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                                              05.26.2016 And I got no chance of losin' this time

    Hey Now! I actually slept in till around 6 a.m. today. Called my Sweet Ti to check on her and bring her up to date on the state of my BR. The 3 hour difference means I can't text her any of my late night (as in after 7 p.m. Vegas time) major hits. I have to give her credit for being so understanding about this trip. Especially after my one and only solo trip in January 2015- Oh The Gall Trip. In a nutshell, on the 2nd day of my trip Sweet Ti had Gall Bladder issues and I had to cut my trip short. So yea Sweet Ti! We will be back though. After our call I do my S.S.S. business and have a nutritious breakfast of carrot cake, cheese cake and Dr. Brown's Cream Sofa. I went ahead and packed, moving over to the Orleans today. I'm double booked here and there tonight. In order to be in the Stardust Reunion Slot Tourney today, I need to go ahead and check in. On orders of my host at Orleans, May. I told her I was already booked at Sam's through Friday. She said she didn't care and was booking me at Orleans. Mark is moving to Mirage for a one night stand. I finished my packing and took my shit down to Midnight. Before our last trip I purchased a selfish stick, but always forget to use it. I spot it in my backpack. Time to test it out.

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  Back to my main reason for being here. My mission today is to try and hit the dollar progressive here. It's not huge, but I'm willing to throw a ticket at it I've saved from last night. It's on 9/6 JoB and is casino wide at all the bars. I figure that with the volatility so low on this game, I can earn some serious points toward Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. And maybe earn me a Gold Card stay here next time. Unlike Orleans, I've never spent much time at Sam's Club playing VP at the bars. Probably because of that I don't have any friends here who are barkeeps. But that's where the progressive lives, so I seek out a likely machine.

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The Poker Bar it is. AND they have shortys. I loves me some shortys. There isn't any smoking in the Poker Room, and behind that is the one no smoking area in the casino. The Poker Bar isn't officially open yet either, so I'm the only one there. Insert saved $300 TITO.

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I actually hit another 4OAK and forgot to take a pic. So I'm doing pretty well. The CW came by and I ordered an Ab'Dulls. Then Julie the slot attendant stops by and is looking for a machine she has gotten some call on. Not mine. Right after that, I hold 2 to a Royal. Got it!

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Julie shows up like now and asks me if I hit that when she was here a couple of minutes ago. Nope. I give her my driver's license and write down my SSN. I ask for a 2k check, the rest in cash. Not a problem. Soon enough Julie and Sharon are back and I sign the paperwork and Sharon counts out my $2141. I tip generously. Julie says she will be back in a few minutes with my check. Cool. Meanwhile I call Henry Forte, the only host here. I leave a message. That makes at least 3 messages along with 2 emails I've left him. Meanwhile I am franticly texting and realize I've barely got a signal here. Julie shows up with my check thank you very much, and before she goes I ask her if there is anyone actually working this morning that can help me get a room comped. She said she would send Danny over. Danny shows up. I ask about comping the room Mark's been in the last 3 nights. Not a problem. That's what I'm talking 'bout. Now I just need to hear from Mark. Meanwhile, I call over to the front desk and get a late checkout for him. Just then Sweet Ti calls. Hooray for us! Back to work.

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 Mark finally calls. He had quite a large time Downtown. He even used Lyft to get a ride home in a Jeep Compass. And the first one's free. He's packing even as we speak. We agree to meet at Midnight at Noon. I go up to my room one last time to clean out the safe.

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We rendezvous and load up and hit the road for the Orleans. We took the 515 to the 215. Traffic sucked! Finally made it after sneakily taking a shortcut on Russell Rd. I find a close spot for Midnight on the 2nd floor of the car park. First stop is the Mardi Gras Bar. Daniel greets me and I introduce him to Mark. He confirms my theory that Hank Bonefish is off in the desert at MayFire. Next stop: Jitter Vegas to see if our Reneeee is working. Ethyl said she got off early today. Final stop is to see May in the Invited Guests office. She hugs me and starts right in on me. She's a trip. I tell her I hit a jackpot at Sam's Club and then split. She said good- I can lose it here. I ask for a room near the elevator- she says she is gonna give me one at the far end of the hallway. I tell her I wrote a nice letter about her to Tony Taubel, the General Manager- she said she never saw it. Etc,etc,etc. She's just kidding around. She goes to the front desk and comes back with my packet. Including the Stardust Reunion letter. She gives me room 1540. 3rd room away from the elevators. Strip view. And she blocks in the other room that Mark will use on Sun.-Tues. Using Sweet Ti's comp. She even tells me to use Sweet Ti's card then so it looks like she is here. Will do. I slip her a hundy. Thanks May! Mark has been playing on my card while I was taking care of business. I had him stop by the kiosk before playing to activate my 2x for Sapphire, the Uppity Blue Card. There was a Happy Birthday message along with a free spin- he won me 1k card points. Sweet. Inching ever closer to Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. We hit Midnight and porter my shit up to my room. These rooms are really nice here since the upgrade. I do think the old couches were bigger though. I go over my slot tourney instructions. Registration begins at 2 p.m. Perfect. We have an hour to gambol before then. Mardi Gras style.

