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                                                                Spooky Railroading

               10.30.2021  The music draws you up a valley, and across a mountain*
 Hey Now! Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends- just ventures to other locates every so often. We do like our Halloween escapades. We are headed northwest to where 3 states meet. Harper's Ferry WVA. This will be both Sweet Ti's & my first time in this area. By god. We have tickets to see Railroad Earth tomorrow afternoon at B Chord Brewery in Round Hill, VA. They are playing a 3 night gig there that started last night.This will be the first time we have seen a band together since Halloween in Vegas Pt. 4 in 2017. Damn, that's a long time. Glad we are rectifying that situation. We have reservations at the Clarion Inn Harper's Ferry. I sprung for a "suite" with pool access. Whatever that means. It's weird to have to actually pay for a hotel room. Other than tax and maybe the stray resort fee, I haven't actually paid for a hotel room in quite a while. Casino comps do come in handy. 

    We hit the road and went up Rt. 17 for as long as we could. No interstate for us. We stopped in Port Republic at an old school store.  



 I remember these growing up when we traveled. Along with Stucky's. Nice to see some things still exist from the 60's. As for using Sue, the GPS to go the backroads it doesn't work. So I pretty much winged it. Nailed it too, pretty much. Except for the horses....

                              IMG-3281.jpg (1644973 bytes)              IMG-3282.jpg (2857370 bytes)            IMG-3283.jpg (2525415 bytes)

            The backroads served us well right on up to the last mile. Sue sent us down this road to finish off our journey.

                                                           IMG_8761.JPG (1143311 bytes)

                                                                      Fake Sign!!!!

                       We kept going and passed River Riders and climbed the hill to the Clarion Inn. We are there!

                      IMG_8764.JPG (817548 bytes)   IMG_8765.JPG (1281987 bytes)  IMG_8766.JPG (1414312 bytes)  

                                            IMG_8767.JPG (1145263 bytes)  IMG_8768.JPG (905827 bytes)

                                                                      IMG_3607.jpg (132319 bytes)

                                                                          Vintage 1972

       We checked in and I must say that all the employees here are very friendly. Just about everyone we met around here was too. 

                                                                         IMG_3595.jpg (74763 bytes) 

                                         IMG_8943.JPG (1146469 bytes)         IMG_8946.JPG (1114762 bytes)

                                             Yer basic room. Have to add our fairy lights as usual....

      IMG_8769.JPG (1297183 bytes)  IMG_8770.JPG (1434953 bytes)  IMG_8771.JPG (1393118 bytes)  IMG_8772.JPG (1309379 bytes)

                     IMG_8776.JPG (1257499 bytes)       IMG_8777.JPG (1411339 bytes)        IMG_8778.JPG (1459706 bytes)

                                                                            nice pool area

                                            IMG_8773.JPG (1760105 bytes)    IMG_8774.JPG (1357590 bytes)

                                                           walking path down to the Shenandoah 


  We are ready to chew off our arms at this point. The good news is that The White Horse Tavern is attached to the hotel.

                                                              IMG_3602.jpg (108275 bytes)

      The better news is that we hear music on the way in.  Deane Kern is playing for the sparse mid afternoon crowd. Makayla seats us. 

    IMG_3600.jpg (67410 bytes)  IMG_3601.jpg (96070 bytes)   IMG_3603.jpg (92430 bytes)   IMG_3604.jpg (90644 bytes)


 This is quite a nice spot. Deane even played some Little Feat sight unseen. Brilliant. Now that we are sated and lullabyed, it's time to gambol. And what do you know, there just happens to be one right up the road. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Raceway. Longest name ever for a casino. 

                                      IMG_8744.JPG (556793 bytes)                   IMG_8743.JPG (849029 bytes) 


 This joint is huge. The entrance road circles the entire complex, including the horse racetrack. The ponies are running this evening, but the first race isn't till 7:30. It's only a bit past 5:00 so I don't see us being here that long. The smell of smoke hits us hard when we walk in. Even with masks on. But then we walked in directly next to the main pit. Time to find a no smoking area.  

