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                           10.09.2016  In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes

                                      Hey Now! Sore  throat. Cough. Yuck. 6.5 a.m. Must. Gambol. 

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         Buffalo Grand sucks. Hundys. This trip anyway. But what's this? A yet unexplored Buffalo game to suck up more???

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                                                                1024 non-paying lines

I try the DBDW slants across from the buffet. My notes show 5OAK Q's and a WRF. Didn't bother to photograph. Sweet Ti texts so I ferry up Coffee Elizabeth. Jittery Vegas Ethyl is substituting for Reneee. But it's just not the same. Upstairs, Breakfast of Champions.

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Heard from back home. Hurricane Matty left our part of VA. unscathed. We lost power for a grand total of 1 hour. Other than a few limbs down in the yard, everything is just lovely as I would say. And I also must say that it's quite a load off of my mind. Onward and downward, I stop by Invited Guests and pick up Sweet Ti's 250. Macy's card from Derrick. Cool. Then it's over to the Wally shorty to sew up a TV for the Skins game. Jessee hooks me right up. Then he tells me that it's a good thing that I did, because Rick the Jerk is coming on shift at 10 a.m. and refuses to change the stations. Dave Jewel from the Boards stopped by. We met him a few trips back. He and his wife have a condo here. Sweet Ti joins us. So does Jim from Raleigh. Jim, this is Dave. Dave, meet Mumbles Jim. For the next 3 hours, Jim provides us with weather updates from Raleigh. Which actually was nice, because our daughter Feather and her hubby live there, and are currently powerless. Jim's backyard is a lake. At least today. Meanwhile, the Skins are doing pretty good. I'm not doing bad.

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 Sweet Ti takes to wandering around so I play for both of us. Dave splits, the Skins win, and Sweet Ti returns. Hungry. Let's do lunch.

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                 Ondori Asian Kitchen 

                          Peking Dumplings, Chicken Corn Soup, House Lo Mein, and BBQ Pork with Oysters in a Hot Pot.

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 First I have to say that I'm not really a big Asian food fan. Sweet Ti would have probably given it 4 Sporks. It was decent. Used the 25. food comp leftover from the other day, charged the rest to the room. We head aloft with our obligatory leftovers. Always with Asian. I reload and head back to my task while Sweet Ti chills. I throw some Keller Williams Stage on my Ippy. Loose Deuces is my game of choice. I'm jammin' out and punchin' buttons. I finally realize that the Asian chick sitting next to me is trying to get my attention. I pull off my headphones so that I can hear her. She turns out to be today's local, Katie. She wants me to hold her machine for her while she prints out a coupon for today's gift- an Orleans hoodie. No problem. When she comes back, she shows me that she actually got 2 coupons. That's strange. We play a bit more. She retired from the Riviera after dealing there for- get this- 30 years. So did here husband, who passed away a couple of years ago. Man did she have some great stories. She's a pistol too! As we play we are giving each other a ration of shit. Katie wasn't going to play much, but has been here 3 hours already. I have put points on both cards already and kiosk our coupons out. We get 1 each. She goes to the BConned Club and picks up her hoodies. An extra large and a large. Her uncle and cousin are flying in from South Korea next week. The jackets are gonna be gifts. I take a piddle break and on my way back am stopped at the Crawfish Bar by a dude who introduces himself as Snidley from the VMB. We corresponded on the boards before the trip. I met his wife too. We talked for a bit, I told him about the hoodie giveaway. Then I needed to get back to my machine. I even left my headphones on the bar, and Snidley thoughtfully brought them back. Then it was time for me to hit the BConned Club. First thing I notice is this sign.

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So they won't let me pick up Sweet Ti's gift. And they only have small and medium left. Bummer. I grab a medium. Back at the Loose Deuces, Sweet Ti stops by and I give her the coupon and she meets Katie. She BConned her jacket, and took both of them back upstairs. Katie and I play on, neither of us ever hit Quad Deuces, She splits, and I am feeling really rough at this point. We actually had MyVegas tickets to KA this evening for the 7 p.m. show, but blew it off. Upstairs we watched some TV and call it a night. Frilling infirmities...

                                       TOTALS:   RB- 5900 pts.    Sweet Ti- 1k points.

                        10.10.2016  But if I roll with him then I gotta pay the toll with him