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                                                                                                   The Earth Pigs of 2019

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                                   02.07.2019  Comes a time

 Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Earth Pig. Sweet Ti & I took our new ride, Foxy Plum the RAV4 up the DelMarVa peninsula and caught the 10:30 CMLF ferry. It was a rock and roll ride as we slept in Foxy. In short order we were self parking at Resorts. We left our gear in the car, so sure as shit our room was ready at 11 a.m. We decide to have lunch at Ruby's and then casually made our way aloft. Our burgers were very filling, and best of all comped. We make a run to the room afterwards.

                                                         IMG_1449.JPG (1186817 bytes)

                                                                yer basic room

         We start out by dialing up today's free play and choosing B7's and QH Times pay. I am the first on the board. 3rd spin!

                                   IMG_5535.JPG (1578638 bytes)    IMG_5536.JPG (906206 bytes)


     Nothing like starting out turning their money into our money. We cashed out up a hundy. Our next choice is an old fav- hit it Jim!



                                                    IMG_5538.JPG (1406154 bytes)


    I went after the gear and left our Sweet Ti upstairs to organize the room and freshen up a bit. The weather is actually pleasant. 

                                       IMG_5540.JPG (1474242 bytes)  IMG_5541.JPG (1201692 bytes)

                                                          Stretch keeps an eye to the sky

                   IMG_5542.JPG (1546607 bytes)    IMG_5543.JPG (1541775 bytes)    IMG_5544.JPG (1302377 bytes)

                                                            that's more like Money Drizzle

                                                           Lock it and Load it James........



                                                          OFXY0449.JPG (3519831 bytes)

                                                                       mini = me

 Time for a bit of diversion. 3 reel variety. As I look about for a likely parley suspect, I am entertained by a bus lady caressing a beau-

                                                           IMG_5548.JPG (953639 bytes)

                                                                  "thrill me Darlin'!"

               I settle on Triple Diamonds. One line, 3 credits. Multi denominational if you please. I am feeling it. Insert coin.

                                        IMG_5549.JPG (1150604 bytes)  XJOL4832.JPG (3097737 bytes)

                                                                       Parley time!

            I am texting Sweet Ti who is presently on her way down. Look for me just off the hotel lobby. I up the denom to 2.

                                                          IMG_5551.JPG (1188987 bytes) 

                                                                     it locked up

        As a matter of fact, it locked up right as Sweet Ti was coming in through the lobby. No trouble spotting me, right Jim?




 How about that for perfect timing. For the first time, I wasn't asked for a ID. Just if the card in the machine was in my name. They didn't even need my SS#. I was already in the system. Works for me. I finished the paperwork and cashed out the rest of my credits. Now we can have some fun. Time for some Hollyrock Hills action.

                            IMG_5556.JPG (1393212 bytes)                 IMG_5557.JPG (1042781 bytes)

                                  First up is some dollar Texas Tea. 9 lines, 9. bet. Hit it Jim!!!!!!!



                                                         IMG_5558.JPG (1539345 bytes)                               IMG_5562.JPG (1856386 bytes)

                                                                                                              Ti is for Texas Tea

     We try some Double Top Dollar. Sweet Ti watches as I play, and we both watch the couple next to us. Fun rooting each other on. My only offer started out at 40. and ended up with a final offer of 10.. I am feeling some Bonus Times. Let's look in on things again Jimmy.



                               IMG_5564.JPG (1182337 bytes)        IMG_5565.JPG (1095201 bytes)        IMG_5567.JPG (1712071 bytes)


 Well that's another first for me. 2 handpays in less than an hour. Same as before, I wasn't asked for ID but just paid. This particular attendant couldn't even be bothered to count out the hundys. He just handed me the stack and said "There's 2000." I counted it out to be sure. I wasn't too concerned about toking this dude- but Sweet Ti had a twenty handy. I cashed out my remaining credits and we made our way over to the Epic Lounge. It's normally 12. in comps per person for Epic card holders but today it's free. Such a deal!

                                                            IMG_5569.JPG (1013910 bytes)   

            IMG_5570.JPG (1266253 bytes)           IMG_5571.JPG (961688 bytes)           IMG_5572.JPG (1145012 bytes)

 This lounge is a great little spot. A serviceable buffet and a nice bar manned by none other than today's local, Tim. Tim is an original employee here. 40 years and counting. He has been behind the bar here at least since it used to be located over next to the boardwalk. Tim has a legendary pouring touch. The entire wait staff is great. We have our fill and then ease our way back to the room.