           IMG_8745.JPG (1335022 bytes)                    IMG_8746.JPG (1179548 bytes)              IMG_8747.JPG (1349991 bytes)

 We found said no smoking section for what it's worth. Even though it's next to the food court. Sheesh. Lots o' By God huffers. I already had a player's card here. It's a Penn National Company so I had probably signed up Down Around Biloxi. I just needed to acquire a couple of new copies for us to use. Today's local, Carolyn hooked us up at the cage/players club. She not only knew our home area, but had lived near where I grew up in Newport News. Small world out there y'all. Since we are just playing for fun, we just played 20. at a time. 

                                                           Take us on a QH journey please Jim......




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                                                            IMG_8751.JPG (1541177 bytes)

                                                          auspicious start for my Sweet Ti

                                                         My turn please James>>>>>>>>


                                        IMG_8758.JPG (1852767 bytes)      IMG_8759.JPG (1689076 bytes)       

                                                              IMG_8760.JPG (1498586 bytes)     


                                                                      IMG_8752.JPG (1582036 bytes)       IMG_8753.JPG (1575229 bytes)

                                                                 nice clean rest rooms- and plenty of them  

 By this time, we were both pretty damned tired. We cashed out a 92. profit and hauled ass. Back at the ranch we settled in for the evening. The TV offerings were surprisingly very good. HBO good. Which is convenient seeing as how I couldn't get the Firestick Fire TV to work. We munched out on our leftovers from earlier and I found a Facebook video of the first set from last night's Railroad Earth show courtesy of the Hobos. They were smokin'! We can't wait for the show tomorrow. Gonna be alot of dancing going on. We went to bed listening to a bunch of loud kids in the pool. It's open till 10 pm. Ouch. They finally quieted down around 10:15. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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                          10.31.2021 And when the music is right, you feel the spirit lockin'*

      Hey Now! Happy Halloween. 4:20. 24/7/365. Ooops, got carried away. It's Sunday morning, and so according to this sign-

                                                                IMG_8781.JPG (1426825 bytes)

                                                               The Casino is open

                                                       IMG_8780.JPG (1506515 bytes)


 I found another way to get to the actual building. But you still have to drive half way around the racetrack to get there. I parked once again in the tiny lot near an entrance. I was again hit in the nose by the smoke. And the place was just about empty except for the pit. I asked the entrance security guard about the video rules herein. " You can't do that. Hell, they don't even want you to take photos" said today's local, Mike. Of course I was just curious Mike, I wouldn't actually try. Worked here long Mike? "24 years, since they opened in 1997. Helped open the place. My brother Stanley Snell, was a jockey who raced here before the casino bought it. I used to exercise the horses. Where are y'all staying?" The Clarion. " Oh, you mean the old Cliffside? Worked there for 28 years too. Helped open that place too."  Damn Mikey, didn't realize I was talking to one of the creators of this fine area. " You just look around and if you don't see noone, well then you just shoot away." Thanks, Mike. Nice for you to meet me. Here's a clandestine illegal shot of today's local hero.

                                                      IMG_8808.JPG (1231311 bytes)

                                                              Mikey's in a hurry

  IMG_8783.JPG (1410940 bytes)  IMG_8784.JPG (1372279 bytes)         IMG_8785.JPG (1371106 bytes)  IMG_8786.JPG (1570093 bytes)

                         IMG_8787.JPG (1555841 bytes)  IMG_8788.JPG (1172872 bytes)  IMG_8789.JPG (1602362 bytes)  

              This concludes my walkabout of this side of the premises.  I inserted coinage in a few likely suspects, to not much avail. 

