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                                       02.11.2016  Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes

 Hey Now! 4:20. Time to get high up. I kiss my sleeping Sweet Ti goodbye, and traverse down to the self park. To Wally World please Cheri-ola! Room supplies are the life blood of a trip. 

                                                                Living Red Bull cooler...

                                                             IMG_1098.JPG (1466813 bytes)

                                                      It's a beautiful morning in Spring Valley.

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                                         Cheri-ola is like having my very own Desert Rocket Car. 

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I bluetoothed Ippy the Ipod, and jammed out to some Keller Williams. I landed at Orleans and transported our spoils aloft. Back down to Caffeine Vegoose for Sweet Ti's fix, I inquire to Ethyl as to the whereabouts of our Reneee. She is laid up for a couple of days. Poor baby. Get well Darlin'! We chow down and clean up. Time for a morning assault. Hank Bonefish is working at the Wally Gator. We infest the shortys. Today's local is Don the sheet metal dude. We met on our last trip. He regales us with tales of his new vacay home in Utah. Man this dude can talk. Meanwhile it's our usual 4OAK competition. The green mushrooms are my 4OAKS. The red ones are Sweet Ti's. 

         IMG_1105.JPG (1430118 bytes)            IMG_1104.JPG (994641 bytes)            IMG_1106.JPG (1326272 bytes)

Hank Bonefish makes these little beauties out of Patron bottle corks. Kevin is busy at a Pai Gow poker table. Nice new felt too.

                            IMG_1107.JPG (1867731 bytes)                IMG_1108.JPG (1268969 bytes)

I went by to finally meet our host May. We brought gifts for all of our friends. Fancy chocolate covered peanuts and pecans grown in VA and processed right here in Gloucester Co. Whitley's. May was grateful, but didn't offer any sign of comps in return. I guess I need to butter her up a bit more. I gather the troops to go see our Ziggy. 

             IMG_1109.JPG (1398054 bytes)                                        IMG_1110.JPG (1464532 bytes)

                            He's at the Corona Cantina or Stage Bar today. I prefer to call it Ziggy's Bar. 

IMG_1111.JPG (1382376 bytes)    IMG_1112.JPG (1291472 bytes)    IMG_1115.JPG (549867 bytes)    IMG_1116.JPG (660433 bytes)

Matt as always was there. I don't think I've ever been to Ziggy's Bar in the past 5 years and not seen Matt there drinking a beer.

                                                           IMG_1113.JPG (1406056 bytes)

Kev scored a scratch off ticket for joining the A Plus player's club at Silver Sevens yesterday and won a free burger meal. So while Matt and Ziggy keep Sweet Ti entertained and hydrated, Kev and I go upstairs to have a look around and so he can eat. I haven't been up here since the Terrible's days. We take the iffy elevator. Use at your own risk... Looks about the same up here. I spot a Buffalo machine and insert coin. One spin and I cash out ahead $22.50. We are seated at the cafe and Manny waits on us. I recognize him. He's been there 13 years. Kev gets a killer burger and munches down. My phone rings and it's Sweet Ti. Asks where we are. I tell her. 5 minutes later she calls me back and tells me Ziggy is pissed. "Let me tell you something- RB (Bruce) always asks me about everything!" He's pissed because Kev could have ordered his burger from Ziggy downstairs. I didn't know he served food there. Now I've incurred the Wrath of Zig. Oh boy. Back down, Zig unloads on me. He even shows me a menu. Typical Eastern European. Absolutely no filter. Gotta love him. Time for my possee to try some potent potables. Sweet Ti has a Piņa Colada. Kev has a S.S. Suicide. It's kinda like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Me? I'm unfortunately stuck with an Ab'Dulls, as that's all S.S. carries. Those two end up floating out to Cheri-ola and I navigate. Sweet Ti and I hit the Courtyard Cafe back at Orleans. Darren waits on us. Immediately I notice a lack of Keno supplies on the table. And no Yen the Keno runner. I inquire. "They have cut out the Keno runners" I am Ludicrous. Approaching Plaid. Does Yen even still have her job? We order lunch and I stalk my way over to the Keno Lounge. "Yes, Yen still works here, on the Graveyard shift behind the booth." Yet more cost cutting. It was always nice to see Yen and play while we ate. I buy in. 5 spot. 20/$20. Back to the Cafe.

                        IMG_1117.JPG (1820714 bytes)               IMG_1118.JPG (1786500 bytes)

Urp. It's Gift Day. Today's Garage Sale items are 4 drinking glasses. A mason jar with a handle stuck on the side. Bright red for Valentine's Day too. We dutifully hit the kiosk, print out coupons, and I walk over to the player's club (henceforth P.C.) to get them. Deborah is there. She's Tammy's assistant. Tammy's our old host, who got bumped up the food chain. Deborah gives me a hug. She comments on my smell. I wear patchouli oil. She remembers. Most people think I must have just been smoking a bowl. It's the old Hippie in me.Tammy is over at the Gold Coast today. She runs promotions for both properties. I re-gift the glasses to Hank Bonefish. Time for some Higher Limit Double Diamond Deluxe. This was our go to machine on our last trip. Got my first slot machine hand pay on it. Insert coin.

                                                        IMG_1119.JPG (1078049 bytes)

No HP today. Back over to the Wally shorties. We started out playing $1 BP, but backed off to .50 after a draught. I try Boner Deluxe.

                                                        IMG_1120.JPG (1377754 bytes)

                                                        Sweet Ti stuck with the .50 BP

                                                        IMG_1121.JPG (1395838 bytes)

After that we got smoked out of the Wally. By the time the locals get off in the evening, the place gets busy and smokey. Sweet Ti goes up to take a nappy. Time to take care of some business. I stop by the Keno Lounge to check our ticket. Winner! $83.20! I pocket the proceeds. Next stop is the P.C. to do some couponing. They give you a shitload of them upon check in. MP, FSP, free gift, restaurant coupons, etc. I use the first 3 listed. I figure the free gift is a lanyard or a deck of cards. I'm wrong. Turns out to be 2 mixing bowls. 2 cup sized. Perfect for in room cereal and yogurt, plus I forgot to buy disposable ones at Wally World this morning. Martha behind the booth hooks me up. Perfect. While walking around I notice the bank of uprights near the Keno Lounge have been changed. These are the full pay ones I was playing last night. They are now short pay triple play. And they are changing out the progressives next to them.

                                                         IMG_1122.JPG (811300 bytes)

This can't be good. Sweet Ti comes back down after her nap and we bounce around. Wonder 4, Texas Tea, Buffalo Gold. Nada. We spot Kev in the pit and he is in the middle of a terrible run. He can't seem to get ahead. We try some regular Buffalo and Sweet Ti hits a bonus while playing minimum bet. She gets 48 free spins but only scores $12. She wants to watch some TV, so we go up. I restock with hundys and Beck's NA and bid her farewell. First stop is the slants near the buffet. At least those full pay machines are still there. I.C.

                               IMG_1123.JPG (1734420 bytes)                IMG_1124.JPG (1500751 bytes)

Now that's a bummer. Natural straight flush while playing DBDW. Pays 60 rather than 250. Last stop, Crawdad shorties.

                                                        IMG_1128.JPG (1786355 bytes)

It's been a tough day. Gave up all of yesterday's gains. And a bit more. But remember- it's not a race- it's a marathon.

                       Totals: RB-5982 points  Sweet Ti- 4034 points.    8 days left y'all....



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