               IMG_5573.JPG (1506682 bytes)     IMG_5574.JPG (1776750 bytes)      IMG_5575.JPG (1432074 bytes)

                       Asian Marketing has managed to pull out at least one of the stops for the Chinese New Year.

              We enjoy a bit of an interlude aloft and then it's back to the action. I choose the only DSTP in the joint.

                    IMG_5576.JPG (1394444 bytes)  XKRA2405.JPG (3629556 bytes)  IMG_5578.JPG (1276250 bytes)

                                       IMG_5579.JPG (1181946 bytes)         IMG_5580.JPG (1406704 bytes)

                                                                 Finally got winning spinners

 Well that was profitable. We tried some Lock it Link, but were driven away by a lady who wouldn't stop talking. "How long did it take you to grow your beard?" Plus Sweet Ti was on her machine. We left her to her muttering. I introduced S.T. to Cleo. Take it from here Jim...


                                   IMG_5581.JPG (1943608 bytes)      IMG_5583.JPG (1600709 bytes)      

                                                                     before and after  

 No need to lose that back, I cash out. Sweet Ti is done for the evening so I escort her away from the ensuing smoky environs. It has been a long day as we arose around 3 a.m. Once M'Lady Wife is safely ensconced I take my leave for I've still got those endorphins doing their thing. One more session will do it. I insert coin in that Triple Diamonds 9 line 1. machine from last trip.  Spins very quickly.

                                    WGRC0083.JPG (2979323 bytes)     IMG_5585.JPG (1046396 bytes)

                                                             around 35 spins a minute

                                                                     18,900. an hour

 You could rack up some card points if you have an insane BR. Scary. I realize a small profit and drift over to the old VP slants. 

                                                        IMG_5586.JPG (1588307 bytes)

                                                         at least they still have 8/5

 Even if it takes BConned amounts to earn a card point. Boyd's probably based their new tear point scheme on Resorts system. I rarely see any of the old AV player's here. I think they gave up and moved on. Which is what I do after that last quad. It's been a great day. I earned 29 card points and Sweet Ti earned 5. We also have bundled up a few 1k stacks for the trip home. Noice start.

                                             02.08.2019   When the blind man takes your hand

 Hey Now! I'm in the shower by 5:30. It's Friday and we're in AC, so that also means Sweet Ti needs at least 4 more hours of sleep. I kiss her for luck and am off to work. I have a new toy I want to try out. There's this sign out by the boardwalk I saw last time-

                                                                IMG_5661.JPG (1828178 bytes)

 I have a selfish stick that extends just 26" or so. I tried to use it on some videos last trip to hold the phone steadier. But it wasn't quite long enough so I bought an Amazon Basics monopod and a phone adaptor. It's way bigger than the stick. It even comes with a case. 

                                                     Image result for amazon basic monopod

 It's the kind Brian Christopher uses. I stroll to Hollyrock Hills and set up at a 2. Double RWB machine. But I got busted before I even began. Apparently that sign was a bogie. I was told nothing had changed in their policy that they had heard of. I attracted 2 of them. I have been told not to video before, except for maybe a jackpot. I was really hoping to be able to use my toy. You would think that the exposure to the public from the dozens of views my videos get would be enough to make them change their minds. I guess that having over 100 subscribers doesn't quite cut the mustard. Darn. I guess it's back to stealth mode. "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas" plays in the background. Classic. Especially since I usually can't make out what's playing in the background at any particular moment. VP time.

                                        IMG_5588.JPG (1185247 bytes)      IMG_1463.JPG (3971849 bytes)

                                                            IMG_1465.JPG (4213673 bytes)

                                                                     double yer ante

      For only the 2nd time this trip I actually was served by a CW. I make the best of it by ordering an Ab'Dulls and an energy drink.

                                                            IMG_1464.JPG (3143697 bytes)

                                                                    looks impressive

  At least she served me a bottle and a glass. I see people all the time being served in plastic cups. Queue up Ultimate Fire Link James!!



                                                                 IMG_5592.JPG (1359710 bytes)

                                                                 it took almost 200. to get that

    Every other new game that comes out these days has to have Link in the name. Then I spot WoF Mega Zappo Monster Game in 3D. 

