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                                    AC NOV 2012


Thursday 11.22.2012

    Hey Now! We decided that this Turkey Day was gonna be one for us. So we loaded up Teal and headed for AC. Ti napped while I drove up the Delmarva to the ferry.

     1122120744.jpg (571791 bytes) Soon enough we were in AC..   1122121143.jpg (500706 bytes)  and after a bit of a wait we got upstairs to our Rendezvous Tower room.

   1122121337.jpg (402912 bytes) and back downstairs for our first VP session....

                                                                                            1122121934.jpg (836327 bytes)   we were soon joined by our dear friend Sofa King Kevin  Photo of Sofa King  we played for a bit, and then scrounged around Resorts till we finally found Breadsticks, which has been relocated upstairs next to Cappriccio's. We had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat ( Alice's Restaurant reference intentional..)() Then Sofa King had to boogie- he and Jo are coming back on Saturday- so we said our farewells and had another uneventful VP session before Blanche chased us upstairs with her singing.. She does "Working at the Car Wash" every shift.... man- I REALLY can't stand that song..... We watched the first half of the Redskins slaughter of the Cowboys, and went back downstairs for the 2nd half, Hail to the Redskins! No more screenshots though..

 Friday 11.23.2012

   Well I did my usual early morning thingy, left my Sweet Ti snoozing while I had a session before sunrise.

   1123120453.jpg (663906 bytes)        1123120457.jpg (599871 bytes)  I kept switching back and forth between 8/5 BP and 9/6 JoB... I ended up pretty much giving everything back, and decided to check out the Land Shark progress on the boardwalk.

      1123120628.jpg (392473 bytes)                 1123120628a.jpg (522778 bytes)          

                                                    1123120628b.jpg (533263 bytes)                  1123120628c.jpg (357126 bytes)

It doesn't look like Sandy brought much damage to this section of the beach. We have talked to several locals, and other than right by the shore the storm wasn't real bad here. I went back inside, and scored breakfast for Sweet Ti from our buddy Jackie at Boardwalk Perks. They have moved this too- it's next to the Noodle Bar where the Asian Pit used to be. The high limit slots are downstairs now, the full pay VP machines are still on the landing. It looks like most of the rest of the BP machines are still scattered around the floor. I awaked my Sleeping Beauty, and we watch to fog lift over the city.. 1123120652.jpg (330070 bytes) 1123120652a.jpg (334567 bytes) 1123120652b.jpg (332578 bytes) 1123120911.jpg (580194 bytes)


 1123120713.jpg (515636 bytes)  1123120713a.jpg (534034 bytes) 1123120910.jpg (647052 bytes)   Stretch does his usual..."I ain't got nobody...." We head up the boardwalk to survey damage.

  1123120936.jpg (650019 bytes)           1123120937.jpg (734011 bytes) Walk of shame??????

   1123120947.jpg (811643 bytes)   1123120947a.jpg (583332 bytes)  1123120949.jpg (762053 bytes)


   1123120949a.jpg (693746 bytes)    1123120950.jpg (662160 bytes)    1123120951.jpg (377439 bytes)

  1123120952.jpg (700492 bytes)    1123120953.jpg (564004 bytes) We go on in and Ti signs up for the player's card, and we play Party Station and Epic Monopoly. It doesn't go well, but Sofa King Kevin has given us a lunch comp which I put with my already earned comps and we stroll around the Revel in search of an eating establishment.

   1123121226.jpg (581169 bytes)    1123121226a.jpg (596483 bytes)    We pause by the library, and then settle on Village Whiskey

     Beautiful little place, we get a couple of deluxe burgers and share an order of Duck fat fries. Ti gets a ginger beer and I have a root beer. Killer food!()


                1123121245a.jpg (574442 bytes)           1123121245b.jpg (477670 bytes)         1123121252a.jpg (490022 bytes)

  We leave and waddle downstairs for a bit of Reels o' Dublin, but alas no Banjos. We use the cut-thru from Showboat/Taj/Resorts and go back to the room and take a break.

 Back down for our evening session, we have a bit of luck...

  1123121450.jpg (605715 bytes)    1123121533.jpg (612656 bytes)    1123121729.jpg (584739 bytes)

   1123121755.jpg (646223 bytes)    1123121806.jpg (607142 bytes)    1123122000.jpg (623202 bytes)

   the night ended up on this note....

