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                                                   Flysrb Visits His Money

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                                      05.09.2017  Stand Up, shout it out- Sell your Soul *

  Hey Now! Welcome back my friends to the Show that never Ends. Vega$ Trip #13. I went to work for a couple of hours just to turn on the Welcome to Vegas sign I keep on top of the cabinet over my desk. Only time I fire it up.

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 Then I used comp time for the rest of my 8 hours and hauled ass up I-64 to pick up my companion for the duration- my son Mark. We loaded up Yarma and did a bit of pre-trip gaming. Our flight leaves from RIC with a layover in DTW. ParknGo and TSA pat down. To Gate 14B. There's a grand total of 28 gates. RVA rules the tiny airport market around here.... I can't seem to get Ippy the Ipod to Commune with Stan the selfish stick. Mark applies his vast bluetooth knowledge to my problem. We have an Ashram!. 

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                                                               making good use of Stan        

Plenty early, we hit the bar. They have horsey racing on one of the screens. Interesting. Our waitress and I discuss said horseys. Mark consumes mass quantities of Crown Royal. This proves to be a pattern for the next 8 days. Me? It's Ab'Dulls if I have to, and Beck's NA when I can. We board the Delta Chicken of the Sea can. Sardines R Us. 

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                                                    Polluted water, water everywhere

 We pop out of the can pretty close to one end of Terminal A, and we need to catch the next flight near the other end. Figures...

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                                                       Obligatory random DTW photos. 

                                     Thank you Alfred Speer. Never would have made it without his help. 




We finally hit the right gate. And......there's no plane in sight. So we wait. People watching time. Across from us there's one. Let's call him today's DTW local. Joey. He's a contract Tarmac worker for Delta. From Williamsville, NY. Near Buffalo. Joey likes to talk. A lot. Plus, he's got these Woody Allen glasses on and simply GIGANTIC pupils. Normally I would use the adjective huge, but it seems a bit over used lately. Finally, our plane makes an appearance and they start pre boarding just about the time we were due to take off.

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          Joey gets his name called for an upgrade to First Class. As he gets up to board the plane he calls back to us-

                                                       " I sold my soul for this ticket"

 Okay. I mean sure, I'm leaving Sweet Ti at home taking care of reality, but this dude must be really desperate. Good Luck there Joey. Mark and I are in the cattle car section. I've been checking the Delta Abb (upside down p's look cool) and it looks like this can is fully schooled with fish. We booked window and aisle. We are checking out the masses trying to spot whomever might occupy the center space. Meanwhile the Chinese Fire Drill is going on on account of the quickly dwindling overhead space. This can will never get off the ground! Finally the door closes and we have the only empty seat left on the plane right in between us. First major score of the trip. Mark got me noise canceling Bluetooth headphones for Xmas. They live up to the name. I dial up some Ummagumma and dream Royal dreams.

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                                                           " Paging Mr. Flysrb!"

 I actually didn't hear the page. Mark had gone ahead to grab our bags and I happened to see this guy with an Ipad. It was off, and I asked him to turn it on so I could get a shot. "Name's Howard." Gonna tunnel us like the dude did last time? "Nope, Strip."

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                                                              VA boys vs. VEGAS!



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                                                                                                kitty kitty kitty....

 Thanks Howie. We strut into the Orleans and into Invited Guests. It's 11 p.m. the sign says check in 8 a.m.till midnight. But the Host on duty shoos us out. Sheesh. That's cool, the front desk isn't busy. They are out of king rooms, so we settle on a couple of double queens for the night. By the way- Orleans no longer gives out coupons at check in. Let's check the room out-

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                                                         Hey Now, it's a room!

 Back downstairs, I'm on a mission. A good friend of our is a slot attendant who works evening shift here. I ask and find out she's working the middle section. There she is. RENEEEEEE!!!!!!  "BRUCIE!!!!!!!" Reneee is doing great. She just started this gig back in October when Sweet Ti and I were here for our Return of the Fire Monkeys trip. What a sweetie. We hug and she is off to make someone rich. I'm not using my card tonight to keep my ADT square. But I spot a W4 machine that I got a handpay on last year and we go in for a hundy each.

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      We double our money and cash out. An auspicious start to the trip! I need to hit the Liquor Store for a 6 of Beck's NA.

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                                                           Impromptu cooler

                   I'm about toast considering I've been up around 22hrs. I get a text from Mark-

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       I open my checked bag and immediately notice that everything is much more organized that I had packed it.

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                                                           compliments of TSA

 Well, we're here. Tomorrow we both are getting new digs. Old friends to see, and points to earn. Time to get some sleep and see what the morrow brings. 

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                                                      Vega$ Awaits!


                05.10.2017 I sense there's something in the wind, that Tragedy's at hand



                                                                   * Sell Your Soul by Uriah Heap