                          IMG_5593.JPG (1306632 bytes)                                IMG_5594.JPG (1384016 bytes) 

                                       IMG_5595.JPG (1564083 bytes)    IMG_5596.JPG (1340583 bytes)   

                                                     Worse wheel payout ever. Right Jim????? 




                                                           IMG_5599.JPG (1446962 bytes)  

                                                                 AND it was a 2x win  

                                                       Jimmy, it's time for Coffee Elizabeth!  



  Today's episode is featuring the lovely and talented Jackie. She has been here from the get go. Jack is a bit shaky on account of her blood sugar being low. It doesn't help that she is working alone. The good thing is that they aren't too busy. She really should consider retiring and moving to Vegas to take care of her Mother. On the way back to the room I stop by to see the Polish Spinster Sisters. I promise to bring Sweet Ti by to see them later. Aloft, my lover and I break our fast and I go back down for a bit while she eases into the morning. Just outside the secret door next to the Rendezvous elevators I notice a machine I hadn't seen before. Double RWB 1. 5 line. But the payouts are different from other ones I've played. It pays 1 credit for 3 blanks, and 2 for 3 of the same color. Check it out.

                               IMG_5600.JPG (1567933 bytes)                   IMG_5602.JPG (1024880 bytes)   

                                                                    insert coin

                   JASI0929.JPG (2884130 bytes)  IMG_5603.JPG (1145950 bytes)  IMG_5604.JPG (1224501 bytes)

                                                   Plus- this model makes music every time you win!

  While I'm playing, some boardling dude walks up with a line- " Can you help me out? I'm trying to get back to Philly."  Right. I at least give him credit for coming up with a different line. That's all I give him. I did end up cashing out a profit though. I am feeling me some VP so I meander over to the slants. But they are quaffing way too many stinky assed ciggies so I settle for the uprights. I download today's FSP- another 100. and proceed to lose that and my own hundy in short order. Next I try some Triple Diamond and donate another couple hundy. Out of bullets, I proceed upstairs and Sweet Ti and I enjoy some private time together. That's what this trip is really all about!  Sweet Ti is hungry for some lunch and tries out Bubbakoo's Burritos. I'm not really hungry, plus we have dinner reservations for later. S.T. has found a new Monopoly Money game to try, so we both insert coin and have a blast rooting each other on.

                         IMG_5607.JPG (1602453 bytes)  IMG_5608.JPG (1087437 bytes)  IMG_5609.JPG (1476243 bytes)

                                                                      high tech button

                                                                IMG_5605.JPG (1144639 bytes)

 I miss Jackpot Station and Epic Monopoly. The around the board bonuses were a blast. We both ended up -50. on this one. W4 Jackpots-

                                  IMG_5610.JPG (1592349 bytes)                   IMG_5611.JPG (1465315 bytes)

                                                                          not enough!

 We decide on some old school. Sweet Ti tries Cleo and I go with Stinkin' Rich. I am first on the board with this. Do the honors Jimmy.....



                                                                         65 free spins!

     Moving on, it's time for some VP. Sweet Ti tries some single line DDB while I belly up to some DSTP DDB. Picture book time......

 IMG_5614.JPG (1352746 bytes)  IMG_5615.JPG (1301965 bytes)  IMG_5616.JPG (1319413 bytes)  IMG_5617.JPG (1290074 bytes)

 IMG_5618.JPG (1182433 bytes)  IMG_5619.JPG (1443846 bytes)  IMG_5621.JPG (1559560 bytes)  IMG_5620.JPG (1519452 bytes)

  This is going pretty darn lovely right now. Meanwhile Sweet Ti hits Quad Pointies but neglects to wait for a screenshot. Then this...

                                                        IMG_5622.JPG (1469180 bytes)

                                                       now if I can get a re-spinner....

                                                        MQLW7745.JPG (3437852 bytes)

                                                              nope, but it's still 625.

       We cash out +648. Noice. It's time to get ready for our Pre- Valentines Day dinner. Capriccios. Our favorite AC restaurant. 

                                                        IMG_5624.JPG (1171462 bytes)

 Jorge greets us by name. Such a gentleman. He seats us at a nice booth by pulling out the table and making sure we are comfy. Jorge even places the napkins in our laps. Classy. I slip him a little something. Tonight we will be entertained by today's locals, Genaro and Alberto. They have served us here many times. Alberto just got well from open heart surgery 6 months ago. He is 54 and still plays soccer. Can't keep a good man down. Genaro recommends the Veal Chop. I always go with his picks. Sweet Ti does the Seafood Zupetto. 