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Daniel has some great stories as always. We play as I'm giving Mark the lowdown of the layout of the Orleans. I go over and register for the Tourney. Derrick made quick work of it. I swear that man acts like he just drank 8 cups of espresso followed by snorting an entire eight ball while shooting up meth. My sessions tomorrow are 9:00- 11:30 and 1:00- 3:30. That will work. Time for Midnight to hit the strip. Actually, she isn't going any closer to the strip than she has to. Because fortunately, I have the key, to escape reality. I know the back way to get to the Mirage Self Park. Trop to Dean Martin. Dean Martin to Industrial. Industrial to the super secret back entrance. Piece of cake. Mark grabs his shit, and we queue up at the beautiful check in and watch the fishes during our brief wait. I give them my ID and she finds the MyVegas comp in my name. We add Mark's name and C.C. info to the room. I speak of upgrades, and we get a strip view room. 

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                       They're taking off the building wrap and we check it out from the windows. 

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I'm a bit surprised the rooms aren't a little bigger. Spoiled by Orleans I guess. Time to hit the MLife desk. I have yet more MyVegas to claim. The desk isn't busy and to my surprise, they load up my rewards right to my card. It's come a long way. Used to be that you had to fill out paperwork and carry it to wherever the rewards were to be used. Now it's Zip Zap- just like that. I have a comp sandwich and cheese cake at Carnegie Deli. And one more reward that I have kept a secret from Mark. I got us tickets to see Love tonight. I could only get one from MyVegas, and I got the other one at a discount from the MLife website. Total cost of both tics- $102.50. Not bad. I walk over to will call and wait in line with an international cast. I must have heard 8 languages spoken. Got our tics and we hit the Deli.

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Mark got a Turkey Club and I got a Corned Beef Reuben. There was about 2 or 3 pounds of meat on each sandwich. They are huge. HUGE!

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I have to tuck my beard inside my shirt to keep from wearing my food in it. Urp. twice, at least. After, Mark goes to the room to change, and I am off in search of the Silver Strikes. I go to the same spot they have been for years but they are not there. That's where I run into today's local, Steve the slot attendant. Steve tells me they removed the Silver Strike machines a couple of weeks ago. Holy Shit! He thinks I can still buy some strikes from the cage. No thank you. But we do talk for a long time about the Mirage. He has been working here since before MGM took it over. Must have been interesting to see all of the changes there thorough the years. Next I spot this.

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              1 to 100 poker. Play up to 100 credits. Dollar a credit. And it's 7/5 BP. That's just wrong dude.

I wander over to the Love theater and find another old fav- Zuma. I insert twenty as I'm not giving MLife shit for play and hit zilch. Well that won't do, so I insert hundy, hit max bet, and on the first spin I hit this...

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                                                                  then did this

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                            That will teach them. Or me. Mark comes down just in time for the show.

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Our tickets are in the nosebleed section, but there really aren't any bad seats in the house. Sweet Ti & I saw Love way back in '09. They recently changed the show. In my opinion there's less acrobatics and more interpretive dance now. I'll bet Sweet Ti would enjoy the new show. We did too. Afterwards we figure the best place to watch the Volcano is upstairs in the room. The music is great, Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead wrote it. But the show itself is a bit of a disappointment. Especially at this angle.

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Apparently, there are suites between each of the 3 hallways. One of them had a massive party going on. Music was screaming.

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 Mark is all about walking the strip, I say he should go for it. Me? I'm headed back to Orleans to Gambol. Got that Buffalo video Jim??





                                                I finish the evening out with a bit of MS/STP

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 It's been yet another busy day here in my very own Hedonistic Paradise. Needless to say a profitable one too. But I said it anyway.       

                         Totals:  Sam's Club- 4180 pts.    Orleans- 7679 pts.   Profit- 4k


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                                                        A Pirate Looks at 60