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                                             09.04.2019  I think it's coming on the wind*

   Hey Now! There's a problem at work. Ray Ray texted me at 3 a.m. So I sneak out of the room and down to the little lounge area by the elevators. It takes me the better part of an hour to get things sorted out. That's cool- I will just write in my time and save a couple of vacay hours. Ray Ray says that Dorian is ever so slowly creeping up the coast. They aren't sure what she might bring. We hope for the best. In the room Sweet Ti stirs. Looks like an early day all around. She needs some medicine so I make a quick run to Wallygreens. This is good- I noticed as I walked by the register the 2 clerks looking at a pile of change on the counter. Dimes, nickels, and pennies. I grab S.T.'s stuff and hit the register. She has put the change in a donation jar for the local SPCA. I ask about it. " The panhandlers can't be bothered with loose change. They come in here to buy something and put a whole pocketful of change on the counter. They fish out the quarters and leave the rest". "They only want folding money".  Amazing. I made my delivery to Sweet Ti and we broke our fast. YAH time.

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                                                            gettin' paid for being old

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                                                                  let's soft rock

 I stopped in to see our other host, Linda. Poor thing, her husband of 54 years passed away last week. It's her first day back to work. But she's anxoius to get back to work. Her family all live here too and have been giving her much needed support. She thinks work is just what she needs right now. Bless her heart. 

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                                                              again with the TRH7's


          We spot a Wall of Fortune. WoF WoF. There's 4-5 line .25 Wofs lined up. This should be fun. Take is there Jim!!!!!!


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 We had a blast on these quasi-vintage machines. Played 2½ hours and lost a total of 40. Sweet Ti had 14 wheel spins to my 8. 

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             Several other people came and went at the other 2 machines while we were playing. It was great rooting each other on.

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                                                               I'm up to 228. in BConned swag

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 YAH yields a bit of action. There's also free buffets- like we really need them- that are good for 24 hours. So far as the drawing goes, I know for a fact we won't win on account of we aren't going to be on the property. As a matter of fact, it's time to go aloft and get ready. I'm pretty sure we are supposed to be there at 3 p.m. We ready ourselves and Smokey El second hands us over to Henderson. It's the fiest time Sweet Ti has been with using the new and improved directions. From door to door in just 10 minutes.  It's a 6.5 mile ride. We hear Dusty inside barking. Bo answers the door and Ziggy is in the kitchen. He's not happy with us. "Let me tell you something, \you were supposed to come at 4 p.m". OOPs. But he's not really mad, he just wasn't ready for us yet. This isn't the first time this has happened. Zig still has a pretty pronounced Polish accent, so talking to him on the phone inside of a loud casino can be a challenge. 

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                                                                        Na zdorovie!

 Ziggy has a neighbor down the street who has a cherry tree in his yard. He made a batch of Wild Cherry Liqueur out of some. He's always doing creative wonders like that. Speaking of creative wonders, this feast he's preparing is going to be unreal. Let's start with the salad. It's a wilted spinach salad with sautéed shrooms, bacon, and onions. Topped with shredded egg. Incredible.

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  Next is the entrée. Last fall, Ziggy bagged a mule deer in Utah. He saved a hind quarter just for this meal. He marinated it for 2 days in wine and then dry rubbed it and let that sit another day. Then he slow cooked it on the grill in a pan. Then he removed the pan and finished it directly on the grill. He made a gravy with the drippings. He served it with riced cauliflower and homemade pickled beets. 

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 The venison just melted in your mouth. The closest thing I can compare it to is chateaubriand. We even got to take home the leftovers. 

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 For 1st desert we had Mochi. It's this strangly textured Japanese fruit flavored ice cream wrapped in some kind of rice cake. Interesting. While we were gathered at their table, Ziggy and Bo give us some lessons in the way names are given and used in Poland. In Poland the names of newborns have to be approved. Only Polish names allowed. Their last name is Toczynski but Bozina would go by Toczynska because she is female. When they first arrived from Poland, they had a dickens of a time with that. Her passport even said that. So she changed her legal name so they would match. And Zig had no middle name, so he added Ziggy as a first name and Zigmund became his middle name. He said there's lots of Polish immagrants named Zigmund that have done that. He knows 2 of them right here in Las Vegas. 

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                                                                 "you go right here"

   Dusty kept us entertained making abstract art out of his kibbles. He would arrange them on the floor and then go back and eat them.

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                                                                    not too spoiled....

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                                               A Polish crepe stuffed with a sweet cheese filling

 Freaking insane. We sat and talked for a bit. Then it's time for us to head back to the ranch. They hook us up with leftover Bambi and watermelon we never got around to eating. We make plans to see them tomorrow. They are going to take us to Hidden Valley Green Valley Ranch for the buffet. They go by when the casino does their equivalent of YAH and bank whatever points they are offering. They very rarely put any money in a machine. We will come back to their house tomorrow. Hopefully when we are actually supposed to be there. Ummm..... 5:00 right Zig??? 

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                                                                nice tailgate wrap

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                                                                   wind tunnel

   As per usual, Sweet Ti is toast for the evening. So I put her to bed and head back down to YAH land. First up is the B7's progressives.

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                                                           it keeps you running

                                                     IMG_6897.JPG (1648687 bytes)

                                                           Crack Whore Quad

                                                Fire up that two bit T.T. there Jimbo!!!!!!


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                                                                                               Ti for Texas

                                  IMG_6901.JPG (1139415 bytes)    IMG_6902.JPG (1114361 bytes)

                                                            TRH7's strike again!!!

 I took a small profit. As I was leaving this nice Philippine lady approached me and asked if I had the time. I opened up my Ippy.

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  "Thanks, I just got here and I'm still on Philippine time". 9 hours off on local time here. Talk about jet lag. Wrong direction too! She did seem pretty dazed and confused. I was jealous. A best of luck wish and she walked off aimlessly. Me too. The Mardi Gras is calling. I see that my favorite machine is open. I used to like the semi-shorty machines on the other side. I call them semi because they aren't that much shorter, just a bit. But they took out the machine I like to play. Hence the switch. The bar is pretty much dead at 9:30. 

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                                                           just wanted to be sure

I start the parley playing some of that 9/6 DDB .25 3 hand. I am duly served an Ab'Dulls by tonight's friendly barkeep who I don't know.

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                                                          soon to be today's local

 I spot this dude sitting down the bar from me. He's drinking shots of tequila and draft Coronas. He seems very polite. So polite that I actually compliment him on it. He introduces himself as today's local, Edgar. Edgar was born in Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. His parents brought him to LA when he was 3. The family has 7 kids. His Daddy died when he was 10, and his Mother raised them by herself. They all moved to Las Vegas 3 years ago. Edgar is 28. He has 2 kids, Bella and Aubrie. He asks about my journal. I explain. He listens. It's all yes sir, please and thank you. Exceedingly rare to find anyone that age who does that anymore. He's a nice guy. 

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                                                               say cheese Edgar

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                                                                  parley time

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                                                         not quite enough for a parley

                                                               Paging Jimmy.......



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                                                           severe lack of kickers

 I parleyed up to dollars, but I didn't want to risk too much of my winnings so I cashed out at 800. I shook hands with Edgar and wished him well. Even though it's only 10 p.m., I am done for the evening. Always great when I can go Make It Rain all over my Sweet Ti. 

                                               Totals:    972 tears        25429 bconned

                                                         Sitting at    14185 tears

                                                                815 left to go


                       09.05.2019 Well, a doctor and a lawyer and a Indian chief


                          09.03.2019 Got your girl in the cut and she choosey



                                                                           *Dusty, Soundgarden