                              IMG_5625.JPG (1388926 bytes)             IMG_5626.JPG (1235810 bytes)


 As always, everything was spectacular. I could only eat a third of my 18 oz. chop. Genaro wrapped the rest up. Along with canollis.

                                                        IMG_5628.JPG (1337770 bytes)

 Best of all, everything was comped. Except for the tip of course. 40% if you please. What a lovely meal. Plus, it's gift day!

                                                                 IMG_5629.JPG (1112151 bytes)

 Samsonite under the seat luggage. The gifts here at Resorts are really nice. We ran into Stephanie, who is our sort of host. Our actual host is another girl named Stephanie, but for now we will stick with our live and in person Stephanie. She hooked us up. Nice to meet you. Back at the room, Sweet Ti is done for the evening. So I kiss her for luck and descend back down to my formative opponent.

 LKIM5335.JPG (3424401 bytes)  IMG_5631.JPG (1419524 bytes)          IMG_5632.JPG (1363266 bytes)  IMG_5633.JPG (1544080 bytes)

                                            IMG_5634.JPG (1561888 bytes)  IMG_5635.JPG (1530821 bytes)

                                                                   still waiting for that big one.

                                     VVCS3681.JPG (2433066 bytes)              IZAV9136.JPG (2636932 bytes)

                                                              Let's follow along again James---


            IMG_5638.JPG (1144479 bytes)           YAZM7999.JPG (3262959 bytes)                 PHKQ9693.JPG (2466604 bytes)


                                                          I decide to check out the sportsbook.

     IMG_5640.JPG (1225030 bytes)  IMG_5641.JPG (1337768 bytes)  IMG_5642.JPG (1236636 bytes)  IMG_5643.JPG (1160655 bytes)

  6/5 JoB at the bar. Even at dollars. I doubt if the drinks are comped either, but I'm not about to find out at these odds. Sheesh!

                                                           IMG_5644.JPG (1034473 bytes)

                                                           I had to try it one more time..

 Greedy bitch. Excuse my French. But that's cool as I would say. It's been a great day in AC with my dear Sweet Ti. 45 points. Push.

                                                          IMG_5645.JPG (1785224 bytes)

                                                  02.09.2019 Says, "Don't you see?"

      Hey Now! up with the sun, gone with the wind. Kiss for luck. The slants near the front desk are calling my name. I keep noticing all the beautifully dressed people walking by. The same thing happened last night. Not too sure what's happening. Insert coinage.

                             IMG_5646.JPG (1249937 bytes)                    IMG_5647.JPG (1528928 bytes)

                                                       I should have cashed that one out....

                                                          IMG_5648.JPG (1121353 bytes)

                                                                   little something

                                                          IMG_5649.JPG (689883 bytes)

                                                               yet another caressing 

 I invest in 88 Fortunes. I change up credits every spin. So of course the time I finally hit the bonus it's on minimum bet. Fire it Jimmy--



                                                                                                                IMG_5651.JPG (1627020 bytes)   


  B7's draw my attention once again. I haven't hit a progressive since my Almost Vegoose trip last Oct. Mayhaps? Insert coin.

                 IMG_1476.JPG (3306615 bytes)      IMG_1479.JPG (2780994 bytes)     IMG_1480.JPG (2849571 bytes)

                                                            IMG_1482.JPG (3169238 bytes)


                                                           IMG_5657.JPG (1691541 bytes)

                                                                   hit and run Cleo

                                      IMG_5659.JPG (1576584 bytes)            IMG_5660.JPG (1653795 bytes)

 This was the worse session of spinners so far and I still pushed. Things are humming along nicely this morning. Time for coffee Elizabeth. Jackie is fairly busy this morning so I queue up. I've got Widespread Panic blasting in my earbuds and it takes me a minute to realize a dude standing in line with his wife next to me is talking to me. I disengage from my tunes. He asks me how I'm doing and regales me with their play from last night. It's finally my turn and I notice Jackie is fairing better today. I even get a smile out of her. Above all the smoke I awaken my Sweet Ti and we have our leisurely repast. It looks quite chilly outside this morning. I see no particular reason to stroll around the boardwalk when it's 29 out there.  We eventually make our way down to the lobby to see our Polish Spinster Sisters. 

