IMG_1547.JPG (1826356 bytes)

                                           10.10.2016  But if I roll with him then I gotta pay the toll with him

  Hey Now! 6.5 a.m. yet again. I feel a tiny bit better after 10 hours of sleep. I fire up the Ippy. I'm been doing a kinda semi live TR via Tapatalky on the Vegas Message Board. Today's post was- Time to win a fortune. First stop is at the kiosk which was interesting. It was talking to itself. Strange. Today is Columbus Day. 15x/10x/7x. On my way over to Crack Vegas for coffee Elizabeth, I realized that I still had a 50. TITO leftover from last night. Well, that simply won't do. Since for the next 2 days our room here at the Orleans is on Sweet Ti's comp, we will be putting a fair amount of play on her card. So I pick a Blazing Sevens Progressive machine and insert TITO. Jimmy???


                                                              6th spin.

                        IMG_1455.JPG (954402 bytes)                IMG_1456.JPG (1386796 bytes)

On these machines, any jackpot $1k or greater is paid by the attendant. They were fast too. Didn't seem to make any difference that I was using Sweet Ti's card. As I was being paid I asked if Reneee was working. Nope, she's off. I cashed out my remaining 32. ticket and proceeded on my coffee run. Then I Made it Rain on my Sweet Ti. After we have breakfast, we go down for a short session.

                                                    IMG_1463.JPG (1007822 bytes)

 Today's plans call for checking in as a double book at Sam's Club. I received an offer for 3 days, 7x points, and an early dinner banquet and cash giveaway on Tuesday. Cash Grab.

                                                             IMG_1472.JPG (1712789 bytes)   

 So we boogie on over to the self park. The Emerald, the Shiny Green Card gated parking area is on the 3rd floor. We enter the elevator and it doesn't work. We tried punching a few buttons, nothing. I hit the door open button. It works. And as we are exiting, a dude in an Otis uniform steps out another elevator. He just got here. We show him the problem, he could give a shit. We use the one he got out of. Into Hessie, I fire up Sue and she routes us not down the Bruce Woodbury as I expected, bit north on I-15 to the 515. That's not really a bad plan, on account of all the construction going on around the airport. I was a bit leery about the spaghetti bowl, but the traffic wasn't too hairy. At least for Vegas. In 17 minutes we are pulling in at Car Park #2. The nice thing about Sam's is that the VIP parking is on Level 2 which has direct access to the casino.

                                                        IMG_1464.JPG (1046857 bytes) 

  As always, first stop is to kiosk in my card. Only using my card here. No use to mess up Sweet Ti's ADT here. Let's try Bonus Deuces.

              IMG_1473.JPG (1470928 bytes)      IMG_1474.JPG (1445138 bytes)        IMG_1477.JPG (1444335 bytes)

                                    Thirsty? It's Hoot to the rescue with her own Cafe Especialé

                                                        IMG_1476.JPG (1228765 bytes)

 I hit up the front desk. There's actually an Emerald, the Shiny Green Card area, but it's not manned. So I do the regular line. Kim takes my info and I ask after a possible upgrade. She said Henry wasn't onsite. The one and only Host. Here lies Sam's problem in my opinion. So the only way Kim can give me a suite is to charge me for the upgrade upfront, and see if it can be comped off at the end. If Henry happens to be working. Which doesn't work for me. Her hands are tied. She can't even offer me a premium room. Not that we are even staying in the room, it's just the fact that a Shiny Green Card can't get you shit at the front desk. I'll try back a bit later Kim. I find my Sweet Ti at a Jackpot Inferno. Jim?



                                                 Cause it's a Bier.........Haus! Spin it James-


                                                                                           IMG_1479.JPG (1674285 bytes)

 As we are walking thru the joint we are approach by a tall, auburn haired stranger. "Hey Now! Are you Sweet Ti & RB?" Yepper, that's us. "Moose Haven from the Boards" Pleased to meet you. Moose lives in Seattle and usually plays at the local Tribal casinos there. She is here for the Cash Grab too, and we make plans to meet up with her tomorrow. We bounce around yet again playing more mindless slots. Triple Double Stars, Monopoly Luxury Diamonds, Buffalo. Made 15x comps, lost couple of hundys. I remember that I've got a mailer in my handy dandy sling backpack for a free gift for making Emerald, the S.G.C. Tired of typing that out. We hit the BConned Club.

                                                   IMG_1481.JPG (1243148 bytes)

                                        And here's what $250,000. coin in at Boyds gets you-


                                                                                                           IMG_1485.JPG (1284438 bytes)

 My throat is so sore it's damn near swollen shut.  Nose is running like a sieve, and my eyes are burning. Think I've got Strep Brain.  But it's lunchtime, so we decide on TGIF. Today's local, Alissa is our server. She has raised her 5 children here all by herself. I would say that's quite a feat. Especially on a waitress salary. We like the way this restaurant is laid out. It's very spacey. These guys help.

                                                     IMG_1487.JPG (1414280 bytes)  

                           Truffle Stacked Burger, Chipolte Yucatan Chicken Salad w/ Avocado & Lime.

                          IMG_1493.JPG (1300767 bytes)                       IMG_1492.JPG (1406402 bytes)  

                                                            Brownie Obsession

                                                       IMG_1495.JPG (1342135 bytes)


                              IMG_1489.JPG (1325468 bytes)       IMG_1496.JPG (1370772 bytes)

            Used my points for the bill, and tipped her 25%.Time to do a walkabout and check on our room.

