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                             10.31.2017  And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike*

   Hey Now! You're fighting for your life inside a killer.... It's not only Halloween my friends, it's also Nevada Day!  Congrats on the statehood and all of that guys. The crux of the biscuit after all, is the apostrophe. 15x/11x/6x point day at all Boyd's properties! We slept in late, finished off the yogurt and fruit, and of course my leftover steak from last night,

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 I am gonna go ahead and take Santee back today. We are done visiting for this trip. Our flight leaves just after noon tomorrow, and the game plan is to put some serious points on both our cards. Especially mine. I'm behind is trying to maintain Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. I like to average 10k a day. Then as long as I gambol around 25 days a year at Boyds I can accomplish this feat. A bit fewer than that if we make it Down Around Biloxi again next year. I never did understand IP's point system. I stop by the Spa to make sure Sweet Ti gets my Emerald, the Shiny Green Card discount for her massage. I went ahead and signed for it, charged it to the room. While I was doing this, today's local, Joe the Masseuse introduced himself. He asked me if I ever used the Spa here, since it's daily use is one of my card perks. I tell him I've never been back there. He offers me the Grand Tour. Don't mind if I do.

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 Joe is a trip. Originally from South Jersey he and his wifey moved here several years ago. Joe is a self described Degenerate VP Player. So is the wife. He had to put her on a gambling budget. They play at South Point. He's a UX fan. I slip him a nice tip for Sweet Ti' upcoming massage. On the way to Santee I run into our old friend, Hank Bonefish. We hug and I notice Hank's new ID tag.

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Hank had been on vacation till today. He's trying the altered ID tag for the first time today. I mean it used to say Mark anyway. No one calls him that anyway. Boney is working at the Poker Bar today. At least that's what I can it. Masquerade Bar my ass. See ya soon.

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 I'm not too sure how many miles we even put on Santee, but she was a peppy thing. I stop to top her off. But where is the gas cap lever?

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                                                 Found it low on the driver's side door. Strange.

                   I pull into the Enterprise parking lot and follow a gaggle (herd? murder?) of Muppets inside. 

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                                                          Inside Voodoo Island that is.

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 Captian Jamal is commander. He takes care of the paperwork and gives me a ride back to Orleans. I tell y'all, I am sold on Enterprise. We will be using them here from now on. Best service ever. Back at the Big Easy, it's Buffalo time. W4 style.

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                                                                A school o' bison

I ease over to the Poker Bar shorty. I have been busy back home tying flies. Specifically, deer hair poppers. I already gave Ziggy a handful. I saved  a couple for Hank. He has a Fairy Tree at his house and these should fit right in.

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                                                                   RB Poppers 

 Hank has been ever so busy. He helped out at the Bone Dance at Indian Springs. Before that, he was hanging with the Treasures of the Cairn people at the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival. Boney likes to keep himself busy. He really appreciated the flysrb flys. I.C.

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  Inching back the ol' BR at this rate. Sweet Ti calls. She is all relaxationized. I meet her upstairs and get us checked in for our flight home. We recreate yet again and go down to peruse a noontime meal. 

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  We stop by a machine that I just have to feed at least once per trip. .25 8/5 BP Spin Poker Dream Card. 22.50 a spin. :GULP:

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                                                        Delta Dream card Straight.

 We lasted a few hands and actually cashed out a small profit. Looks like it's gonna be a TGIF lunch. Oh goody, Jackie is working.

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What a cracker. Jackie is from Yugoslavia and has been working here since she got here. 8 years. She talks S.T. into an iced tea.

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                                                  Kinda like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 

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                                                    Till next time Jack! Room charge.

                           Over at the Poker Bar Hank Bonefish is still holding court. In full regalia.

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                                                               Pumpkin Head

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     That was all yours truly. We are slowly clawing our way back. Hundy profit. Hank is getting off early. Laters!

                                           Time for some 4. bet Bison action. Roll it Jim-




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  I like to keep a couple of Emergency Backup Machines available. This is one of them. This is the only bank of original Buffalos with a 4. max bet on them. Meanwhile Sweet Ti is playing some Miss Kitty Fast Cash. I join her. Let's look in on the action. Jim???



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                                                                                     Where's that other reel Jimmy?




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 We continue our climb with some .25 3 reels. While we are playing we hear- "BRUCIE AND SWEET TI!!!!!"  It's our Reneee.

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                                                           "Do you like my balls?"

 We make our promises to spend some time together away from this place next trip. We head aloft to pack. Our Feather calls with great news. She is having a baby girl. Noice! I finish packing my stuff and leave the girls to their chit chat. Mardi Gras time. 2 handed play.

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                                                             MORE POINTIES!!!

 Daniel is surprisingly working. As part of his new job, he works whatever shift they need as a fill in. I ended up with a tidy little profit.

                                                              Happy Halloween!


                                     Totals: RB- 10462 pts.    Sweet Ti- 4726 pts.      1k profit


                 11.01.2017  See the streamline blue horizon with you baby by the way


                  10.30.2017 Salt shaker spills just throw it over your shoulder, babe


                                          Halloween in Vegas Pt.4




                                                          * Thriller, Michael Jackson