                                          IMG_5664.JPG (1006116 bytes)    IMG_5663.JPG (1168014 bytes)

                                                             you can't even rub his belly for luck

 They are doing fine. Both still single and living together in the same apartment. Some things never change. We hit the machines. Sweet Ti is playing Las Vegas Quick Hits and I try some Catch 'em if you can. I'm losing steadily on a 2.50 bet but manage to pull out a rabbit.

                       IMG_5666.JPG (1582709 bytes)    IMG_5667.JPG (1474600 bytes)    IMG_5668.JPG (1443555 bytes)

      The joint is steadily filling up with buslings. We find a couple of previously overlooked .50 3 reels side by side and insert credits.

                       IMG_5669.JPG (1136093 bytes)    IMG_5670.JPG (1248184 bytes)    IMG_5671.JPG (1246090 bytes)

 We enjoy a nice long session of ups and downs. Enough ups to earn me 6 points and a push for both of us. We are both playing on my card. We take a break and return to our room. On the way back down we are joined by several young well dressed Asians. I ask one of them what they are all here for. Apparently there's an Amway convention in town. Attendees are staying in hotels all over town. They came in from all over the world. He hands me his business card. International investor. Whatever the hell that is. Interesting. We decide to have lunch as Sweet Ti has a dining comp to use up. The line for Breadsticks is ludicrous. We walk over and see that the Burger Bar is open.

                                    IMG_5672.JPG (1207026 bytes)      IMG_5673.JPG (1203442 bytes)

 It's damn near empty too. This is such a great place. Gallagher's Angus beef is used to make the burgers. Sweet Ti gets the stuffed burger with sweet potato fries, and I go with the Thai burger. Both are awesome choices. The prices are also very reasonable. Comped.

                    IMG_5674.JPG (1499633 bytes)                IMG_5675.JPG (1367140 bytes)  


         We stroll around after our feast and land on a Triple Double Diamond Something or another. It wasn't much up to snuff.

                                         IMG_5677.JPG (1394516 bytes)     IMG_5678.JPG (1144220 bytes)

                          I downloaded today's free play and tried my hand once again on the double spinners.

                                                             IMG_5679.JPG (1715622 bytes)  

                   IMG_5680.JPG (1558265 bytes)     IMG_5681.JPG (1466493 bytes)    IMG_5682.JPG (1491401 bytes)


 I see from my notes that we played a variety of assorted machines next but judging from the lack of screenshots it wasn't to be.

                                                             IMG_5683.JPG (910329 bytes)

                                                                       lonely winner

 Sweet Ti has a hankering for a strawberry shake. They still make the old fashioned kind at Ruby's, so I order her up one. We play some older machine while we wait. Twice yer Monkey was being stingy, so it's back to Stinkin' Rich. Let's show the replay Jim....




                                                             IMG_5686.JPG (1719027 bytes)      

                                                                        Pole Cats!

 Once again, waiting for a Ruby's order has proved profitable. I retrieve said shake and we return to our room and commence to packing, then I take a load down to Foxy Plum and get her ready for tomorrow's journey. It's bracingly chilly out here. Sweet Ti retires to the room for the evening. Double spinners are calling my name so I sojourn forth. But what is this? My machine is being occupied by today's local, Melvin the Vietnam Vet. He is joined by his VV buddy who is rooting him on. I sit next to them. Melvin is playing DDB, and is hopelessly clueless. I mean he is keeping random cards like a single 2. It's all I can do not to correct his play. But they are busy reliving the past so I quietly lose a hundy on single line DDB and take my leave. I end up at my old standby slant VP. Insert coin.

                                                            SMPJ6880.JPG (3672680 bytes)        

 I play for quite a while and end up giving back most of that. I'm about ready to call it a trip, which means there's one thing left to do....

                                                              One last time Jim----


                                                         IMG_5688.JPG (1565498 bytes)


 I cash out. Once again I have pulled off my signature move. This time with style. Gotta end all my trips with a 4OAK. I check out my points at a kiosk and have earned 41 today. That gives me a total of 115 for the trip. That blows my previous best of 79 points away. I'm good at Epic level until Jan. 2020. Plus the bankroll is nicely padded. We hit the hay early and and arise to catch the 10:30 ferry home.  It's been a lovely getaway with my Sweet Ti. Thank y'all for spending it with us. Till our next adventure, Farewell my Friends.