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                                        02.19.2016 You have been warned, but you still plunge in

  Hey Now! Are we having fun yet? 5 a.m. and my phone goes off. It's Ray from work. Ignore. Back zzzzzzz. 7 a.m. Wakies. Cheek peck, tunes, duckies on the hip. Let's try some Multi- Strike/ Super Times Pay. The best game they offer is 7/5 BP. Insert Coinage.

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                                                     This game makes me feel like a Crack Whore.

I earned 2562 points and 250. off that hundy. Nice start. I opt for the Reneee Special at Crack Whore Vegas. I awaken Sweet Ti with kisses sweeter than wine and we dine. Then I'm off the see the Zigmeister while Sweet Ti gets her floaties on at the Spa. It's windy out. Like Dust Storm windy. I even think I saw a bit of one over towards Red Rock Canyon. Cheri-ola gets buffeted along Flamingo. Zig is at the Corona Cantina and he's pissed. No bar back, and last night's crew left him doodley- squat. He can't even find me an Ab'Douls. No worries. I don't really like them anyway. I play some 4 card Keno and take a small loss. I have brought a couple of deer hair poppers that I made for fly fishing. (so thats why it's flysrb) I gift Ziggy with one. Hank Bonefish gets the other one. My Polish brother goes on break and tell him that Sweet Ti & I will be back tomorrow to drop off WheelieŽ. Before I leave I go by to see Tim in the gift shop. I haven't seen him this trip. There he is behind the counter. I walk up, say Tim! Gotta go! Tim says "Really?" On the way back Sweet Ti texts me. "At the Wally". On my way thru the casino, a Buffalo Gold machine mugged me, reached into my pocket, pulled out my bankroll, grabbed a hundy, and ate it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just don't tell my Sweet Ti.  Wallyville???

                         IMG_1680.JPG (1507933 bytes)   IMG_1681.JPG (1383798 bytes)     IMG_1687.JPG (1081255 bytes)

            It's really amazing how quickly they finished the new Asian joint, Ondori. Just a few days ago it was a Mexican Cafe.

                 IMG_1683.JPG (1433303 bytes)           IMG_1684.JPG (1088575 bytes)        IMG_1685.JPG (1591360 bytes)

                         I decide it's time to formally introduce my Sweet Ti to my latest epdorphin generator- MS/STP

  IMG_1688.JPG (1547101 bytes)    IMG_1689.JPG (1480305 bytes)    IMG_1690.JPG (1546326 bytes)    IMG_1691.JPG (1318906 bytes)

That'll do it. She's hooked. But at $6. a hand, ya gotta know when to hit that ol' cash out button. Next game: Sweet Ti's choice. Jim??


                                          My choice is a 20/$20 Keno 5 spot. Back to Sweet Ti, it's some $1 Triple Diamond Deluxe. 

                         IMG_1694.JPG (1170692 bytes)                         IMG_1695.JPG (1067414 bytes)

We are lunching today at the Cafe. We each have $15 dining vouchers thanks to yesterday's YAH. Able is our able server.

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While we feasted the manager Shaw came by and asked after our meal. Nice touch. Hope they don't change anything about the Cafe. We took our after dinner constitutional about the food court. Sweet Ti found a slot machine to her liking and I used the little gamblers room. On the way back I witnessed the World's Oldest Hooker plying her trade. 

                                                    IMG_1701.JPG (1267147 bytes)

                           I find my wifey just beginning a shitload of free spins. Fire up the VCR Jim!



                            IMG_1702.JPG (1387377 bytes)                IMG_1706.JPG (991531 bytes)

             Time to do some shopping. Sweet Ti has racked up about $230. in comps, and the gift shop here is ready and waiting.

                                                        IMG_1725.JPG (883040 bytes)

 She scores me a sweet shirt, not that one, and a couple of scarves for herself. And a bunch of souvenir's for everyone back East. Above, I took some shots from 3 directions on the horizon. East, North, and South. I wasn't gonna walk down that long assed last hallway West.

         IMG_1711.JPG (1474115 bytes)            IMG_1719.JPG (1277925 bytes)        IMG_1723.JPG (1294018 bytes)

                                     Back at the Wally Gator Hank Bonefish is sporting the fly I gave him.

        IMG_1727.JPG (1327848 bytes)        IMG_1728.JPG (1314952 bytes)          IMG_1729.JPG (1388890 bytes)

                                            The world is his stage. Well, at least Wally's.

        IMG_1726.JPG (1468670 bytes)        IMG_1731.JPG (1367816 bytes)          IMG_1733.JPG (1303466 bytes)

It's once again Gift Day. World's Ugliest Picture Frame. It goes to Boney's Garage Sale inventory. Sweet Ti goes back Spaaing once again. Time for today's local. Sergeant Jimmy. He's hitting on a married woman at the barstool next to him. She's gettin' drunk while her husband is upstairs with Terminal Cancer. The sarge is sporting his trademark Python Boots. Stay tuned for more Wally Place  after a word from our sponsor- Dingo Boots. 

                                 IMG_1734.JPG (1619855 bytes)   IMG_1735.JPG (1667564 bytes)  

                                          Sweet Ti rejoins me as I'm about to attack a .25 DDD.

             IMG_1736.JPG (936378 bytes)   IMG_1737.JPG (1020927 bytes)    IMG_1739.JPG (1041847 bytes)    

                                      Nice timing. Let's see an instant replay on that last win. Jim???


                         Off to the Higher Limit Room we bounce around the various IGT Diamond offerings. 

                                                        IMG_1740.JPG (1034446 bytes)

Never did get to do the old parley. Sweet Ti drifted back upstairs to call our daughter, Heather. They just closed on a new house. Lots o' work ahead. I drifted around trying to find the magic touch. Not much around. Ended up blowing thru the BR and downloading a hundy in play from my comps. Last ditch on the trusty slants.

                                                        IMG_1741.JPG (1552200 bytes)

Wasn't enough. So since this is our last night, I decide to kick out the jams and score us a super duper triple ice cream sundae. On the way up I ran into this family. They had just come from their ceremony. Congrats!

                                                        IMG_1742.JPG (1232580 bytes)

 It's a lovely night to be in Sin City with the one you love. And that's where I'm a headed. We enjoy the view while we indulge.

                                                        IMG_1745.JPG (1484523 bytes)

    Totals:   RB- 14152 points.  Sweet Ti- 7600 points. We were down a bit on the BR today, but still up for the trip.


                                       02.19.2016 We're heading for Venus, and still we stand tall


                                            Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County!!