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                                   10.12.2016 Singin' abracadabra in a cat's eye.

 Hey Now! Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you, if you're Young At Heart. 7:30. Told y'all I was gettin' up later each day. 

                                                                              Still fighting Industrial Disease.



 So therefore it's Casual Start day. Eased on down the excalator (past the Hooters) to Crack Vegas for caffiene ala Ethyl. Back up for breakfast and sex such. I called Ziggy to ask how Bozina's surgery went. He is fairly beaming on the phone. "Let me tell you something, it went just great!!!" That's great news. She is a real trooper. We make plans to go see her tomorrow. I ease back down for a session at the Wally shorty. But first I have some chores to attend to. At the kiosk I score us both score 10x/6x points for YAH. At Invited Guests, I met with Linda to make sure everything has been taken care of pertaining to the room. It goes back in my name today for the rest of the trip. Balance due so far is zero. I also get the Limo set up for Friday morning. That done, it's time to Gambol! Since we need to put points on both our cards today for the drawing, I play both shortys at one time. 

          IMG_1637.JPG (1602354 bytes)     IMG_1638.JPG (1659197 bytes)    IMG_1639.JPG (1266762 bytes)

There's a shift change at the Wally. Today's local, Daniel comes on duty. Great to see him. I ask him where he's been. He took some things to his son in Austin. He's is attending firefighter's school there. He just got back. Great Daniel story. He has an outdoor kitchen set up in his backyard. A few years ago I was handing out Virginia is for lovers bumper stickers. Daniel got one. He put it on the outside fridge. So every time he reaches for a beer, he thinks about us. He asks after Sweet Ti. I smile. She will probably be down any minute. My cell rings and it's Dave, one of my contractors from work. It takes a minute for my brain to shift into VA mode. Hit the clutch. Downshift. Problem solved. Back into casino mode. A guy walks up to me and asks if I write a blog. I say "Hey Now!". He introduces himself as Barry from the Vegas Message Board. Gee whiz, I'm feeling almost famous. I tell Barry I'll be here all day. He goes back to the pit.

 Tonysb8 from the VBM and I made plans to get together today. His Dad and him got in last night. I send him a text. He says they are hanging out at the pool, be in shortly. And shortly, he arrives. We get acquainted. His Dad is still at the pool. I give up the other machine so that we both can play. The Tonys ( Sr. & Jr.) are from Indy and are here celebrating his Dad's 65th Bday. Great dude. Sweet Ti arrives and joins in our conversation. Daniel spots Sweet Ti and walks out to give her a bear hug. Daniel gives bear hugs because he is pretty much a bear. I get one too. Tony splits to catch up with his Dad. They are headed to the strip. See ya later Indy! Mumbles stops by to inform us that he has a rental car. Not exactly sure why he told us. And the lake in his backyard has dried up too. Then he stumbles back to his barstool and wine glass. I need to take a shower and try to steam the crud from my lungs, so I go up. Sweet Ti orders some lunch to go from Ondori and brings it up. Fatty Beef Noodles and Hot & Sour Soup. Won Ton Noodles.

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      To say the beef noodles were fatty is an understatement. The soup was bland. But the noodles were fresh and crunchy.

After lunch we bounce around and hit a bunch of machines. MS/STP eats a hundy. Triple Double RWB eats a hundy. It's getting near time to virtually deposit the tickets, so we find a kiosk. It's out of order. Another one. Same deal. I've noticed all week they have been acting strange. One of them was even talking to me the other day. File it under-The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction......


 Finally found one that worked. I've earned 5k pts already, Sweet Ti has 860 pts. She won before with less points than that, so you never know...100 points per entry. Las Vegas Game eats a fitty. W4, same. Ellen, same. DBDW upright....

                                                     IMG_1643.JPG (1329117 bytes)

 Took the profit from that puppy! 5 Treasures eats a hundy. Buffalo- 30 free spins! Still ate a fitty. Sherlock-push. Emerald City....

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 Nice bonus, forgot to take a vid. We it's drawing time once again my friends. Before we draw, let's look back on some past drawings.....




                                                      IMG_1640.JPG (1107862 bytes)



So right now it's tied. We have each won twice. Yep, those are hundys we are holding up. Noice. They call the first name for 500. The winner promptly shows up. They call the next 5 names. They all show up. They call the next 7 names. Sweet Ti's name pops up!!!!!!!

                         IMG_1646.JPG (1164471 bytes)                 IMG_1647.JPG (1109585 bytes)           

                                                    IMG_1648.JPG (1132957 bytes)   

                                                       That's my Baby Duck!

 We got to see Tammy and Deborah. That's Deborah in the first shot writing up Sweet Ti's info. Tammy used to be our host back in the day. But they both got kicked up the food chain. Tammy now runs Promotions here and at the Gold Coast. If course Mumbles was there too. He wanted to take out picture, but alas, I didn't win. This time. We are hearing familiar strains of music in the distance. It's the regular Wednesday afternoon band- The Nitekings. Great act. We walk over to listen and I spot an old favorite of mine.....Jimmy???


                                                   IMG_1650.JPG (2014306 bytes)

                                                             $7.50 a spin.

I invested some of the profit back....But managed to quit while I was ahead.  We enjoy an song or two and they are finished their set. We take a stroll over to Higher Limit. $2.Triple Double Bonus nets a quick hundy removal from the ol' BR. Sweet Ti takes her leave for the evening. I try to recreate the Blazing Sevens progressive scenario. Instead dropped yet another hundy. I stop by the Wally but Mikey (Gollum) is there and Hank Bonefish and Daniel aren't so it's on to the Mardi Gras. Daniel (the really nice guy part is tomorrow) beers me and I get down to business.

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 I'm getting hungry. And if I'm hungry, that must mean that Sweet Ti is famished. So I ring her up and tell her that I'm gonna place a to go order from TGIF. I still have a $50. room comp to use up. I belly up to the bar and place my order.

          IMG_1655.JPG (1073712 bytes)  IMG_1659.JPG (483781 bytes)  IMG_1656.JPG (1491498 bytes)

                                                 IMG_1660.JPG (1070422 bytes)


                     Strawberry Fields Salad, Jack Daniels Ribs, broccoli, and sweet potato fries. Urp.


                             IMG_1661.JPG (1533969 bytes)            IMG_1662.JPG (1330703 bytes)

  Well, that went pretty well. I think I'll finish off the evening with a bit of DBDW . I'm takin' it to the slants.....

                            IMG_1663.JPG (1675968 bytes)             IMG_1664.JPG (1716520 bytes)

 While I'm playing, these 2 ladies sit and the machines adjacent to me. They insert coin. It's pretty damn obvious neither of them had ever played VP. And they were drinking wine and a bit tipsy. The lady closest to me is playing DDB. 4th hand  is a Delta Quad Pointies. And a queen. She is lost. "Is that a good hand?" she asks me. Yepper. But you have a chance to make it even better. I explain the concept of a kicker and show her she has already won 800 credits with the chance of winning 2000 credits. She should just hold the 4 Pointies and hope for the kicker. " OK- here goes!" She draws an eight. But she's tickled that she won 800 credits- 200. I congratulate her. She giggles. "Thanks!". They cash out are are headed for a bar. I think I'll call it a night. Gave back a couple of hundy, but not a bad day....

                                  TOTALS: RB- 10339 pts.      Sweet Ti- 859 pts. AND a crisp new hundy!

                         10.13.2013 With so many light years to go, and things to be found