             IMG_1467.JPG (1232826 bytes)                  IMG_1468.JPG (1712189 bytes)                    IMG_1469.JPG (2045810 bytes)  

                IMG_1497.JPG (1570320 bytes)  IMG_1498.JPG (1715637 bytes)   IMG_1499.JPG (2369190 bytes)

                     Such a lovely Atrium. Our room still isn't ready. I think it's time for some $1. 3 reel slots.

 IMG_1500.JPG (1099281 bytes)  IMG_1501.JPG (1460540 bytes)  IMG_1502.JPG (1107921 bytes)  IMG_1503.JPG (1129668 bytes)

   While we were winning for a change we enjoyed watching a couple of ladies playing Reel 'Em In. They were fairly howling with laughter. Back to the front desk yet again, Maria calls Bill (?) who pulls some kind of magic and gets us upgraded gratis to a Premium Room- 888. 

  IMG_1504.JPG (1440716 bytes)   IMG_1505.JPG (1297006 bytes)  IMG_1506.JPG (1101662 bytes)  IMG_1507.JPG (1043237 bytes)

                                   And why is this called a premium room? Besides the view, it's these 2 items-

                                 IMG_1508.JPG (1055347 bytes)                IMG_1509.JPG (1386000 bytes)

IMG_1510.JPG (1757690 bytes)  IMG_1511.JPG (1978226 bytes)  IMG_1512.JPG (1099346 bytes)  IMG_1515.JPG (859817 bytes)

                                        IMG_1516.JPG (816764 bytes)                                    IMG_1518.JPG (1458641 bytes)       

 What unbelievably gorgeous weather we are having here. Mid October is perfect. 80° and partly to mostly cloudy. Upper 50's at night. The drive back is manageable, and once there we hit the floor and try some $4. Buffalo. Ouch! Sweet Ti wants to try Miss Kitty. James?



                                           IMG_1523.JPG (1334081 bytes)

 Nice going! She did well last trip on a Quick Hit Platinum game and tried it again to no avail. I sit beside her and throw a twenty into a Texas Dice game. On the 4th spin I hit the dice bonus. I certainly didn't know shit about this game. Set up the VCR there Jim!


 IMG_1526.JPG (1549868 bytes)  IMG_1525.JPG (1211102 bytes)  IMG_1527.JPG (883856 bytes)  IMG_1528.JPG (1091164 bytes)


                                                                   Sir James???


  That one is called Her Majesty. It's by Everi Games. Look for it. Great random bonuses. Great graphics. A really fun game! On the way across the casino we spot this sign- along with a brand new wall. More changes are coming 'round these parts!!!!

                                IMG_1530.JPG (1411473 bytes)                 IMG_1531.JPG (1364175 bytes)

                                                         Double Red, White and Blue

                                                        IMG_1533.JPG (1041898 bytes)  

Found yet another iteration of Wonder 4. Wonder 4 Tower. Max bet for all 4 Buffalo games is 16. I'll try it for 8. 

                IMG_1535.JPG (1955971 bytes)   IMG_1541.JPG (2627884 bytes)   IMG_1539.JPG (2016866 bytes)

                                               Make it Rain on those 11 Buffalo Jim!!!!!


                                                  Good ol' Double Diamond Deluxe

                                                        IMG_1543.JPG (1079801 bytes)

 There are a few new machines in the Higher Limit Slots. One of them is Money Rain. I enjoyed sdguy1234's videos. Roll ours Jimmy!!


                                                   IMG_1545.JPG (1314995 bytes)


                      Sweet Ti wants a Sweet Treat so we hit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

    IMG_1548.JPG (1434291 bytes)    IMG_1550.JPG (1423381 bytes)   IMG_1549.JPG (1168978 bytes)   IMG_1551.JPG (1018147 bytes)

 That's an English Toffee Granny Smith Apple, a Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Peanut English Toffee. Sweet Ti's comp.

                                                       Triple Red, White, & Blue

                                                     IMG_1552.JPG (1055974 bytes)

                                    Let's spice it up a bit with some .25 8/5 BP= $11.25 a spin

            IMG_1553.JPG (1313394 bytes)       IMG_1554.JPG (1502331 bytes)          IMG_1555.JPG (1433029 bytes)

Well it wasn't spectacular, but it was profitable. Sweet Ti has crashed, and I decided to finish the evening off at the slants. Still think I have the Croup or some other nasty malady going on inside my body. But play on I must, and play on I do. I start out with DBDW, but whenever I drop way down I'll switch over to Boner Deluxe, which happened on my first hundy. It worked!

                                                  IMG_1556.JPG (1669957 bytes)

 I switched back to DBDW and hit a bunch of WRF's (wild royal flushes) and played awhile before being dealt this hand....






                                                  IMG_1559.JPG (1752167 bytes)

That seemed to do the trick. I played for 3 more hours on that original stake and ended up with with a 500. profit. These helped out.

                           It's been quite a day. Time to Make it Rain once again on my Sweet Ti.

          IMG_1560.JPG (1718227 bytes)     IMG_1561.JPG (1645876 bytes)      IMG_1563.JPG (1615904 bytes)

                          TOTALS:  RB- Orleans 6131 pts. Sam's Club 2900 pts.     Sweet Ti- 6131 pts.


                                      10.11.2016  And I got better things on the other side of town.