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                                            The Road that leads you to Vegas remains so free


   Hey Now!  Happy Year of the Fire Monkey! And since Sweet Ti and I were both born in 1956, this makes it our year. Once every 60 years. Our 10 day saga begins at 2:30 a.m. It's spitting snow as we leave Gloucester Co. for PHF. We park at Ferguson Corporate Headquarters where Sweet Ti works and ring for the shuttle. Nice to be able to park for free. Homey whisks us over, and we are the only ones at Mom and Pop's airfield. The American airlines ticket agent soon arrives. She checks our bags and we stroll over to TSA. We are pre check, which doesn't really matter here. We do get to keep our shoes on, and leave the laptop snuggled in my backpack. I grab a $5. 16 oz. water from a kiosk and we are ready to board. On the way in we see the ticket agent - gate checking bags. We find our seats. American took over US Airways, and scored their regional jets. The plane is about a quarter full. And we sit at the gate and watch the snow flurries. And watch some more. After a few more minutes watching, the pilot comes on. " We just found out we are missing a chapter from our flight manual and they are faxing it over. It's 30 pages and it's an old fax machine so it will take a while" Really? So we sit. We have an hour and 29 minute turnaround, so we should be okay. About 15 minutes later he comes back on. "Well there's only 10 pages left now, oh and by the way when we push back, we have to be de-iced too". Finally, we push back about 50 feet. I look out and see the same girl from the ticket counter and gate check on the tarmac guiding the plane back. A bucket truck circa 1976 ambles over and begins spraying down the plane. We figure the same girl is in the bucket. Or driving it. Whoever was driving was doing a shitty job. It took about another 15 minutes to finish up and get into the air. Pilot comes back on. " Your connections have been informed of our delay, I'll try to make up some time during the flight". Damned if he didn't! We arrived at CLT with 15 minutes till departure. But we had to get from B gate to E gate. So we hauled ass. With the gate in sight, I've gotta take a piss, so Sweet Ti hits the gate while I hit the head. We hop on the plane, they close the doors, and we are headed to Vegas! Sweet Ti tells me the gate dude asked why we were delayed, and she told him the fax tale. He said he had heard that one before.... 

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Vegas! We got there early. We have a dear friend, Kevin who is flying in from Norfolk at 10:45. We are getting a rental, so here's the game plan. As soon as the bags come down, I'm gonna leave Sweet Ti at the Southwest carousal and shuttle over to grab the rental, come back and pick them up.

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We grab our bags and find Kev's flight number. I hit the shuttle and look for my name at the Avis Preferred monitor. But we got in early, so it's not there. So I go over to the desk. I tell them I don't think the car I booked is gonna be big enough for 3 people, 3 bags, and I'm supposed to stop by Silver Sevens and pick up our WheelieŽ cooler that Ziggy has been keeping for us. Don't think a Chevy Cruz or equivalent is gonna cut it. Dude at the counter was cool. "How 'bout a free upgrade?" Gives me a Ford Escape Titanium. Cherry Red. 8 miles on it. Oh Hells Yeah. I find my way to the short term parking and call to tell my crew their ride is here.

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        Sweet Ti promptly names her Cherry. Kevin likes Cherry Areola. We decide to call her Cheri-ola. Next stop is Silver Sevens.

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                                                     The rock people have been busy.

Ziggy is working at the Sports Bar today. We introduce him to Kev, I put WheelieŽ in Cheri-ola, and join the gang for some VP. 8/9 Boner.

                                                         IMG_1082.JPG (833831 bytes)

Last time Kevin was here- was when we came to Vegas for Vegoose in 2005. We stayed there, and met Ziggy and Bo. Great trip. Right now Zig is busy setting up since as usual he doesn't have a bar back. It's time for us to head to Orleans. So we head to Orleans. First stop is the Wally Gator to say howdy to Hank Bonefish. The Wally is packed, and we have to sit at the shitty Bally machines. Avoid these at all costs! Sweet Ti hits Jitter Vegas to see Reneee and grab a sammich. No Reneee, yes sammich. Me? How 'bout some Buffalo- Jim?



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Time to check in. I stop by to meet our new host May, but she is off today. On to the front desk, We ask for 9th floor rooms, but no luck. So we settle for the 11th floor. Ours, 1140. Kevin's, 1122. Close to the elevators too. We unpack Cheri-ola, and settle in. Kev heads to Costal Liquor for supplies. Next it's time for the YAH drawing. Sweet Ti won a hundy there on our last trip. Alas, not today. But there is always next week. Buffet time. Sweet Ti and I printed out YAH coupons for free dinner buffets, and used comps for Kev's. 

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Kev smuggles a couple of muffaletta sammiches upstairs for later and is off in search of a BJ table. Sweet Ti is toast from the journey. I put her to bed, grab a Beck's NA from WheelieŽ, and it's time to GAMBOL!



Next up is the old DBDW/Boner Deluxe/DBDW parlay. Starts out a bit iffy, I have to switch to Boner in search of a 4OAK. Works....

                            IMG_1092.JPG (1269241 bytes)                         IMG_1094.JPG (1274149 bytes)

From there, it was on to some Wonder 4. Hit the Super Spin Bonus. Max bet-$8. All 4 games were Buffalo. Let's watch-Jim?


                                                                                        IMG_1096.JPG (1510201 bytes)

By the time that bonus was over, I looked around and there were about 15 people watching me. Time to head for the cashier, and go upstairs to Make It Rain all over Sweet Ti. She is pleased. Back down I settle in at the Crawdad shorty. Finally hit this.

                                                    IMG_1097.JPG (1151811 bytes)

From there I bounced around, STP, Buffalo, DBDW/Boner Deluxe. Nuttin' Honey. But we are safely in Vegas, and it's a profitable day.  

                            Totals: RB- 5k points. Sweet Ti- 2k points. And 9 days to come!


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