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      Hey Now!  

 Sweet Ti and I enjoyed a quiet Valentine's Day evening, after we finished packing that is.. 

    Traveling Lil' Bit.jpg (509136 bytes)  Lil' Bit really wanted to join us....

Up much too early as usual, we bid our Fearsome Feline Foursome farewell, and headed up the Delmarva Peninsula yet again. Ti took a nap, fortunately I was driving.
                0215130652.jpg (599445 bytes)      0215130659.jpg (456820 bytes)    

          Counting off the states as we made our way north to the awaiting ferry.

   0215130704.jpg (648924 bytes)        0215130751.jpg (532850 bytes)        0215130716.jpg (433771 bytes)

 It was a beautiful morning. We made great time, and soon boarded the ferry and got an hour nappy while traversing Delaware Bay and hit the Garden State Parkway for AC.            0215131134.jpg (575198 bytes) Maggie hooks us up with our Rendezvous Tower room, only 2 queens available, but she arranges to have a comfy chair and hassock brought in.

 0215131223.jpg (424097 bytes)     0215131226.jpg (674552 bytes)    0215131235.jpg (562937 bytes)

Sweet Ti hit Kevin's Lucky Lemming machine while I got our luggage in and it was time for an inaugural 2013 VP session that goes rather well. I use some free play.

0215131325.jpg (721858 bytes)    0215131342.jpg (595757 bytes)    0215131346.jpg (654564 bytes) We grab lunch at Breadsticks, and head upbeach to Revel.  

    0215131620.jpg (817727 bytes)    0215131623.jpg (1062796 bytes)    0215131623a.jpg (924846 bytes)

Gotta love the way they name things here... 0215131632a.jpg (439387 bytes)  


We played some Epic Monopoly ,but didn't do much. 0215131712.jpg (807860 bytes)


Back to Resorts for another VP session.  But first, I hit up the Blackjack Tournament to try my luck....10 hands- only won 2..Barney Fife! Back to the Bonus Poker!!!


                0215131836.jpg (609563 bytes)                                     0215131843.jpg (618277 bytes) 

0215131849.jpg (648851 bytes)                         0215131903.jpg (675918 bytes)   Time to crash....


I arise early as usual and sit down at Sweet Ti's VP machine .

 0216130705.jpg (586036 bytes)    0216130715.jpg (592174 bytes)  I took my meager winnings to the Jackpot Station machine (the one on the left), but couldn't replicate Sofa King Kevin's feat from earlier this month. On to Boardwalk Perks to score a nice breakfast to take upstairs to my Sweet Sleeping Ti. I awaken her with a kiss, and we enjoy our repast while watching the sun over the waves on the Atlantic.

                            0216130752.jpg (495336 bytes)  We decide to go across town to the Borgata


0216130949.jpg (555455 bytes)      0216130949a.jpg (776536 bytes)   Time to hit the ol' Epic Monopoly...



0216131022.jpg (726607 bytes)  Not quite a real Jackpot, but it does offset a bit of the sting from the Double Double Bonus and Multi-Strike fiasco that followed. We decided to cut our losses and go back to Resorts. We are playing along, and I take a bathroom break. when I get back, Sweet Ti is talking to a couple. I am greeted by a "Hey Now!". Turns out to be Susan (kiwi) and John, who are familiar with my trip reports on the message boards. We have a nice chat , they were nice people. We got back to business, and Ti lead things off...

Sweet Ti!!!.jpg (666403 bytes)                              0216131330.jpg (621144 bytes)                      0216131550.jpg (610215 bytes) 


                                               0216131628.jpg (596862 bytes)                    

