Almost Vegoose: Halloween 2018

                                            10.27.2018 If we holler loud and make our way

                                       10.28.2018 And in my mind I was a child

                                          10.29.2018 Tonight we are victorious

                                    10.30.2018 Nobody ever had a dream 'round here

                            10.31.2018 You gotta take it with you when you're going forward

                                  11.01.2018 Standing on the cast iron shore, yeah

                                       11.02.2018  Welcome to the Neighborhood 

                                        11.03.2018 I got the plan, I got the plan

                                       11.04.2018 It's just the power to charm

                       11.05.2018 You can't be a quitter when you're caught up in the glitter