                         IMG_8790.JPG (741135 bytes)  IMG_8791.JPG (1193589 bytes)  IMG_8794.JPG (1000564 bytes)  IMG_8795.JPG (1018423 bytes)  

       Meanwhile, there's some televangelist preaching on multiple screens scattered around everywhere. Sunday morning in West By God.

                                             IMG_8796.JPG (583687 bytes)    IMG_8797.JPG (611179 bytes)

                                                                             Pass the plate

    I'm feeling the spirit now! W4 Tall Fortunes fits the bill. I dial up 4 Buffalo Gold games and start out with a minimum bet- 2.40. 

                                                                        IMG_8798.JPG (1897644 bytes) 

                                                                           parley to 4.80

                                                                        IMG_8799.JPG (1790417 bytes)

                                                                          parley to 7.20

                                                                        IMG_8802.JPG (2291551 bytes)

                                                       Fire up the bovines please Mr. Jimmy!



                                                                                                                         IMG_8804.JPG (1437554 bytes)


                                                                                                      IMG_8806.JPG (1353728 bytes)

  Looks like the goblins are friendly here this morning so far. I've seen maybe 10 people walking around. But I did actually see a CW. She paid me absolutely my interest though. That's fine. Time for part 2 of my walkabout. Folks, this place is gigantic. 2500 slots. 

   IMG_8810.JPG (1028528 bytes)  IMG_8811.JPG (1311793 bytes)  IMG_8812.JPG (1349578 bytes)  IMG_8814.JPG (1157603 bytes)

   IMG_8816.JPG (1215518 bytes)  IMG_8817.JPG (1619382 bytes)  IMG_8818.JPG (1244802 bytes)  IMG_8819.JPG (1320400 bytes)

   IMG_8820.JPG (1718170 bytes)  IMG_8821.JPG (1287930 bytes)  IMG_8821.JPG (1287930 bytes)  IMG_8823.JPG (1645390 bytes)

  IMG_8827.JPG (1429712 bytes)   IMG_8828.JPG (1550730 bytes)  IMG_8829.JPG (1618565 bytes)  IMG_8830.JPG (1095495 bytes)

  IMG_8832.JPG (1077821 bytes)   IMG_8833.JPG (888273 bytes)  IMG_8835.JPG (1215257 bytes)  IMG_8836.JPG (1069968 bytes)

                                                                  IMG_8831.JPG (1275089 bytes)

 I finally made it back to the main pit area. So apparently it's basic shape is that of a gigantic comma. The majority of the non-smoking areas seem to be in this outer ring area. I played a few slots here and there, but I wasn't feeling it. I'll take the profit home with.

                                                          FE_xQ-dX0Aox8xp.jpg (47791 bytes)

                                                            I did remember to get a chip

                              Back at the ranch I butler coffee Elizabeth. Fancy setup they have here at the Clarion.

                IMG_8838.JPG (874727 bytes)       IMG_8839.JPG (1102427 bytes)       IMG_8840.JPG (1149856 bytes)       IMG_8841.JPG (1215469 bytes)

                                            Time to Make it Rain, or in this case, Make it Sprinkle.

 We enjoy our repast and get ready for our afternoon of music and mischief. Now if Sue can just figure out how to get us there. I have to admit I haven't paid too much attention to exactly where B Chord Brewery actually is. Seems Sue didn't either. Let's Boogie.

      IMG_8843.JPG (1050309 bytes)  IMG_8844.JPG (1351056 bytes)  IMG_8845.JPG (1683864 bytes)  IMG_8846.JPG (1116649 bytes)

               IMG_8847.JPG (1405672 bytes)  IMG_8848.JPG (1194681 bytes)  IMG_8849.JPG (1119597 bytes)  IMG_8853.JPG (1119333 bytes)

  IMG_8857.JPG (1470070 bytes)  IMG_8858.JPG (1069551 bytes)  IMG_8860.JPG (1044256 bytes)  IMG_8861.JPG (1520102 bytes)

Sue is trying her best. She sends us down Foggy Bottom Road and tells us that we are 1/8th of a mile from the Brewery. But the pavement ends and the potholes begin. The area is gorgeous with ancient rock fences and beautiful scenery. But no brewery in sight.