Sofa King calls, they have checked in at the Borg, and are gonna come over to Resorts. Sure enough, as I'm going out to greet them they walk in. We say our hellos and Kev and I go off in search of a BJ table, while the girls head to Hollywood Hills. It's mid-afternoon on Saturday, so the pit is busy. We luck out and find a $10 table that's non-smoking with a couple of spots open! We sit and wait till the shuffle to buy in. It's the only polite thing to do. The 3 players are on a roll anyway, and it's fun to watch. The dealer is Carlos, and he's great. They have the Match the Dealer side bet, and the players are tearing it up. The lady on first base hits a perfect double match while playing $5. Then the dude at third base hits the same for $10. Pays 22 to 1. Sweet! They finish out the shoe, and a couple of the players leave, so I grab third base to Kevin's first base. We buy in as Carlos finishes shuffling. Things are back and forth, Kevin does his progressive bet routine, and I pretty much flat bet. We last for a couple of shoes, and then the girls come back, Jo isn't feeling it on her slots. We cash out, I push while Kev comes out tripling his stake. We had a nice run. We walk around a bit, and Kev and Jo take off to Caesar's to cash in some free play. We are hungry, so I order up a couple of burgers from the Burger Bar and Ti goes upstairs while I retrieve our goodies. Great burgers as usual, gotta love comped meals! Ti decides it's nappy time, so I go back down for another session while Ti naps. I always am jamming out on my Ipod while playing alone, and stop to make a music selection before sitting down at Ti's favorite machine. I look up as I'm putting my Ipod in my pocket and there's 4 young Jersey guys looking at me. One of them reaches out to the next machine over and picks up his Iphone he had left there. They tell me they saw me putting something in my pocket, and thought I had picked up the Iphone. I show them my Ipod. I say I'm from Virginia anyway, and that if I found a phone I would have given it to Security anyway. I don't think they believed me, but either way, I'm glad the dude got his phone back. I sit down and for the life of me, can't seem to hit a 4OAK. Good thing I have my music, Blanche is wailing away as usual while slinging drinks. I play for an hour or so, and decide to find another machine. I go to an area I usually don't visit and find a .25/.50 BP machine, the usual. It's over next to Security and not too smoky. Upright machine, which I like if the seat isn't too close. And not too smoky. I proceed to play....

                                         0216131817.jpg (744504 bytes)

Well, Sweet Ti has been napping for a while now, so I send her a wake up text, but in the middle area of Resorts cell service is a bit spotty, so it doesn't go thru. I decide to go for broke, and head for Hollywood Hills. There is quite the crowd upstairs where the good VP is- very smoky to boot, so I go for a Wild Cherry slot. Looks promising.. 2 credits, $1,$2,and $5. I play low limit. I'm jamming out to some Keller and the Traveling McCourys   

and am having a great time punching buttons and singing along. I look up and there's Sweet Ti standing there giggling at me! I give her a hug and ask her how she found me. She said she looked in all the usual suspects, and couldn't find me, so she looked here. We check out the upstairs, and the smoke and peoples have cleared out, so we go up and I donate my last benny of the evening to the $1. VP Gods....We run into our host, Mark Howard on the way out and chat for a bit. We brought him a small thank you gift which he graciously accepts. Gotta takes care of thems who takes care of youse. Time for a break, so we want a treat, but our options are a bit limited here, so we go to what passes here for a convenience store and find the reach-in ice cream freezer and rummage around till we find some items that aren't too freezer burned or out of date. We head for the 41st floor and notice it's snowing sideways outside. We imbibe our treats while enjoying the BBC lineup on PBS. Yet another radical Saturday night in AC.... zzzzzzzzz........  


Man it's easy to wake up at 5:30 am when you crash at 10 pm. I head for (surprise!) the usual VP machine, and hit right away, but then a dry spell..  0217130603.jpg (759935 bytes)          

      Time to scope out the evening's snowfall..

  0217130718.jpg (489266 bytes)       0217130719.jpg (621500 bytes)  0217130719a.jpg (579471 bytes)         0217130719b.jpg (529040 bytes)         0217130720.jpg (654589 bytes)

                                        0217130720a.jpg (658791 bytes)           0217130720b.jpg (638543 bytes)                         0217130721.jpg (610530 bytes)          0217130721a.jpg (606396 bytes)             0217130721b.jpg (741220 bytes)

0217130722.jpg (804140 bytes)              0217130722a.jpg (567833 bytes)                0217130724.jpg (490166 bytes)

0217130725.jpg (638769 bytes)       0217130725a.jpg (531380 bytes)        0217130725b.jpg (604305 bytes)

0217130747.jpg (662385 bytes)    0217130748.jpg (509245 bytes)        0217130838.jpg (504928 bytes)

I  make the mornings Perks run, but they are out of butter, so I hang around for a bit, as it's supposed to be on the way. Finally I get tired of waiting, and am on my way back when I spot the girl bringing it and stop her to score some. Sweet Ti awakens to the smell of coffee, Bagels with butter and cream cheese, and fresh pastries. We enjoy yet another repast and make plans to meet K&J at Harrah's. We head up North Carolina Ave. to park in the garage and make our chilly way over to the casino. It's about 20 degrees outside and the wind is howling across Absecon Bay. Brrrrrrrr. We walk thru and look for them.

