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                           02.15.2016 The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say

    Hey Now! Onward! Happy Presidents Day. Once again up way before Mr. Sun, dicked around till 6 a.m. then hit the kiosk to activate today's point multiplier- 15x/11x/7x. Once I found one that was open....        

                                                    IMG_1364.JPG (1015342 bytes)

Time to earn some serious comps. Walking around near the front doors, I spot a clean shirted employee, name of Jeff. What's up with downgrading those IGT machines here Jeff? "Oh- they are the same machines, just different software." Better for y'all, crappier for your guests though Jeff. "Many people prefer these games to the previous ones" I doubt that. "If emough people complain, maybe they will change them back". Yeah right Jeff. Rest of the trip, I never  saw anyone playing them, before they changed them, there were always people there. Back to business, let's try some Double Diamond Deluxe and Triple Double Diamonds.

                IMG_1365.JPG (1092901 bytes)            IMG_1369.JPG (1230886 bytes)            IMG_1370.JPG (1275941 bytes)

Sweet Ti texted me to say she was up, so it's over to Meth Vegas where I waited in line, and picked up more Reneee choice donuts, etc.

                 IMG_1371.JPG (1354754 bytes)   0215160821.jpg (579098 bytes)     IMG_1372.JPG (1450997 bytes)                        

I fed my Sweet Ti breakfast in bed and fortified myself also. Back to the action, it was the Wally shorties with Jesse the barkeep.

                                                     I start things out with some Boner Deluxe

                                                        IMG_1379.JPG (1291340 bytes)

                                        Not to be outdone, Sweet Ti strikes back hard and fast!

                              IMG_1381.JPG (1477048 bytes)          IMG_1384.JPG (1353807 bytes)                                                Sweet Ti wants to go over and see Reneee, so that's what happens next. Except that Reneee is on break, so we play some Goldfish while we wait. Trailer Man (trignomine) and his crew are on their way over to the strip, and stop by. I have some goodies for him. I had some extra VMB Wristbands, both old and new, and turned them on to a few. They are grateful. Reneee is finally back.

                                                         IMG_1386.JPG (388571 bytes)   

                                            Such a lovely person. We bounce around a few slots.

 IMG_1385.JPG (1357631 bytes)    IMG_1389.JPG (1283893 bytes)    IMG_1390.JPG (1286786 bytes)    IMG_2545.jpg (184109 bytes)

My notes say we had sustenance at this point, but I swear I don't remember where we ate. Brain cell misfire! On to Wally shorties.

                         IMG_1387.JPG (1373290 bytes)                 IMG_1392.JPG (1492224 bytes) 

                               IMG_1394.JPG (1180028 bytes)    IMG_1395.JPG (1471649 bytes)                

An old friend, Jim from Raleigh is at the bar. He seems to be here every trip we make. He works in town a few times a year. Always good to see him. Ziggy calls, and we make plans for dinner later. We played on for a bit, but the 4OAK's failed to show after that. We elevate and hang out in the room. Business time. Then we shower and get ready for our Henderson journey. At Zig & Bo's we decide it's just not worth it to drive all the way back to Spring Valley and then back to Henderson, so Zig suggests the M Resort buffet. Cheri-ola whisks us there. I suggest we all sign up for player's cards since none of us have them. Brilliant! After that, each of us gets a new player's spin at the kiosk. We all earn between 10k and 18k points on our spins. I also earn some free play for giving them my email addy. So Zig and I play some Buffalo. I turn my free play into a cool hundy, while Zig loses $20. He very rarely gambols. I see why. On to the buffet, We all hand over our player's cards and the bill goes from $116. to $68. And it's my turn to treat too. Savvy! This buffet is awesome. Free draft beer- they even had craft root beer- and wine come with dinner. We peruse and partake.