     IMG_8866.JPG (1532478 bytes)  IMG_8867.JPG (1147835 bytes)  IMG_8868.JPG (1199524 bytes)  IMG_8869.JPG (942967 bytes)

 We tried Google maps and they sent us back the way we came for 1500 ft. and said we were there. Time to get serious. We got on the Brewery website and asked there. We are apparently on the wrong side of the mountain. But at least now we know the way.

                                          IMG_8870.JPG (1467851 bytes)   IMG_8871.JPG (1787733 bytes)

                                                               Gotta love it- there's no sign.

            We drive up the hill and are greeted by an employee. He scans our Eventbrite  tickets and we score a primo parking spot.

                                          IMG_8872.JPG (1543315 bytes)  IMG_8873.JPG (2253199 bytes)

 We timed it just right. There's maybe 50 people here and we find a nice place to set up. We brought chairs and a small cooler with some NA and some bottled water. Everyone is very friendly and in a matter of minutes this dude is making a beeline straight for us.

                                                             IMG_8874.JPG (476576 bytes)

                                                                    Today's local, Brian.

 Brian's shirt reads "Deadhead Guide" He is a veteran of many, many. Dead shows. He moved to Harper's Ferry a few years ago from the DC area and never looked back. Nice guy. He wanders off and we stroll inside to check out the brewery and order up some food and drink.

 IMG_8876.JPG (1831075 bytes)   IMG_8877.JPG (1783242 bytes)   IMG_8878.JPG (1704583 bytes)   IMG_8879.JPG (1455095 bytes)

 IMG_8880.JPG (1336351 bytes)   IMG_8881.JPG (1196314 bytes)   IMG_8882.JPG (1285740 bytes)   IMG_8885.JPG (1552845 bytes)

 Quite a cozy little set up they have here. There's even an inside stage. We belly up to the bar and order a flatbread pizza and some chili. To drink Sweet Ti gets a Lime and Ginger Seltzer and I get their homemade root beer. Everything was very tasty. 

                                      IMG_8888.JPG (1818505 bytes)       IMG_8886.JPG (1502583 bytes)


                                   IMG_8884.JPG (1343184 bytes)                      

                                                                                                            IMG_8883.JPG (1552102 bytes)

                                                                                                  Dinosaurs and playing cards abound


   IMG_8887.JPG (1493365 bytes)   IMG_8889.JPG (1496448 bytes)   IMG_8890.JPG (888555 bytes)   IMG_8892.JPG (1342550 bytes)

           IMG_8893.JPG (1282414 bytes)              IMG_8894.JPG (490197 bytes)               IMG_8895.JPG (2277793 bytes)          

                             IMG_8898.JPG (975684 bytes)    IMG_8897.JPG (2006992 bytes)    IMG_8899.JPG (1012540 bytes)

                                                        Let's tune in to the show please Jimmy...



                                                                                                  The Bubble Man cometh 

                                         IMG_8901.JPG (1711854 bytes)   IMG_8902.JPG (1317243 bytes)

                                                                        Pierre Le Pugh

                IMG_8904.JPG (1866791 bytes)         IMG_8905.JPG (1359716 bytes)         IMG_8907.JPG (1239187 bytes)

                                                                Lots of acts have played here

                                                               IMG_8906.JPG (882751 bytes)

                                                                       Including this guy...

