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                                                             10.25.2017  I was hit by something last night in my sleep*

       Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Let's go way out west. We caught an early flight out of PHF. Teal nested in the Headquarters Parking and shuttled to the bag check. The TSA inspection area has grown exponentially. Sweet Ti is Pre, but they nab her CPAP and wipe it down for explosives. Now we feel safe. At the gate, Peter from Liverpool meets Robert the Bruce. Sky board inside shell. Emerge  from shell at ATL. We have a long layover and wander off to access food. We were walking by the escalator to Gordon Biersch and a Hostess from there says hello. Sherell. She is awesome. Within 5 minutes we were old friends. Like that time her daughter Naijae broke her phone screen. Thought Sherell handled that one well. At least it still works. Fairly often.


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 What a sweet and genuine person. She was like this to everyone. We leave to find something to eat but I tell her we will be back. We eat mindless airport food and walk back over by Sherell. I excuse myself and head upstairs. I asked for the manager and shook his hand at employing the perfect Hostess. Smiles all around. I descended to the girls and we hugged adieu. Nice place too.....

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 We tunnel to another terminal and find the gate. Except that is for a Ft. Myers departure that isn't going anywhere soon. The left rudder cable is stuck. They deplane and join us. A friendly dude coming down from upstate NY to check on storm damage to his trailer. Turns out another guy lived near there and was doing a village to village play by play of the flooding. They finally change our gate and we wish them luck. Our brand spanking new one is just a few gates down. Noice. We people watch our way down the concourse.

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                                                         Didn't see any tips in the case.

                                        We had upgraded seats, and we zoned out for the duration.

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              We found the right sign. It was being held up by Stephen. Bell Trans. handles the Orleans fleet.

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 Today's local, Stephen talked pretty much the whole way. He has people in the VA Blue Ridge. He moved here after retiring to be near the grandkids. Hey all of our grandkids- hear that? Move here and we will follow you! As we talked and rode I fumbled with my money belt. We tipped Stephen and told him we would see him next Wed. Yepper, he is working. Good. We glide our stuff over to Invited Guests. Linda and May are off, so Marianna checks us in. Linda has put us in a suite on the 20th floor. Perfect! And it's ready at 1:30 p.m.


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 I checked my backpack for the money belt. Not there. Wait, didn't I put it on in the Limo? No? That means I left it in the limo. Shit the Bed. Stephen had said that he had another guest to take somewhere soon. I have his number and call. He hasn't left the property yet, but hasn't seen the belt. I tell him to meet me at Valet. I fly down and run out. The limo is gone. I call Stephen again. He is coming from the Valet parking lot. He has the belt. "The strap was sticking out of the door." Hooray for Stephen. Hugs for Stephen. More twenties for Stephen. See ya next week. Back upstairs, we both breath a sigh of relief. Yet another Tragedy Narrowly Averted. Wow. We put it in the safe along with assorted other semi precious items. We kiosk in for YAH and hit 6x/4x and 8x/6x respectively.  Wally Gator shortys with Daniel, whom is looking younger each year. I leave my Sweet Ti is his capable hands along with 2 hundy to last her till I get back. I am on a mission. I need to pickup our rental from Enterprise. The South Vegas location on Decatur. It's about 83║ outside. Perfect. I make the 3 block walk in maybe 8 minutes. Safe to do during the day. Maybe not at night. The only scary thing I saw was the shopping cart full of rotting trash on the side of Decatur. Yuck. I have an econ reserved with a 2 class upgrade. There is a Jeep available. Not gonna happen. Sonata? Maybe, but awful low to the ground. A white Santa Fe pulls in. Done deal. Jamal hooks me up, even wiping her down. While we are working the paper Sweet Ti sends me this screenshot.

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    I quickly text her back and tell her to save 4 to the Royal and ditch the 9. She had already drawn before she read the text. But she's doing good. I drive over to the Emerald the Shiny Green Card parking.

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                                                     She shall be Santee the Santa Fe

 I hit up Costal Licker for some Beck's NA and Moscato Asti. I take it to the room and call Ziggy to let him know we are here and that we won't be needing Wheelie« the cooler on account that we have a Big Assed Fridge in our room. (Comes stocked with lots of mini water bottles) He invites us over tomorrow for an early dinner. See y'all then! I stop by on the way down and stick a 20. in Blazin'7's dollar Progressive. I hit mixed 7's for 200. but forgot to take a pic. There's too many people with Sweet Ti so I tell her I will be at the Crawdad shorty. There I insert both our cards and set about to earn us both some serious points.

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                                                              Bam! first card, first quad.  

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                                                       Bam Bam! second card, second quad.

 I call Sweet Ti over. We are both starved, and decide to eat at Big Al's so we can hear the YAH drawing as we eat. I stop by to say Howdy to Deborah who is giving out the hundys. "Did you win Rob?" She always calls me Rob. No, Deborah, not this time.

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 Mercedes took good care of us. She's our choice for having the best waitress name. Her brother Baron is tending bar at the Park Theater where we will be seeing WSMFP on Sunday evening. We will tell him you say hi. We charged the meal to the room, which we will do the entire trip. My room offer is for 150. free play and 150. food. 5 nights. Sweet Ti has 60. free play and 60. food. All linked together.

        Slot time- I play Triple Double RedWhiteBlue 5 line dollars and blow thru 200. Sweet Ti does DouDiaDluxe 1 line dollars.

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                                                            Sweet Ti takes the prize.

 I have a short rant. They refreshed the bathrooms a while back. The new sinks are perfectly flat. They deposit water on your shirt.

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                                                   It sucks, every time I grab a towel.

                             Sweet Ti suggests the Crack Whore game. 7/5 BP .25 MS/STP.

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                                                            Tastes like more.

 We pushed. Sweet Ti is wore out, so we go aloft and I give her a foot massage and she surfs the massive bedroom TV in comfort.

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                                                                   Double me.

                     The non smoking Wonder 4 machines are calling me. How about loading up that first reel Jim?



                                                       And the second reel Jimmy?



                          Here at flysrb.com, we believe in showing true gamboling, even the shit vids.

 From there I try the Blazin' 7s dollar progressives yet again. This time I make sure to have Ippy ready. Insert coin.

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And with that I too am all tuckered out. I've been up about 21 hours. Plus, we are ahead a few hundy on the day. I stop by the kiosk to check our totals and to print out our 20. food credits we each get for YAH. They are good for 24 hrs.

                                        TOTALS:  RB- 8019 pts.     Sweet Ti-915 pts. 


                         10.26.2017 I saw a werewolf drinking a Pi˝a Colada at Trader Vic's


                                         Halloween in Vegas Pt.4




                                                                 * Deadman's Party, Oingo Boingo