 IMG_1396.JPG (1635417 bytes)    IMG_1400.JPG (1146181 bytes)    IMG_1401.JPG (1660697 bytes)    IMG_1402.JPG (1438480 bytes)

 IMG_1412.JPG (1531582 bytes)    IMG_1413.JPG (1511737 bytes)    IMG_1414.JPG (1672196 bytes)    IMG_1415.JPG (1439318 bytes)

 IMG_1417.JPG (1749630 bytes)      IMG_1418.JPG (1467960 bytes)  IMG_1420.JPG (1154620 bytes)     IMG_1422.JPG (1208799 bytes)

 IMG_1423.JPG (1536827 bytes)      IMG_1424.JPG (1591872 bytes)   IMG_1425.JPG (1566394 bytes)    IMG_1426.JPG (1725815 bytes)

 IMG_1427.JPG (1468782 bytes)     IMG_1428.JPG (1659343 bytes)     IMG_1429.JPG (1593840 bytes)     IMG_1430.JPG (1819452 bytes)

 IMG_1431.JPG (1663964 bytes)     IMG_1432.JPG (1294270 bytes)    IMG_1433.JPG (1519008 bytes)      IMG_1434.JPG (1406935 bytes)

 IMG_1436.JPG (1549115 bytes)     IMG_1437.JPG (1550212 bytes)    IMG_1439.JPG (1428391 bytes)    IMG_1440.JPG (1396750 bytes)


Keep in mind that each shot is of a different food station. And I forgot to get a shot of the desserts! It was a fine repast. We walked around the joint afterwards and Zig and I played a bit more Buffalo. Zig lost $20. Dinner was on the house after I cashed out this.

                                                         IMG_1442.JPG (1127495 bytes)

 IMG_1443.JPG (1062144 bytes)    IMG_1444.JPG (1241931 bytes)    IMG_1445.JPG (1217457 bytes)     IMG_1446.JPG (1322390 bytes)

                                                        IMG_1447.JPG (964670 bytes)

Back at the Tocynski Hacienda, we sat and digested our dinner. It was quite a lovely evening with very special friends. Bo had made Klobs, which is Polish meatloaf, and a coffee cake. As we were leaving, they made us a goodie bag to take home. They are both excellent cooks.  Cheri-ola once again found her way to The Big Easy. Sweet Ti once again was toast, and I put her in bed to watch the boob tube. My plan of attack tonight is the full pay uprights between the Poker Room and the food court. I grabbed Ippy and my phones and jammed out. This turned out to be an EPIC session. I started with a hundy and never looked back. I could do no wrong.....

 IMG_1448.JPG (1419628 bytes)    IMG_1449.JPG (1462105 bytes)    IMG_1450.JPG (1278144 bytes)    IMG_1450.JPG (1278144 bytes)

 IMG_1452.JPG (1279304 bytes)    IMG_1453.JPG (1196277 bytes)    IMG_1454.JPG (1452384 bytes)    IMG_1455.JPG (1343623 bytes)

                   IMG_1456.JPG (1295405 bytes)    IMG_1458.JPG (1202854 bytes)    IMG_1459.JPG (1241683 bytes)    

                        IMG_1460.JPG (1217717 bytes)                IMG_1461.JPG (1337659 bytes)

I had played for 3 hours on the same hundy. I don't think I ever got down much below $50. I was in the zone. My hands were flying on the buttons. And then this happened....

                                                        IMG_1463.JPG (1318835 bytes)

I was playing so fast that I almost hit the deal button immediately, and barely stopped in time. Which was good. Because they are running a special for hitting a Royal.

                                                             IMG_1666.JPG (1478556 bytes)

A .25 Royal gets you $100 in free play. If I had hit the button, I would have lost my chance. So I turned on the service button. As a matter of fact, I turned on all the service buttons around me. Not a slot attendant in sight. A security guard walked by and told me he would look for one. He came back and said it was shift change, but one would come by after that. So I waited. Finally, a slot chick comes by. Congrats she says, but she doesn't have any of the forms with her. So I wait a bit longer. Finally she returns and we fill it out.

                                                          IMG_1469.JPG (1456403 bytes)

She said the good news is that it's good for 24 hours, because the bad news is that the player's club closes in 5 minutes. No prob.

  IMG_1464.JPG (422884 bytes)    IMG_1465.JPG (1265432 bytes)    IMG_1472.JPG (636725 bytes)    IMG_1468.JPG (1218701 bytes)

                                                        Time for some Buffaloooooo....... Jim????







                              At this point I've stayed up way past my bedtime. But damn y'all- what a day!

                            Total:  RB-6126 points    Sweet Ti- 5266 points    Up for the day about $1.2k.


                            02.16.2016  I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier


                                           Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County!!