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                         05.13.2017 With the blink on an eye, you finally see the light*

Hey Now! 5:30 a.m. It's so easy to get up early when you get tired of throwing hundys into the wind at 9 p.m. I S.S.S. S.S.-don't Shave. No call to Sweet Ti yet. It's Saturday. She needs her beauty sleep. But what's this? Mark is calling. Excuse me, gotta get this. "Yo Pop, you up?" well, as a matter of fact, yes. "Come on up to the 21st." He was out all night at FSE and just got back. The suite goes away today so we kicked back and enjoyed it. We really haven't spent that much time together this trip. Plus the view.

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 Down to the Wally shortys with Daniel. Met a chic named Susan from Denver. Another Three Dog Night groupie. They are playing 2 nights starting today. We have tickets at will call for tomorrow night. Susan is serious about her cannabis. One interesting thing about this trip is that I saw absolutely no evidence of anything different since Nevada went legal. It's probably because that recreational sales aren't starting in Clark Co. till July. Never even smelled any. I'm sure that will change come July. Meanwhile I parleyed down to Boner Deluxe.

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 Today's once again the A-May-Zing promotion. Or as I like to call it, A-MAYS-Ing. I scored 8x/4x slot points for the day. Noice. Daniel takes a break, so I rise up to my room for a chilly brew and to call my Sweet Ti. She's busy running around doing my Saturday chores AND hers too, bless her heart. Mark decides to crash before he changes rooms. Downstairs, Daniel is on his lunch break so I hit the Mardi Gras. Time for some wild and crazy antics. They have .25 9/6 triple play here. Sounds volatile. Right up my alley. Insert coin....

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                                      Let's pick up on the action here.....Jim Jim???


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Hey Now! That was profitable! But the machine is acting a bit off. I swear that it redrew itself on a couple of hands before I had a chance to hold anything. WTF? So I ask Miro behind the bar to get a slot attendant to come look at it. These bartops don't usually have a service button on them. He calls and I kick back from the bar a bit to wait. Then some dude walks up to my machine, pulls my card out and gets ready to play. I ask him if he works here. "No." Well that's MY card and MY credits so f°ck off buddy. He quickly moves away. Soon enough, a Suit Guy shows up. He introduces himself as Robert. He will be today's local. Supervisor of Slot Operations. He does his magic on the machine. He can't find anything wrong with it and brings up my last couple of hands. We see that I didn't hold what should have been held for 2 hands. He calls over his assistant and asks her for a fiver. She gives it to me and he asks me if we are square. How nice was that! I say of course and tell him how much I appreciate the service. I ask for his card and he says he will be right back with one. Darned if he didn't. We talked for a bit. He has been with Boyds for 20 years. We talk about my old host Tammy. They are great friends. Then he asks if there's anything I need. Maybe a lunch comp? I tell him I already have one on my room charges. He said to enjoy the rest of my trip and to call him if I need anything. And to call him before my next trip to let him know when we would be there. What a great dude!  But I've developed quite a hunger by now. I'm thinkin' a repeat of yesterday. Time for some more Seafood in the Desert.

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                    " Piece of french bread with which to wipe my bowl, good for the body- good for the soul"

     I ask Crazy JosÚ where he learned to count. He just grinned. He shucked me 13 oysters. Room comp. 50% cash tip. 

 Up to the room for another chilly Beck's NA. Mark stops by and gives me his new room number. He's just down the hall- but not too close. That dude can snore. I decide to walk around the joint a bit. Maybe check out Bailiwick. Known previously as Brendan's Irish Pub.

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 It's a nice space. Guy and his guitar were strumming the tunes for the only couple in the place. But the space seems a little formal to me.

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               Man, these new fangled 3D machines give me the willies. Not to mention peyote flashbacks!

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 Back at the Mardi Gras, I'm joined by the Grumpy Girls. You know the type- just drunk enough to bitch about everything. The drinks. The gamboling. Their husbands. Time to lighten it up. They make the standard Santa comment. I come back with' " Had to double park the Sleigh." That kinda lightened mood. They actually started laughing. Miro the barkeep nodded his approval to me. Secret agent RB photo.

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                                                          the formally Grumpy Girls 

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 Break time. Aloft I watch the sunset with Stretch while I chat with my Sweet Ti. She seems to be having some computer problems. I pull out my bag of tricks and walk her thru them. But none of them seem to work. Oh well, I'll be home soon enough my love. Miss you.

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                              Yes, I always carry Christmas lights with me. Stretch likes them-Okay???  

 Ziggy checks in. He went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Or tried to. First he had to get a referral from his G.P. He saw him yesterday. But when he got to the Surgeon's office today, they hadn't gotten the referral. Come back on Tuesday. Ziggy is not a happy camper. 

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                                     The Three Dog Night crowds are massing at the Showroom.

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                                                          See y'all tomorrow night.

  I wandered around donating to various machines before settling in at the slants over by the buffet. Mark called and then joined me there. Mark is playing 9/6 DDB and I'm playing DBDW 99.8079%. Approximately. Mark did pretty good. Me? let's see.....

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                                                             oh Hell yeah!!!!

  From there we bounced around some. Mark was getting ready to head out for the evening. I wanted to show him this. Hit it Jim-




  That will do it. It's been a pretty kicked back day. The casino gets just too damned smoky on the weekends. Time to crash.

                                     TOTALS:  8018 pts.        340500 slot points (again, these are aggregate)


                           05.14.2017 But what can I do? 'cause I'm stayin' in.


                         05.12.2017  The sun was a yellow eye in a blue face.



                                                              *Amazing by Aerosmith