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                   10.11.2016 And I got better things to do on the other side of town

Hey Now! 7 a.m. Getting a bit later every day. And I still feel really rough. It's gone to my eyes now. Blimey. Crikey even. Kiss for luck, then off to work I go. Hi Ho and all that rubbish. But it sure beats real life! Kiosk, then I fancies me some more RWB. Insert coinage-

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I hit the cash out button. Moving on to the W4 Tower I find no trace of gold anywhere around the Fiefdom. I receive my marching orders and perform my morning Husbandly duties. Today's offering, Lizzie, includes a selection of world famous Winchell's donuts. I used to order a Reneee's choice. But since that option is no longer available and Christy is working, I order a Christy's choice. Obviously Christy has a thing for chocolate. Sweet Ti and I feast. Damn the calories- we're on Vaca.

 So we need to be back across town for the Cash Grab soiree at 3:30 p.m. But we are going early to hang out and earn some of of those tasty 7x points. Yum! We need to stop along the way at Wally World for some more juice and bottled water. We have a Mighty Thirst!  The good news is that there's a Wally World just across the street from Sam's Club. Coincidence? I think not. Hessee does a fair to middling job getting us there and there. We stop by the room and try out my selfish stick. I bring it, and always forget to how use it. Jim?


                                                  IMG_1570.JPG (393498 bytes)    

                                                    My what a handsome couple.

                                                  IMG_1575.JPG (1728051 bytes)

                                                    My what a lot of windows.

                                                  IMG_1578.JPG (1435825 bytes)     

                                                   My what a lot of credits.

                                                 IMG_1579.JPG (1134378 bytes)     

                                                  My what a strange screen. 

  Sweet Ti is a bit peckish, so we hit the food court. I've heard some good things about Roberto's.  She has a Chicken Burrito.

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 It would have gotten another spork if it had come better dressed. We didn't realize you have to ask for the condiments on it. They are doing quite a bit of work on the atrium show. Especially the ferocious animals. But they don't look so ferocious without their pelts. Particularly interesting is the IT dude who is re-programming their movements. I love that behind the scenes stuff. Let's look in.

  IMG_1583.JPG (1597354 bytes) IMG_1584.JPG (1498601 bytes)  IMG_1585.JPG (1732559 bytes)  IMG_1586.JPG (1532719 bytes) 

                          IMG_1592.JPG (757227 bytes)                                      IMG_1587.JPG (1804102 bytes)  

                                        IMG_1588.JPG (1774260 bytes) IMG_1589.JPG (1760216 bytes)         

           IMG_1591.JPG (738727 bytes)                                                   IMG_1590.JPG (575345 bytes) 

            The cougar without any fur                                                             One winged eagle

                 IMG_1593.JPG (1287046 bytes) IMG_1594.JPG (725536 bytes) IMG_1596.JPG (1998455 bytes)

         IMG_1597.JPG (1508307 bytes)         IMG_1598.JPG (2133755 bytes)        IMG_1599.JPG (1317378 bytes)

                                                           Such a peaceful place. Jim?


                                                          Strike up the Polka Hans!


                                             5 play .25 8/5 BP  All 9's all the time

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Sweet Ti decides to take a nappy. We have about an hour and a half before the event, so I'm feeling me some Loose Deuces. I start out playing for dollars, but have to drop down to half dollars. I am dealt 3 deuces and hold my breath......

                                                   IMG_1606.JPG (1428480 bytes)         

                                                        Instant replay Jim???


   The machine is silent. This one is permanently on Mute. Just the blinking light on top. Of course the first thing I do is kick myself (ouch!) for dropping denom. But a handpay is a handpay. 2016 has pretty much been the year of the handpay. Plus it's fun to type the word handpay. It makes these nice squiggly lines under it. Handpay. ¤giggle¤ Danny Heard shows up promptly to get my info. He's the guy that paid me and was such a big help in May during the A Pirate Looks at 60 trip. I'm already in the system. Done and done. Time to go up and once again Make it Rain all over a Sleeping Sweet Ti. The To-Do is in the Ponderosa Room which is on the 2nd floor. While Sweet Ti is arranging hundys and coming to, I've got a bird's eye view of the looming crowd assembling for the Cash Grab.

                                                    IMG_1611.JPG (701371 bytes)

 We go down a couple of minutes early and attend the Queue. The line moves right along. We stop by a desk to register and choose an index card with a number on the reverse side. I got 76. No idea what that means. Inside, there are large tables set up everywhere. We spot Moose Haven (Hey Now!) and sit next to her. The room is already pretty full. The buffet line is set up on each side of the room.