       IMG_8908.JPG (1025551 bytes)  IMG_8909.JPG (428713 bytes)  IMG_8910.JPG (555144 bytes)  IMG_8911.JPG (1451013 bytes)

       IMG_8915.JPG (903299 bytes)  IMG_8916.JPG (993456 bytes)  IMG_8917.JPG (711864 bytes)  IMG_8918.JPG (1357396 bytes)

                 IMG_8919.JPG (732073 bytes)           IMG_8920.JPG (757828 bytes)         IMG_8921.JPG (1163597 bytes)  

                                                                 IMG_8922.JPG (1010199 bytes)

                    Bubble Man has this high tech device to produce his wares. It's 2-3 ft. pieces of 1inch PVC pipe, with strips of terrycloth across the top and dangling down on the sides. He also has a large bucket full of dishwashing liquid mixed with water. He puts the 2 pipes together and dips the terrycloth into the liquid, raises them, and slowly opens up the pipes. He's really a pro. 

    IMG_8923.JPG (669073 bytes)  IMG_8924.JPG (916589 bytes)  IMG_8925.JPG (863281 bytes)  IMG_8926.JPG (1027296 bytes)

                                 IMG_8927.JPG (1058717 bytes)                 IMG_8928.JPG (689831 bytes)

                                       IMG_8930.JPG (1275494 bytes) IMG_8931.JPG (1227849 bytes)

                                                                  Beta and Sweet Ti

 Beta is something else. Earlier we watched him walking up to one of the fire pits with a HUGE armload of firewood in one hand and that pitcher of beer in the other. Never spilled a drop. We told him we were impressed with his prowess. "It was only half a pitcher" said Beta. Then these 2 danced for quite a while. He still didn't spill a drop. 

                                        IMG_8934.JPG (1770577 bytes)  IMG_8935.JPG (1498612 bytes)

              IMG_8939.JPG (868966 bytes)  IMG_8937.JPG (801897 bytes)  IMG_8941.JPG (1974068 bytes)  IMG_8942.JPG (1294075 bytes)

 What an awesome place, full of such friendly people. We met a bunch of Hobos. Railroad Earth kicked out the jams. Perfect day. We eased our way back to Harper's Ferry and ordered up some dinner to go from the White Horse. Then we chill in the room.

                                       IMG_8943.JPG (1146469 bytes)  IMG_8946.JPG (1114762 bytes)

                                                         IMG_8947.JPG (761327 bytes)

                                                              Happy Halloween y'all!!!


                               11.01.2021 Oh! And there's a feeling running thru ya*

 Hey Now! Rabbit. We had a leisurely start to our November. Then we made the quarter mile journey to the Harper's Ferry National Historical Park.    We paid our dues and caught the next shuttle bus down to the Lower Town. Harper's Ferry ties right in to the Railroading theme of this missive. The town was here in a large part due to the railroad being here, along with the confluence of the Potomic and Shenandoah Rivers. Along the way we took some photos. 

       IMG_8949.JPG (2257914 bytes)  IMG_8950.JPG (1995196 bytes)  IMG-3301.jpg (3566940 bytes)  IMG-3302.jpg (3881104 bytes)

   IMG-3304.jpg (4202667 bytes)  IMG-3308.jpg (1556681 bytes)  IMG-3309.jpg (1685980 bytes)  IMG-3311.jpg (2122922 bytes)  IMG-3312.jpg (2066772 bytes)

     IMG-3313.jpg (2063027 bytes)  IMG_8951.JPG (1902445 bytes)  IMG_8952.JPG (1523727 bytes)  IMG_8953.JPG (2984723 bytes)

          IMG_8954.JPG (2046944 bytes)   IMG-3314.jpg (1662394 bytes)   IMG-3318.jpg (1786009 bytes)   IMG-3319.jpg (1887564 bytes)

            IMG-3320.jpg (1904642 bytes)  IMG-3321.jpg (2077012 bytes)  IMG_8955.JPG (1590669 bytes)  IMG-3322.jpg (2538963 bytes)  IMG_8956.JPG (1388711 bytes)

    IMG-3324.jpg (1760986 bytes)  IMG-3325.jpg (1981400 bytes)  IMG-3326.jpg (2230845 bytes)  IMG-3327.jpg (2062236 bytes)  IMG-3328.jpg (1793330 bytes)  IMG-3329.jpg (1961480 bytes)  IMG-3330.jpg (2083850 bytes)

