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                               02.16.2016  I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier

  Hey Now! Needless to say I slept in. Well, I said it anyway. That's 7 a.m. Peck on the cheek for a Sleeping Sweet Ti. 


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I bounced about. I tried MS/STP and 5 play @ the Mardi Gras Bar. Can't hit shit. Plus my heels are cracking from the dry air/flip flops.

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                                            But fortunately, I have the key, to escape reality.... 

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            That will help. Lip balm for my aching feet and free play for my aching bankroll. Roll the Buffalo footage Jim!




Next stop was PCP Vegas for Sweet Ti's morning mainline. We breakfast form today's game plan. Sam's Club is offering a point multiplier today. 15x/11x/7x. I think. Forgot to note it. Whatever it was, we thought it was worth the drive. Plus, we enjoy the joint and I need to keep my offers coming from them. Since we are avoiding Tropicana Ave., I ask Sue the GPS for an alternate route. She sends us up 215 to 515. Zip zap, just like that. We nestle Cheri-ola in Car Park #2. The most convenient. We invade, and importantly kiosk in to activate our cards for multiple points. This is an easily overlooked action, but critically important. Remember: Sam Boyd is a tricky feller. First stop is the Keno Lounge for a special they have going on. 25 for $20. This lounge is tiny. And full of locals. But these are a different sort of local. Boulder Highway locals instead of Spring Valley locals. Drivers instead of bus riders, for the most part. Still have that look in their eyes.... We play our usual 5 spot. Wait around for the first game. Here's the results....

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Next up I spot a couple of Buffalo machines. Same result. Poor Barney- can't catch a break. Or find his bullet for that matter. Emerald?

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Back to Buffalo, Sweet Ti hits a bonus on minimum bet and pulls out a small win. Which is good, because Sam's is kicking our butts. Time for nourishment. I happened to bring my trusty ACG book. We hit the buffet and I whip out said 2 for 1 coupon, points for balance.

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This buffet certainly won't win any awards, but we really aren't that picky. The servers are always friendly and efficient. Martie was great. And the locals are always interesting. Today's local is a Service human with his dog. At least that's what it looked like when they walked by. The dog looked to be some European hound breed, but was very overweight. His human on the other hand was pretty healthy. Maybe the wrong one had on the Service Animal vest. After, we cruise around. I spot the Silver Strike machine, but it doesn't like they have stocked it since I was here a year ago and I have the 1 strike that's available. So we settle in at some full play slants. I play the 12/8  Loose Deuces and Sweet Ti plays the 9/6 JoB. We meet today's non-local- The Original Little Old Lady From Pasadena. At least that's what we are calling her. She and her hubby drive here around once a month to play. Bless her heart, she can barely walk, and sits on an inflatable cushion while she plays. She asks us to watch her machine while she answers nature's call, and when she returns I tell her I was gonna put her whoopee cushion on EBay if she had been gone any longer. She shake's her head at me. What you gonna do? She lives near Arcadia and all of the Jockeys from Santa Anita shop at her local Whole Foods. She said it's funny to watch them reach into the coolers for food. They almost fall in.

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            We have each done a couple thou points, and are ready to boogie. We enjoy the Atrium before we go.

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 The funny thing about these shots is that while we were in there Sweet Ti got a text from Christie. She takes care of our Kittys and outside critters while we are gone. She is really great about taking care of everything. Including the deer.

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                                  Twice a day I feed them. I whistle and they come. 

          Back in Clark County, we once again find our way to Orleans. Time for some single reel slots. 

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Sweet Ti goes on up for the evening, and I hunt up some new diversions. I find a strange game I've never seen. Bonus Poker Plus.

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                        You got me. At least all 4OAKs pay 500 credits. On to the Wally shorties.   

           IMG_1502.JPG (1428066 bytes)     IMG_1503.JPG (1763651 bytes)       IMG_1504.JPG (1263267 bytes)          

I get smoked out after that. Time to play Ice Cream Man. All my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy. I gets me a peck on the cheek for that! Back down, the Wally Gator is still foggy, so it's over to the Crawdad Hole.

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                        With that last 4OAK, I decide to call it a day. Another profitable one at that.

                                         TOTALS: RB- 8190 points    Sweet Ti- 5027 points


                                       02.17.2016 Fairy tales can come true- it could happen to you


                                               Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County!!