        IMG_1614.JPG (1439776 bytes)       IMG_1615.JPG (1385745 bytes)        IMG_1617.JPG (715503 bytes)

 Cattle to the feed trough. I've been to a few of these events at Orleans. First one here. They usually go really quick. We jump into the feed line. Not too much to choose from. Standard buffet fare, and being as it's Sam's Club- that's not too gourmet to say the least. About the time we start eating, a dude grabs the mic. There's a bunch of boards with numbers on them.

                       IMG_1616.JPG (749335 bytes)          IMG_1621.JPG (695776 bytes)

 They upped the prize total from 10k to 18k on account of 180 people showed up. They start calling people up 10 at a time to pick a number off the board. Seems like the prizes range from 30. up to 500. Moose Haven gets 60. I go to look for some dessert.

                                                   IMG_1620.JPG (1102888 bytes)

                                                   Can't even scrounge up a cookie. 

Great story. One of the other folks at the table went up for his chance. In order to pick up the cash, you need to provide a BConned card. This guy pulls out a Stations Casino card. Well it is red. He didn't have his card with him. They accepted his ID and paid him. Good thing too- he won 400. My number group was called up. I picked a green 24. Because 24 and green go together right? They are both my favs. 



                                                   IMG_1622.JPG (1126435 bytes)

 Well, that's 75. more than I came with. I gave it to my Sweet Ti.  I ordered another Ab'Dulls and tipped the waitress a 20.. I left Sweet Ti and Moosey making plans and hit the head and then it was back to my Loose Deuces. Except some dude is now sitting there. So I mosey downstairs. I bought a 25/20. 5 spot Keno ticket earlier and need check on my vast winnings. 2.50. Ends up being 2. actually, I tipped the Keno girl the .50. Walking by the pit, I notice the felt. I pretended to be checking my e-mail or something and took this shot-

                                                   IMG_1623.JPG (1501501 bytes)

 Sweet Ti loves The Killers. Apparently they just finished a 2 night stand celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of their album Sam's Town. I play some MS/STP and Boner Deluxe. No screenshots. Back upstairs that interloper is still hogging my machine. I spot Sweet Ti and Moosey playing a couple of machines down from him. I grab one on the other side and insert coin. Not much happening. Moosey decides to play some table games so we say our goodbyes.  It's always nice for Sweet Ti to have another woman to hang out with. We all got along great. She's a nice person. Save travels back to Seattle Moosey! We are pretty much done with Sam's Club and decide to take their money and run. We left some stuff in the room and need to grab it on the way out. At least we used the room for something. I make a mental note to call in the morning and check out. MENTAL NOTE: Call in the morning and check out. There, done. 

                                                  IMG_1625.JPG (1292231 bytes)

                                See ya next time Sammy. Thanks for the Duckies on the Hip!

 Cross Town Traffic. Back at the ranch, we play Crazy Money, which perfectly describes how fast it took ours. Then it was off to the Crawdad shortys for a bit of BP 4OAK competition. I grab the early lead with this puppy-

                                                  IMG_1629.JPG (1466514 bytes)

 Actually, I win. But only because Sweet Ti is going up. Probably for the night. I walk up with her and she settled in for the evening. I grab a Beck's NA and give her a peck on the cheek for luck. My battle plan for the evening is to attack the 3 play BP along the flank at the Mardi Gras Bar. Some roustabout is sitting at my usual game. Grrrrrrrr...... So I amble over to the other side. I sit and insert coin.

                       IMG_1630.JPG (1315363 bytes)                        IMG_1634.JPG (1207256 bytes)

This side of the bar is interesting. It sticks out further for 3 bartops. I'm not sure why. There aren't any shorty machines at this bar, so maybe it has something to do with the ADA. But that doesn't make any sense because there are steps up into this section of the bar. Either way, playing here kinda makes me feel like a little kid. Or maybe a Small Person. I am greeted by today's local, Dave the Barkeep. As you may recall, we met Dave the other night. Dave has lived here all his life and has worked at the Orleans for several years. He is a really, truly, nice guy. As we will find out in a future episode. Stay tuned! As for right now, nice guy Dave pops open an Ab'Dulls for me as I'm depositing my now empty bottle. Don't mind if I do! And the Video Poker Spirits appear to be circling the Mardi Gras Bar....

 IMG_1632.JPG (1383883 bytes)  IMG_1633.JPG (1382438 bytes)  IMG_1635.JPG (1429763 bytes)  IMG_1636.JPG (1544046 bytes)

 I hung out with Dave for the rest of the evening. Played 5 hand .50 for a couple of hours @ 12.50 a hand. That will put some serious points on your card. But eventually the Strep Brain got the best of me and I had to call it. Profitable day! 

                              TOTALS:  RB- Sam's Club- 6040 pts. Orleans- 5264 pts.    Sweet Ti- 5327 pts. 

                                10.12.2016 Singin' abracadabra in a cat's eye.