IMG_3901.JPG (1149759 bytes)           

                                                                 02.10.2018 We'll see the stars that shine so bright*

     Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Leave your hammers at the box- Come inside, come inside. Let's travel south. Sweet Ti & I get up in the middle of the night and hit PHF. Poor Sweet Ti broke her ankle in December and is wearing a soft cast. But she has Truckie.

                                                         IMG_3884.JPG (1307472 bytes)

                                                                One bad assed bike

 We pull up to departure and I leave Sweet Ti with all of our stuff. I park Teal at Ferguson Headquarters and await the shuttle. First score of the trip. Thanks to S.T. being an employee, we get to park for free here. The shuttle comes in short order and we check in and TSA. Sweet Ti is PreTSA, I'm not. We both get the once over and are soon at the gate. Pre-board and we have the best seats in the house. 10A&B. There's a curtain bulkhead and plenty of legroom. Score. Our turnaround in ATL is perfect, C34 to C43. I grab a Freshens wrap and smoothie and pre-board. 13B and 14C. I had to fandangle a seat change on account of S.T.'s injury and Delta was very accommodating. Quick flight, and we make it to GPT in short order. Plus we gained an hour on the sun. Rental car time. Chrysler 300.

                                                          IMG_4075.JPG (1434193 bytes)

                                                               She shall be MST3K

 It's a beautiful Gulf Coast day. Like 72 nice. There's a chance of thunderstorms pretty much all the next week. Which is as long as we are here. Truckie fits just lovely into MST3K. First things first. I have ordered a couple of camp chairs to be delivered to the D'Iberville Wally World. Sue the GPS pilots the way, I find the Online Pickup desk and transact. They are nice compact and sturdy. Parade chairs. Next stop is Winnie as in Winn-Dixie. On our Down Around Biloxi trip last summer I found this place. We used to have one here in Gloucester Co. but it closed years ago. Let's get some supplies. They have Coors NA. I've never tried it. I was hoping for Ab'Dulls Amber like last year. Nopper. HO distilled and case, Pepsi 0 (formerly Max) and a couple o' Coors and we head due south and rocket across the Back Bay of Biloxi. MST3K has some pedal if you really punch it. I'm so used to driving Yarma the 2 door Yaris MST3K feels like I'm driving a Tank. She's about 6 ft. across. Hooptie. We ooze into the IP Valet and Ben assists us. He calls a bellman and we load up everything on a cart. It's around noon and we check the luggage as I'm pretty sure our room isn't ready. Truckie has fared the journey well and Sweet Ti is flying around on the marble floors. But dragging on the carpet. I tell ya, she is game. 

                                                       IMG_2010.JPG (976259 bytes)

                                                               The Green Room

Emerald, the Shiny Green card check-in is open, and we meet today's local, Tamar. She is awesome. Tamar is Biloxi born and bred. She is very polite and tells us to call her or stop by if we need absolutely anything. What a sweetie. This lounge is pretty sweet too. We get coffee and water. I pull Tamar aside and tell her I'm having flowers delivered. She has already taken care of it. Our host, Alice Brown put a note in our files. The flowers, a shower chair and our gear will be awaiting us in our room. Which will be ready in about an hour. Time to gambol. Card kiosk and I show Sweet Ti the Top Dollar Premium. She isn't too impressed by the fact 20 spins ate our hundy. Just about the same thing happened at the new Zuma 3D machine, it just took a few more spins. We stop by the Host Services desk and spot Alice. We hug and catch up. Alice says she will send us up a bottle of Moscato and a fruit and cheese platter. She also sets Sweet Ti up with a Rascal is she needs it. I attempt to give her a small token of our appreciation, but she demurs. They can't accept gifts. Interesting. The girls go hit the facilities and I hit the $5 Double Top Dollar and insert hundy along with my 175. free slot play. 2 credits a spin. 



 The girls return and we resume our chat. Alice is doing just great. But it's been crazy weather here. Same for us. Her pipes froze a couple of weeks ago. In Ocean Springs. That is just incredible to think about. She needs to go back to work and tells us to call if we need anything. Next we stop by Infusion for a sammich. Chicken salad. 

                                                     IMG_3902.JPG (986105 bytes)        

                                                            too much mayo  

                                                     IMG_3903.JPG (1896340 bytes)

                                                       Mardi Gras Trees Abounding

   Tamar calls to tell us our room is ready. I have asked for the 28th floor. We know the Maid there from last year, Cherlyn.


                                                                                                IMG_3904.JPG (1131270 bytes)  

                                                                                                  End of the hall on the left

                  The room is big enough, not Orleans sized, but functional. Sweet Ti spots her flowers.

