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                          10.30.2017 Salt shaker spills just throw it over your shoulder, babe*

       Hey Now! I've got a Halloween Head. I slept in till 8:30. Kiss on the cheek for my lover and it's off to the Mardi Gras. 

                                          IMG_3770.JPG (1438105 bytes)      IMG_3771.JPG (1487802 bytes)

                     IMG_3772.JPG (1397990 bytes)     IMG_3773.JPG (1484251 bytes)      IMG_3774.JPG (1449054 bytes)

                                                                    Next stop Higher Limit

                                                               IMG_3775.JPG (1332651 bytes)

 That's good for a quick hundy. Then it's over to Invited Guests. We are changing names on our reservation today. The rest of the trip is on Sweet Ti's comp. She's Sapphire, the Uppity Blue Card. She gets some free play and food play. Linda isn't in today so Marianna takes care of us. They have comped off everything accept the tips and massage. When Linda comes back I will see if she will eat that too. I stop by RMC for a cuppa dollar refill. The clerkling apologizes for the smell. Seems like they burned that giant copper pot of caramel last night. On our way back from dinner last night we were all wondering what that smell was. Now we know the rest of the story. Today is Inventory Blowout Day. They are giving away their leftover swag from who knows how far back. You can print out 2 coupons each, for earning some points. I really didn't pay much attention. But I was putting points on both cards in anticipation of this. Sweet Ti and I get in line at the kiosk to print out our swag coupons. We are in line behind an older couple with an incredibly photogenic doggie.

                                                            "She doesn't like her picture taken." 

                                                                                               IMG_3777.JPG (1200634 bytes)

                                                                                                         Could have fooled me.

 The Blowout is being held upstairs. It started at noon. It's currently 12:02. We join the cue. Way back near the excalator, past the Hooters. Apparently everyone else had the same idea to get here early. It takes us half an hour to get inside. They have a little of everything. Booze, house wares, auto supplies, apparel. We are in the market for apparel. Easy to get home. Our old Hosts Tammy and Deborah are busy running things here. In short order we score a some apparel and are out of there. We got a really nice zip up fleece. 

                                                                     Crawdad Hi-Tops.

                                                             IMG_3778.JPG (1103058 bytes)

                                                                Sweet Ti's lucky machine.


Sweet Ti downloaded her 60. free play on a Miss Kitty Gold machine. Max bet 3. I don't think she even won any credits in her 20 spins.    I went to get some water on my shirt and saw this dude playing Brittany. Really? I asked his wife to take this shot. She wanted one too.

                                                            IMG_3780.JPG (1819602 bytes)

                                                                     Santas on vaca.

 And it's off to Henderson time. Dusty announces our arrival as usual. Zig and his son Sebastian have been busy finishing their project.

                                                            IMG_3781.JPG (1542143 bytes)

 It looks great. He's gonna put one of those above ground fire pits in the middle. Nice job guys! Ziggy had made us Polish Goulash for dinner. Smashed potatoes and a Polish cucumber salad accompany.

                            IMG_3783.JPG (1658899 bytes)                     IMG_3784.JPG (1597603 bytes)


 Everything was delicious. Once again we sat and talked for hours. Sometime amidst the festivities Zig pulled out dessert.

                                                        IMG_3785.JPG (1553728 bytes)

 This cheesecake started out as a garden variety Plain Jane. Ziggy doctored it up with shaved Belgian chocolate, chopped pecans, drizzled Hershey syrup, and whipped cream. Chef Tocynski. We stay way too long and finally have to bid our friends a fond farewell. Who knows, maybe we will be hosting them sometime soon in our home. I can't wait to show them around Virginia. Till next time. Cheers!  

                                                         IMG_3786.JPG (1299588 bytes)

                                                      Zuma 3D. Gotta max out the effect.

                                                         IMG_3788.JPG (1211833 bytes)

        Sweet Ti is busy tending to Our Feather back in N.C. so I end the evening with a Marathon Loose Deuces session.

                                   IMG_3789.JPG (1474172 bytes)    IMG_3791.JPG (1502277 bytes)

 Yet another exciting day in the books. This trip we are spending some great quality time with each other and our friends. Perfect. 

                                        Totals: RB- 7302pts.   Sweet Ti- 1840 pts.     Down several hundy


                10.31.2017  And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike


                    10.29.2017 I'm a Vampire babe. Hangin' on your windowpane. 


                                        Halloween in Vegas Pt.4 



                                                                  *Halloween Head, Ryan Adams