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                                      10.13.2013 With so many light years to go, and things to be found

 Hey Now! Up around 6.137 a.m. Approximately. Unglued my eyes and blew my nose. Ate drugs. I actually feel a bit better. We now have 29 hours left in Vegas. Time to make the best of it. Sweet Ti is still snoozin' as I ease out of the room. Headed to Wally shorty.

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 Jesse beers me and I insert coin. I promptly blow thru a hundy. I checked my slot point balance at the kiosk and it's around 200k. So I formulate a game plan. I download 50. in slot dollars, and play .50 8/5 Boner Deluxe. Goin' for that illusive 200. 4OAK. First few hands are a bust. I rally a bit, and then am gettin' dangerously low on credits. Then like magic I am dealt this hand. Fire up the Super 8 Jim!


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 Time for coffee Lizzy. We have a busy day. Gotta get my Sweet Ti caffeineated and fed. Done and done. I called Ziggy and made plans to meet him at Southern Hills Hospital to see Bo and drop off WheelieŽ. He says that Bo is doing better, she should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow evening. That's such great news. I clean out WheelieŽ, and we go down and Sue tells Hessie and me how to get to the hospital. Man what a nice place! I let Sweet Ti out and find a place to park. This is more like a resort than a hospital.

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Bo is on the second floor. I decide not to go in her room due to my Strep Brain. I wave at her from the hallway and wait in the sitting area around the corner. Ziggy is already with her. They visit for a bit and we leave. Farewell Bo darlin'....heal quickly!!! We head down, and I drive Hessie over to where Zig is parked. We make the cooler switch and say our goodbyes. Till next time our dear friends!

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               Back at the Ranch, we clean out Hessie and set about packing. Time to un-decorate the room.

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 I drove Hessie across the street to Budget. I swear these people can't get anything right. I'm directed to drive around back, and they go over Hessie with a fine tooth comb. It's the same dude that rented it to me. Inside, it once again takes forever to finish the paperwork. Copies made on the copier. Finally, I am free of Budget Hessie. Never again. I very recklessly cross Trop. again. I'm just a wild and crazy guy. Aloft, Sweet Ti has made great progress. I assist and we are pretty much finished up. Time to nourish our bodies. We head out in pursuit of wherever they have moved the Courtyard Cafe to. But I have a pretty good idea. It's way over there somewhere.

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 What a beautiful location. I think they should just keep the cafe here. They also used this room when they re-did the Prime Rib Loft. Renee is our server. We go with a double burger and a BLT.

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Right tasty. We have the 2 YAH dining comps leftover from yesterday. Between the 2 of them the bill is taken care of. Time for slots.

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 Leprechaun's Gold was golden for us. Then you kinda have to play Megabucks at least once each trip, we took that win. W4 ate a fitty. Griffin's Gate ate a fitty. Zeus II was fun- but still ate a fitty. Bright Diamonds, don't remember, but according to my notes ate a twenty. Mystical Mermaid was actually a push! Double Diamond Deluxe netted a twenty. We decide to make our way to the Wally to see Hank Bonefish. On our way past the pit I get this feeling we are being watched. I look over and this lady seated at a table is looking at me. I nod and say Hey Now! She asks if we are Sweet Ti & RB . Yepper, that would be us. She is bonnie08734 from the VMB. We talk for a minute and I let her get back to her game. I always appreciate people who take the time to read these musings. Any of y'all who happen to see Sweet Ti or me in AC or Vegas please don't hesitate (Unlike Hessie) to say "Hey Now!". At the Wally shortys, Hank hooks us up.

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 I need to take care of a bit of business once again. Over at Invited Guests I see May and make sure that the room charges have been comped off. She takes care of it, and asks if we want a dinner comp. Thanks May, but we just ate a late lunch. Back at the Wally, today's local, Hank Bonefish is his usual entertaining self. He always has a prop. He produces a couple. A skull from Vegas Voodoo-

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                                                         And an uncut Patron cork. 

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 Hank whittles down these corks and paints them. He sells them at various festivals. Hank was born and raised here. His Mom was a dancer on the Strip and his Dad was a casino manager. It goes without saying he has plenty on stories. Meanwhile, we play.

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Davejewell joins us. He has been around to various casinos since we saw him last. I offered my ACG and MRB to him. Turns out he had never heard of either of them. He graciously accepts my offer. I hope he puts them to better use than I have. This is my 3rd trip to Vegas this year, and I've only used a few of them. Daniel has taken on a project behind the bar. One of the splash guards has come loose and he is busy cleaning it up. He tells us he turned in a work order on it months ago but got tired of waiting for them to fix it. He comments on our mushrooms. He calls them cupcakes. Their shift comes to an end, and so we give out hugs. See y'all next time. We go up for showers and Sweet Ti decides to hang out there. I have one more session left in me this trip. Besides, I always like for my last hand on a trip to be a 4OAK. Judging by my last few sessions at the Mardi Gras, I set my sights there. It's really jammin' there. Between the baseball playoffs and college football the crowds are ragin'. But thankfully my emergency backup machine is available. I ask the lady at the next machine if she minds I sit here. "As long as you aren't a Washington fan" The Nats are playing her Dodgers. Nope, just the Redskins. 

                                                             Time to insert coin.

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 Dave is flying around the bar, but manages to keep me in Ab'Dulls. I cash out a nice ticket and start out again for quarters.

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                         That's tooling right along and then I draw this. Let's see the instant replay Jim!



                                                   IMG_1728.JPG (1333278 bytes)

                                      That calls for bumping it back up to the fitty cent level.

                            IMG_1729.JPG (1400891 bytes)            IMG_1730.JPG (1429072 bytes)

 And with that I call it a trip. Got my last 4OAK. Plus my sinuses are about to explode out of my skull. I tell Dave I'll see him next trip and grab my  card. I hit the head and ease on over to the food court. I call Sweet Ti and tell her I'm gonna place an order at Subway. She gives me her order and I relay it to the clerk along with mine. I use my comps, grab our food, and decide to hit a cash out machine so I can Make it Rain one last time upstairs. I pull out my BR- which is really just a medium binder clip. I should have 2 TITOs. But I can only lay my hands on one. The one I'm missing is the last one I cashed out. Being the Inspector Clouseau that I am- I deduce where I left it.


                                                                                     Do you have a license for your monkey???

 The bartops at the Mardi Gras are the newer IGT All Star machines. The tickets come out on the top right. I must have forgotten to grab it when I was saying goodbye to Dave. That was a good 20 minutes ago. Shit da Bed. I hurry back over to the bar. There's nobody playing there which is a good sign. No ticket. Dave sees me and as I'm asking him about it he smiles and walks over to the register and pulls out my TITO. $328. "I was looking out for you." I thank him profusely and hand him a nice tip. Till next time Dave! Talk about a disaster narrowly avoided. Now I hit the cash out machine and go up and Make it Rain one last time. I turned 3 hundys into 11 hundys. We feast if that is possible on our subs. Time to get some rest as tomorrow we travel across the universe back to our Feline Arcade.

                                                TOTALS: RB- 10733 pts.   Sweet Ti- Ř    

                                         10.14.2016 Now the time has come to leave you one more time