 IMG-3331.jpg (1918950 bytes)  IMG-3332.jpg (2187044 bytes)  IMG-3333.jpg (2180939 bytes)  IMG-3334.jpg (1528841 bytes)  IMG-3340.jpg (3688311 bytes)

            IMG_8957.JPG (1822261 bytes)  IMG-3339.jpg (5256952 bytes)  IMG_8958.JPG (1448061 bytes)  IMG_8959.JPG (1862754 bytes)

             IMG_8960.JPG (2254523 bytes)  IMG_8961.JPG (2369525 bytes)  IMG_8962.JPG (2148392 bytes)  IMG_8963.JPG (1787011 bytes)

                       IMG_8964.JPG (1424954 bytes)  IMG_8965.JPG (1350928 bytes)  IMG-3341.jpg (3712432 bytes)    IMG_8966.JPG (1572642 bytes)

                                           IMG_8967.JPG (2014911 bytes)  IMG_8968.JPG (1815744 bytes)  IMG_8969.JPG (495103 bytes)  

                IMG-3344.jpg (1960756 bytes)  IMG-3345.jpg (1803595 bytes)  IMG-3346.jpg (1628355 bytes)  IMG-3347.jpg (1871675 bytes)  IMG-3348.jpg (1896740 bytes)  IMG-3350.jpg (2190156 bytes)

          IMG_8970.JPG (1646499 bytes)   IMG_8971.JPG (1820581 bytes)   IMG_8972.JPG (1596862 bytes)  IMG_8974.JPG (1132681 bytes)

 And that's what's happening in the Lower Town of Harper's Ferry. We made our way back to the shuttle and then to Foxy. Sweet Ti suggests that we head for the casino. Well Boy Howdy! That works for me. We need some lunch, and look for a pizza place. We spot a Brother's Pizza. So we roll on in sight unseen. The place is empty except for us. We are seated and order up a salad and a pie. 

                      IMG_8975.JPG (1119033 bytes)  IMG_8976.JPG (1102643 bytes)  IMG_8977.JPG (1379807 bytes)


 The reason for 3 sporks is the cheese. The dude said they sourced it from Wisconsin. It had a very high fat content. Noice. Else wise the place would have gotten 2 sporks at best. This was partly due to today's local. No names please. So this whole place is empty, and today's local sits at the table next to us and orders a salad and a beer. He doesn't bother to use a fork. He shovels it into his mouth with his hands. Then he orders another salad and does it again. Pretty damn gross. We take our leave. At Hollywood I let Sweet Ti off at the door and once again find a place in the surface lot as we mount our final assault. 

      IMG_8978.JPG (1581409 bytes)  IMG_8980.JPG (1148586 bytes)  IMG_8981.JPG (1063629 bytes)  IMG_8982.JPG (727853 bytes)

                                                       IMG_8987.JPG (395025 bytes)


                                    IMG_8989.JPG (1123343 bytes)                IMG_8990.JPG (1044133 bytes)

                                                            Double Diamond Deluxe Doubleheader!

                          IMG_8995.JPG (1383923 bytes)  IMG_8997.JPG (1641827 bytes)  IMG_8999.JPG (1582658 bytes)

          And that pretty much sums up our Gamboling for this here trip. The Gamboling Gods were smiling at us and we ended walking away with a few hundy of Penn Natty's money. So far as the rest of the trip is concerned, we got up the next morning and re-traced our path back once again to our Feline Fortress. Fun trip, and really nice to get away with my Sweet Ti. Well, once again thanks for following along my friends. Hopefully we will see ya'll again real soon. Happy Railroading!!


                                                             IMG_8911.JPG (1451013 bytes)

                                                         And you're smilin' like a buddah*



                                                                            * Like a Buddah, Todd A Schaffer/Timothy Brian Carbone