                                                1123122059.jpg (693889 bytes)  zzzz......


    Saturday 10.24.2012

    I get up and ease out of the room early once again, and grab today's free play and try my luck on a different bank of machines- these are out near the boardwalk. It's usually much too smoky up there for us, but at 6 a.m. the air is breathable. These machines are .50 and $1. I figure since they are paying, I'll go ahead and play the $1.......

                                        1124120658.jpg (704465 bytes)  Sweet! Time for some Cue da Dog

                    1124120735.jpg (762289 bytes)                1124120744.jpg (627334 bytes)

   Not too shabby for a penny machine.. Making back some of yesterday's losses. I stick my head out to check the weather but it's gotten quite shitty overnight.. Late fall on the Jersey Shore. Brrrrr. I place my order with Jackie at Perks, and take my Sweet Ti her breakfast. We enjoy a casual respite and cruise on over to Revel once more, taking the inside route for as long as possible.

        1124121033.jpg (536963 bytes)        1124121044.jpg (596387 bytes)        1124121044a.jpg (331921 bytes)

Ti hasn't quite earned enough for the free play, so we hit the Hangover machine and a Reels o' Dublin, but no Hangover or banjos..... Time to mosey on back. We have a short session that produces a dirth of screenshots...Blimey!!! Time for lunch at Breadsticks. They certainly aren't busy there or anywhere for that matter, the aftermath of Sandy no doubt. Our belly's full of Butternut Squash Bisque and Greek salad we once again play Attack of the Killer Bonus Poker.... ()

Ti draws this....1124121354.jpg (617666 bytes) so I fire up the video phone..

I follow up with this....1124121510.jpg (669037 bytes)  Sofa King Kevin called and said they were coming in early and hitting the Borg, so we make plans to meet later. Meanwhile, back at the comp perks reality, they are giving away a plethora of Chinese plastic upstairs, so I turn my $50. Space Bucks into a handy-dandy Shop Vac... Turns our that both of our ladies end up taking late afternoon nappys, so I take Teal down to Caesar's Coliseum parking lot and there is a crowd waiting for the elevators. Seems to be an ongoing theme in these Caesar's. Doesn't matter if it's here, or Vegas (baby!) We meet at the front desk.

                                            1124121734.jpg (611706 bytes)

 It's about 6 p.m. and Ti and I have a dinner date a bit later, so Kevin and I go over to Dump Plaza and sit down at a $10. BJ table for a couple of shoes. Kev takes 1st base to my 3rd base. We have a blast, with an ever changing cast of characters providing an interesting intrigue to the session. I am down to my last green chip and fight my way back to a push, while Kev ends up a bit ahead. A fine time was had by all.... except for that one guy- isn't that the way it always goes? It certainly brought back Old Times...   I head back to Resorts and Ti and I get spiffed up and head down to Capriccio's for a lovely dinner.()

         1124122106.jpg (471119 bytes)                 1124122107.jpg (449211 bytes) 

            1124122122.jpg (421717 bytes)                         1124122122a.jpg (393619 bytes)

    We really enjoy this Italian joint, the staff is very professional. The best part is when the bill comes and we use our comps... Every single meal the entire trip ended up being comped. Can't beat it!! We head back to the room, I bought Ti some treats at Tazza at Caesar's. She has dessert and calls it a night, so I put on my earbuds to block out Blanche and descend for an evening vp session..

                                    1124122236.jpg (723707 bytes)                         

    I end up about even for the day, which is a definite improvement over yesterday. Time for rest.

    Sunday 11.25.2012

  Our last day starts out, as usual, with yours truly at the kiosk, downloading that day's free play. I take my meager offerings to my usual machine and blow thru them, so I go back once again to Perks and get Sweet Ti's breakfast. We pack, and I start taking our things down to Teal. There are only 2 elevators for the self-park, and one of them has been gimpy since we got here.. It's a bitch whenever there is a crowd. Today it's still not working properly. But I finally make my car deposit, and we go ahead and check out and have one more session before we depart. Not much happens there- but Ti manages one last hit to salvage the morning...

                                                      1125120642.jpg (601638 bytes)

  With that, we hit the road. Down, but not out, we once again salvage a bit of our bankroll for our next trip!


                                                                                                1125121115.jpg (189805 bytes)