0217131133.jpg (630142 bytes)    0217131133a.jpg (746127 bytes)    0217131133b.jpg (972075 bytes)


                    0217131229.jpg (665607 bytes)                        0217131230.jpg (788221 bytes)

We look around for our dear friends, but the place is mobbed. There's a Diamond event going on, and everyone is milling around waiting for it to start. I find Sweet Ti a Monopoly machine to play on, and go the only place I haven't looked yet- the pit. Sure enough, I find them at a BJ table and talk to them while they play. They are due upstairs in the ballroom for the event soon, so I get Sweet Ti and we say our farewells. They are leaving for home after they pick up their gifts. We go back to Teal and truck on over to the Borg. Now the route there takes you down by the Inlet and around the back. I never can remember how to get to the self-park garage. We end up at the surface park. I drop Ti off at the door, and try to find a place to park. This lot is really full. There is a giveaway going on today, and I end up about as far away as possible, and run towards Da Borg. Man- it's windy, and all I have on is my overalls and a light jacket. I spot a side set of stairs, and duck in. There's a woman standing there and I ask her if there is a way in. She points across the way to a door. There's cars pulling in and I realize it's the valet parking entrance for the Water Club. I cross the traffic and go in and up the excalator (past the Hooter's) the way there's not actually a Hooter's there, it's a story from another trip  and end up in the Water Club lobby. I walk on over to the back entrance where Ti has been patiently waiting. Shit the bed I thought that Harrah's was busy....the promotion they have going on here is that every few minutes they call out some names of players who are actively playing to give away prizes. We try the Epic Monopoly, nope!. As we search for anything else, there's hardly ANY machines that aren't being used! We finally find 2 empty machines of some sort, and quickly take our places before someone else does. Ti is at a More Hearts game, I'm at some sort of Mexican game. I'm getting settled in while Sweet Ti downloads her free play and Ti spots something that's between the machines as I'm propping my feet up. I pick it up, and after finally figuring out how to open it, discover it's a Kindle. A really nice one. A slot hostess walks by, and we give it to her, and she calls a security guy over and he takes it to their lost and found, which is located in the security office. This karma is always good for the soul, and soon after Ti hits the bonus for a small score. We have some comps here, and walk over to Metropolitan for a bite, but the line is ludicruos. Approaching Plaid even. Time to boogie. We split up, I head for the Water Club and Ti heads for the back door. I scurry out to Teal and as I'm driving over to the back I spot something really interesting...There's about 40 brant feeding in the grass behind the casino. I took a picture, but forgot to save it. Brant are small migratory waterfowl related to geese. I grew up duck hunting, and although I stopped shooting them 35 years ago, I am still an avid bird lover. I have only spotted brant in the wild once from far away, and here's a whole flock right here! Karma I tell ya! I pick up my Sweet Ti and we once more trek across Monopoly Town.

        0217131355.jpg (553095 bytes)                            0217131355a.jpg (494791 bytes)

Time for yet another VP session..

                                        0217131442.jpg (599309 bytes)

Then upstairs for a Burger Bar dinner that couldn't be beat. On my way over to pick up our food, I notice people walking by with pillows....Pillows!, that's right there's a promo going on and they are giving away 2 pillows for a couple of points earned. So I go back downstairs, get the coupon, and head back to grab my pillows. We enjoy our lunch and it's back to work....

0217131740.jpg (655934 bytes)  Ti decides to take a nap, so I go upstairs with her to grab a delicious Kaliber and realize I've been playing without my beads..


0217131917.jpg (487536 bytes)   So I bead up and put on some Meat Loaf Album cover parody of Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf 


0217131829.jpg (696656 bytes)                                            0217131856.jpg (661974 bytes)


                        0217132050.jpg (814673 bytes)                            0217132105.jpg (702616 bytes)


0217132117.jpg (695209 bytes)            0217132201.jpg (641028 bytes)  Nice run...thanks Mr.Steinman! I took a few shots of the new Epic/ Paramount Room.

0218130715a.jpg (527995 bytes)                    0218130715b.jpg (561465 bytes)            0218130715c.jpg (521592 bytes)


                                    0218130716.jpg (558878 bytes)                            0218130716a.jpg (446767 bytes)


Last day starts with a bit of a late start. I stayed up till 11 pm on that last session, what a night owl I was. So I sleep in till 7 am, and go down for a quickie. I hit 1 4OAK,0218130632.jpg (686566 bytes) and decide to head towards Perks, but Wild Cherry called.....


                   150    This one is for Jo.jpg (618324 bytes)   oh not just yeah, but Hell Yeah!!!!

I cash out and get our breakfast, and am smiling all the way back upstairs. We pack and load up Teal, check out and sit down to one last session. I check my points and have made just enough this trip to maintain my Epic status till December. Noice!.... We decide to play till we hit our first 4 OAK and split for the ferry..

                                    0218130942.jpg (636541 bytes)  

Time to boogie! We ease our way back with half our bankroll intact, ready for our next adventure..... May 22-31...



                                    0218131036.jpg (487173 bytes)