                                                       IMG_3907.JPG (1126247 bytes)

                                                                Kay's Flowers

  IMG_3909.JPG (1050606 bytes)  IMG_3910.JPG (798268 bytes)  IMG_3911.JPG (1342579 bytes)  IMG_3913.JPG (1042998 bytes)

                                                          IMG_3912.JPG (1401070 bytes)

           We get settled in. I go off in search of Cheryln and find her down the hall. She is just full of herself, but gives me a shit about not staying in one of her rooms. Who knew she only has the middle rooms on this floor. Oh well. She ends up giving us a bunch of extra stuff for the room. Thanks Darlin'! Tip, tip. I shower while Sweet Ti converses with our very preggers Feather. They talk, I gambol. 




                                                                                                               IMG_3915.JPG (1322511 bytes)      

                                                                                                                                 penny denom.    

  I finally cash out a hundy profit. I am currently in The Cove. It's on the 2nd floor and is thankfully non- smoking.  I hit the VP slants.

                                 IMG_3917.JPG (1717776 bytes)                         IMG_3919.JPG (1708306 bytes)

                                                                                  Triple Double Bonus. Too bad it's 9/5

 Today's promo is a Mardi Gras T shirt for 1k pts. I print out mine, and work on getting Sweet Ti the points. 88 Fortunes, 2.64 bet.

                            IMG_3921.JPG (1455767 bytes)                IMG_3922.JPG (1325147 bytes)

                                                            Forgot to start video.

                                                       IMG_3924.JPG (1479046 bytes)


 That put me back to even for the trip. Plus it gave S.T. enough points for her shirt. The player's club is now part of the cage but they do have an Emerald line. I get my shirt (sweet black 2x) but they won't let me have Sweet Ti's. I plead my case, and they finally agree to give it to me if I get her to sign the voucher. I fly up and get the John Hancock. While I'm there we order room service burgers. Back down, I grab T shirt #2. The elevators are getting busy- it's Saturday evening by the way. I wait next to a dude jamming out to some jazz. What are we jammin' to my friend? "Rebirth Brass Band" Nice tunes. As I step out on the 28th floor, room service appears. Perfect timing. I let him in and not only does he have our meal, he also has Alice's gifts. Cheers!

                 IMG_3926.JPG (1234664 bytes)      IMG_3925.JPG (1214921 bytes)        IMG_3929.JPG (1081659 bytes)


                                                            IMG_3928.JPG (1147578 bytes)


 Tonight the Krewe of Neptune and the Krewe of Salacious are marching. But the weather has gone all to shit. Next to our room is a door that opens outside and leads to an enclosed stairwell. I walk outside and it's raining sideways. The parade ends right at the corner of Caillavet St. and Bay Avenue. There's a large parking lot across from the IP. The school marching band is scurrying for the school busses. We had thought about going, but this seals it. Not gonna happen. Plus Sweet Ti's legs are done in from the trip. There's still the big one on Fat Tuesday. So instead of battling the elements, I think I'll go down and battle the buffalo.

                                                     Roll it Jim-




                                                IMG_3932.JPG (1871424 bytes)     

                                                 Cue up the Bison Jimmy.....     




                                                                        IMG_3935.JPG (1730590 bytes)

 Hundy profit. I break and check out the Emerald, the Shiny Green card Lounge. The last time it was closed all week. Let's peruse the joint, shall we?

                         IMG_3936.JPG (1509825 bytes)                    IMG_3937.JPG (1398326 bytes)

                           I zip my card and zip inside, then check in at the desk and snap some shots.

             IMG_3938.JPG (1254563 bytes)      IMG_3939.JPG (1194248 bytes)      IMG_3941.JPG (1146227 bytes)

           Pretty nice. There's also a small buffet, mostly finger foods, one hot dish, Whatever this is.....

                               IMG_3943.JPG (1135660 bytes)             IMG_3944.JPG (1184634 bytes)    

I belly up and order an energy drink and an Ab'Dulls. To my surprise the barkeep opens me a 16 oz. Rockstar. "Pint glass?" Sounds great. I watched a bit of the Olympics and then took my leave. I finished out the evening at the Higher Limit chasing a Siz' 7s Progressive. 

                                   IMG_3945.JPG (1131051 bytes)   IMG_3946.JPG (1001589 bytes)    

 Nice hits, I finished the day with a push. The progressive will just have to carry on. We had a safe journey and it's great to be on the Gulf for the Mardi Gras season. No NOLA for us. This is strictly Mardi Gras Lite. One thing to keep in mind about the daily totals is that these are the point totals as far as the IP is concerned. Your BConnected mileage may vary. 

                                  TOTALS: RB- 16702 pts.  Sweet Ti- 2322 pts.    Bankroll- Push


                     02.11.2018 In the heat of the evening when the dealing got rough


                                  Mardi Gras Biloxi 2018: 20 lbs. of Beads    




                                                                                                              *The Passenger, Iggy Pop