty much keeping East Coast time. Hessie and I make our way over to the Wally World on S. Rainbow kinda by feel, as I've left Sue the spiffy Garmin GPS back at the room. I score supplies for the room and am checked out by today's local, Peggy. Peggy is 82 and still working. She has lived in Vegas since the 60's. "You're not from around here!" Why no, I'm from Virginia. How can you tell? "You are polite. Nobody that lives here is polite. They are usually in a bad mood on account of the shitty night they just had at work."  That's too bad Peggy. In Virginia, it's all sunshine and lollypops. "Not here!" See ya next trip there, Peggy.   

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                   I load up Wheelie® and levitate to awaken my sleeping Sweet Ti. I stock the shelves of our pantry.             

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Then it's down to the Emerald, the Shiny Green Card Lounge for Cappuccinos. All you can carry. The machine there even grinds the beans.

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 Back aloft, I serve up Sweet Ti and we break our fast with coffee, cereal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Time to attack! First to kiosk in as it's 15x penny reel Thursday. I try some penny Triple Double Diamonds, Catch the Money, and Super Sparkling Sevens. Results???


It's now Wally shorty time. Hank Bonefish has just started his shift. Sweet Ti orders up a Boney Fruity Cocktail and we insert coin.

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 Being as those are red mushrooms in the pictures, those 4OAKs belong to my personal Quad Queen, none other than Sweet Ti. I ask Hank Bonefish about the Age of Chivalry Festival going on at Sunset Park this weekend. He is taking off work to attend all 3 days. We are planning on going tomorrow. Hank whips out a Keno crayon and draws us a map of the best parking spot. "Get there early!"

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Meanwhile a couple of the hold buttons on my machine are gimpy. Hank calls over a slot tech and she works on the problem. Only makes it worse. So she calls another tech over and he has the magic fix in his toolbag. A Sucrets tin with small electrical gizmos. Turns out the problem was none other than spilled drinks. Imagine that on a bartop machine. Who woulda thunk? With my machine as good as new, I still can't scare up any 4OAKs. Time for a diversion. One of my cohorts at work, Becky, has graced me with a hundy. I'm supposed to use it as I see fit. Any machine. Any denomination. I have promised to do a video of the results. So without further adieu, hit it Jim!


   Well that was quick. Better luck next time Becs! We hit Costal Liquor, glad to see the rumors of it's demise are only that. Beck's NA and a bottle of Moscato. Then it's time for some lunch at the Courtyard Calf (MOOOO!!)

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A club sammach and a Bfast BLT. I could only eat half o' that club. Rest goes into Wheelie®. Used dining comps from YAH. Back at the room there's a card stuck in our door. It's a note from the General Manager welcoming us. Nice, but where's the basket o' goodies?

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Ziggy Time! On the way out we stop by and see May. She is sort of supposed to be our host. A bit tight with the comps though. She gushes all over Sweet Ti. Then tells her to charge whatever she wants at the Spa to the room. I ask why she won't do the same for me. " Nothing for you- only for Her!" Yes May... I introduce Sue to Hessie and they seem to get along well. We are soon crossing the strip. Meow!

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 Corona Cantina is where we find our Zig. Hugs all around, we insert coin and hang out for a while. Never having a bar back means Zig has to do the work of at least 2 people his whole shift. Right about now he is trying to get the bottle washer to work without the correct chemicals. Affinity Gaming recently sold the Sliver Sevens, along with the 3 Primm properties to another firm, and they are cutting costs. Ziggy only has to make it a few more months and he will retire. Meanwhile I take a walkabout upstairs.

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  Scary huh??? Back down to the SmokeFest, I notice that Matt is inbibing down the bar from us. Matt is a Cali dude that's been a barfly here since he got fired from his truck driving job for a DUI a few years ago. Over the years we have met several guys like this hanging out at Ziggy's Bar. 


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                                                 Sliver Sevens Lager my ass- it's Busch.

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                                                        Sweet Ti strikes again!

Hessie whisks us home before the traffic gets too bad. It's yet another perfect day here. 82º and sunny. Nice view from the car park.

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From my notes I see that we played " mindless penny slots". And judging by the severe lack of screenshots I can only assume that nothing good came of it. Time to hit up a tried and true favorite. Roll that beautiful bean footage there Jim!


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Hey Now! Finally a small profit. But not for long. A Buffalo Gold machine soon sucked that up. Time to head to the safe for yet more bullets. Seem to be using a plethora of bullets this trip so far, yet not striking too many bull's-eyes. Sweet Ti stays up to keep the rest of the hundys safely away from me. Below, I consult my vpfree2 cheat sheet. I see that there is an 8/5 .25 BP Spin Poker machine right near the Wally. I spot it. Yepper, it's 8/5 .25 BP Insert hundy. Max Bet. Deal. WTF? $25. a spin? Oh-it's Spin Poker Deluxe. 20 lines? YIKES! The good news is that I had a $1.25 profit from that deal. I look at the machine next to this one. REGULAR Spin Poker. I cash out, insert TITO into the next machine. $12.50 a spin. Don't hit shit. Back to the Wally shortys. Finally some action!

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  I finish out the evening with some High Volatility $1. DBDW. But don't let the total on that screen fool you- I blew thru that too....  


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     At this rate our BR will be depleted in a few days! GASP! But fear not dear readers, there's always the dreaded Walk Of Shame.

                                        Totals: RB- 9295 pts.   Sweet Ti- Ø pts.   (we both played on my card)


                                               10.07.2016 A thousand and one nights