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                                                          Flysrb Visits His Money

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                                                  05.16.2017 Time is money, money love*

 Hey Now! 6:45. Really sleepin' in. I called Sweet Ti. Everything's great on the home front. Plenty of rain which is great for the garden and for Sweet Ti not having to water outside. We have very many plants. I T.C.B. and peruse my Tourney Packet. There are 2 sessions today and 1 tomorrow. I've got 9:20 and 12:20 today. The game is 10/7 DDB.  Wish they offered that game here for real. I practice on the nearest thing. 9/6 DDB. The  VP tourney area is between the Cabaret Lounge and the BConn Club. Nearby, an upright. Insert coin.

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 I watched the first VP Tourney session from my machine. So they are 10 minute sessions. You start out with 850 credits. That's 170 hands. Not too hard to do. I'm planning on playing "Tourney style." I'm looking for those premium hands and that Royal. While I'm waiting Hank Bonefish walks by. He stops by and tells me- "The other day I saw a license plate and thought of you. It said Ziggy." Great to see him. He's working at the Wally Gator today. We will rendezvous later. Right now it's time for my session. Eleanor assisted me in picking a machine. She is like 84 years old. And doesn't mind telling you either. Derrick was nervously busy talking and setting the machines up. Rather smartly, he had recorded himself giving instructions. I didn't hit shit. 685 points. Pitiful. Next session at 12:20 p.m. 

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                                                Time for some W4 Buffalo. I start out betting $4.80

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                             On that last pic I had a total of 48 free spins. Time to up my bet to $8.00.

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                                                    Profitttaaabblleee  Bufffaaalllooooo

 I saved a $10. MP from the other day and bought in for $60. at a Roulette table. I asked for red chips. I covered 19 and 24. Played black on the outside with the MP. Never hit a damn thing. Over to the Wally to hang with Boney. Let's make him today's local. He hasn't been that in a few trips. Hank left last Thursday for Mayfire. He came back on Saturday. What tales of the desert he had. Drumming till Dawn. Valley of Fire is the perfect place for it. Hank's Motto. Team Bonefish-Clothing Optional. Boney also signed up for a Theater Stagehand Workshop. He is stoked about it. Plus he still has all of his other extra curricular activities such as the weekly Magic Open Mic, yoga and meditation, and drumming. He also spoke of Mythica Von Griffyn . I can't remember what he said. It's just in my notes. Maybe I should just wear a body cam the entire trip and then edit it down to the good parts. Either that or take better notes. Probably the latter. 

                                                   And I did some more practicing.

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 The second session was slightly better. 825 credits. Almost a push. I did draw Quad 7's. Just after that Ziggy called. He finally got a hard "casket" put on. Love his take on the American language. I tell him that I'm turning the rental in tomorrow at 11 a.m. and I need to come by this afternoon. "Sure." So I beam aloft and dump out Wheelie©. I make a temp Wheelie© out of a laundry bag. Négro, Wheelie©. and I scurry along the Brucie Woodbury and arrive on Monteloma Way presently. Ziggy & Bo fill me in on all of the Tragic details of poor Zig's Never Ending Tragedy. He finally got his referral to see the Bone Doctor. They did some more tests and determined that Zigmund fractured a bone in his wrist. But there doesn't seem to be any sign of nerve or muscle damage. That is very good new. Install 1 Hard "Casket" and in 5 weeks are so he should be good to go. Which is perfect because he is going to Poland the first of July. "Tragedy!" "Casket!" It's really not saying much for our Medicare system that it takes 8 days for a fractured wrist to be set. Seriously. Meanwhile, Bo has something to show me that she's very proud of. She has taught Dusty some tricks. In Polish of course. He sits. Treat. Lays down. Treat. Rolls over. Treat. Paw? Treat. Other paw? Treat. I'm just not too sure whom is teaching whom . Dusty started on the next trick before she even called for it. I love these two. Sebastian was getting ready to go to work. We shake hands and I whisper to him how much I appreciate him staying here with them. Zig & Bo were gonna move to Florida after Ziggy retired, but it's just too darned expensive. Their other son, Thomas , lives in Hollywood, FLA. But staying in Vegas will allow them to outfit an RV and cruise at will. I suggested avoiding FLA and NV for the summer. I had a great time with them. I was there most of the afternoon. I finally bid them farewell and tool on back. 

                                                 Wally shorty DDB action shot-

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                                                        Big Duckie Pointies!!!!

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                                                              I'm feelin' it.

 Boney and Daniel. My favorite Bartending Team. Especially during the winter when Nancy joins them. Mark appears and is hungry. We try the Copper Whisk. We will be Ernesto's customers. I really don't like the new layout. The old cafe felt like a cafe.


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                                                            That's just wrong.

      The good news is that the food and most of the prices are about the same. Mark had a burger. I had a wrap. Room Comp. 


                                                                 one tiny Spork 

    Today is Gift Day. They are giving away these nifty Emeril Lagassee Knife Sharpeners. Pretty neat. And easy to carry home.


                                                         Blazing 7's Progressive

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                                                  Still chasin' that progressive tho

Higher Limit hit me for a hundy. Then I made the mistake of trying some live play W4 Tower and blew thru 2 hundy and deleted the video. Time for something a little more reasonable. The Wally Shortys with Spyder. One cool dude. He fits his name. Shaven head and wrap around eyeglasses. We are all having a jolly old time, what? I get up know and check on a ride to the airport tomorrow. But they are too busy. I pass by that Blazing 7's on the way back and I'll be dammed if it didn't suck me in. Again.

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                                                             soooo pretty.....  

              Back to the shorty. I think some short pay Dollar Boner Deluxe is called for right about now.

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           I schedule our Limo ride for tomorrow night. Nearly made it back this time without getting sucked in. Nearly.

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                              This is my kinda night. Sometimes the sun shines on a rainy day.   

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                                                         Luck be a lady tonight.  

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                  It's great to finally have a winning day for a change. One more day like this will salvage the trip!

                                         TOTALS: 7779 pts.       forgot to check the slot points. 


                                 05.17. 2017 Hope we live long and lucky.


                      05.15.2017 And at the fall of the night, this city's made of light 



                                                                                * Money, Love and Change, Trey Anastasio